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  1. At this point in time, I see Sonic as a mobile franchise, not a console/PC franchise. Clearly that's where their focus has been lately, and I doubt they're gonna change on that.

    1. Dr. Mechano

      Dr. Mechano

      Lost World and Mania had a 4-year gap. Four years with no new mainline platformers.

      It's been less than three years since Forces. I'd estimate we'll get news this year and a game next year.

    2. Ferno


      I still remember back in 2015 when Sega as a company was changing, Sonic itself wasn't in a good place and people were concerned that Sonic was going mobile-only

    3. Bobnik


      I'm surprised you're still seeing it as a gaming franchise instead of a multimedia one tbh, with how well he's doing outside of games.

    4. Tarnish


      @Bobnik That's because 1: It started as a game franchise, and more importantly 2: The games are what I'm actually interested in (or used to be anyway before they became crap). Tried the other things when I was in my teenage 'Sonic craze' phase, but didn't really liked neither the animated show, or the comics.

    5. Jack-ted


      More like comics, TV and cinema. He is a cartoon icon at this point. Everything but the games are successful. That said the comics are awesome, they definitely deserve more credit.

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