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  1. So over the years, I heard a lot people saying Sonic Heroes sucks because of this, Sonic Heroes sucks because of that, but the most asinine one I heard has to be that the controls suck.

    Don't get me wrong, it's far from perfect and there's definitely a lot of room for improvement, but the fact that I probably heard this complaint more than people pointing out that the controls in the boost games have been the same kind of absolute ass for more than a decade just blows my mind.

    1. Tracker_TD


      Well... no. They do suck ass. They're overly slippery and Sonic carries way too much momentum upon landing, so he just races forward instantly; usually into pits. The light dash is barely functional, either, and grind rail hopping is broken.

      It's a world away from how weighty and tight Adventure's controls felt. They weren't perfect either, but they were a damn sight better than Heroes. The Boost games control comparatively fine for the kind of games they are (or at least, Generations does; Unleashed is also pretty damn slippery) 

    2. Celestia


      Last year I played a bit of Heroes for the first time in like 15 years. Right after replaying SA1 and 2 as well, which I still greatly enjoyed.

      And no, it really is horrible to control. And trust me, I can usually adjust to games even when the general consensus is the controls are bad, so it was actually shocking how miserable it was.

    3. Polkadi~☆


      The controls in Heroes ARE arse. I like a lot of things about Heroes EXCEPT the way it controls. It's genuinely the worst controls I've ever played with in a Sonic game, at least Lost World is tolerable.

    4. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Heroes is slippery, so much so that it's objective. Characters frequently take off at full speed after landing from jumps/springs, which does not pair well with the level design being made up of narrow, unbordered platforms suspended over pits. There's a ledge animation that's supposed to  stop you from running off the edge, like with rail switching it doesn't all work as intended. And it explicitly doesn't activate when using the rocket accel or simply punching as power characters, so those moves which send you flying forward at high speed with no control are likely to get you killed. Characters are also twitchy at high speeds, retaining almost the exact same turning circle at low speeds meaning that a slight course correction to pick up some rings will send you careening towards the edge (which as just established will either bring you to a deap stop or kill you). 

      Say what will about the controls in the boost games. I'll be the first to criticise them for making Sonic control like a car that swerves left and right instead of turning. Or if we're talking about his low speed movements where he's oddly slippery and slow to turn. Or his air control which is stiff in Unleashed/Colours/Generations and practically not existent in Forces... But by and large, those games are designed for the thier controls. Heroes' controls actively counter the rest of the game design. 

    5. Dr. Mechano

      Dr. Mechano

      I'm glad you could enjoy it, but I just couldn't.

      As others have mentioned, the controls are slippery. And I feel like there's not enough differences in the four teams' routes, so it really feels like beating almost the same game three times in a row (Team Chaotix's levels were different enough that I consider their campaign meaningfully novel).

      Also, in my opinion Heroes had the worst special stages in the entire franchise, bar none.

    6. Wraith


      The boost games don't ask as much from you as heroes by comparison, so it's easier to adjust without getting killed

    7. Wraith


      The boost games don't ask as much from you as heroes by comparison, so it's easier to adjust without getting killed

    8. dbzfan7


      I like Heroes but yeah the controls aren't great. Boost levels do accomodate Sonic's control even if he controls like ass if he's not going forward.

    9. Tarnish


      Kinda funny reading these comments. It makes me feel like I've been playing a totally different game than everyone else all these years.

      And it's not like I haven't encountered some of those issues myself. Character automatically going forward after landing, resulting in death? Yup, happened to me. Sometimes the character turning too suddenly? Been there.

      But to say they are the worst in the series, or straight out bad? Biggest BS I ever heard.

      I see some people are saying "Sure, Unleashed/Colours/Generations/Forces are pretty bad too, but at least they designed the levels around these shit controls". Great, so we have shit controls (Sonic feels like a sluggish tank, can't turn for shit, his homing dash is slow and useless as he drops like a freaking rock, resulting in more deaths than anything in Sonic Heroes, he might as well not even be capable of moving unless you're boosting, since his non-boosting controls are never, ever fun or satisying, grinding is as boring as ever), but hey, at least we have just as shitty level design to go along with it, so it's all fine.

      I'd rather have overall satisfying controls with some issues that can cause a bit of frustration in certain stages/sections, than consistently ass controls that go well with the consistently ass stage design. I'd rather adjust to these few faults than have controls that are consistently not fun or satisfying to use and no adjusting can change that.

      To me, the boost games is like a driving game with inverted controls. Sure, you can get used to it...but it's never gonna feel right.

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