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  1. okay trying to come up with new ideas

    for a story

    i'm trying to write Titled

     Curse of the Rose Wizard

  2. okay so I was wondering if anybody here uses tcg player?

    I was going to get some singles off of there but not sure

    if it's worth using


    1. Forgetful Panda
    2. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      I do but since I haven't been physically playing Yugioh or Vanguard I haven't bought from their recently.

      I'd honestly say its worth it but just bare in mind that you can only like buy them if you have at least a dollar's worth of cards. And because its more of a marketplace you do have to pay attention to sellers and all that.

  3. okay slowly but surely building my Number 39 Utopia deck

  4. okay am I the only one who thinks a Godzilla Dynasty Warriors game would be cool?


    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      Make a Godzilla themed game for anything and it would be amazing!

    2. Prince Weiss

      Prince Weiss


      they made an entire spin off series for Dynasty Warriors Gundam

      I don't see why Godzilla shouldn't get his own spin off

    3. DanJ86


      I didn't know I wanted it until you said it. XD

  5. Fist of the North Star Lost Paradise it's a really good game one of my personal favorites on the PS4
  6. okay

    I just bought Fist of the North Star Lost Paradise

    its a decent game

  7. any Yugioh players on here I have a question

    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      CROW here! I'm still somewhat rusty but I do know a few rulings here and there.

    2. Prince Weiss

      Prince Weiss

      okay I was wondering any suggestions on what to put in a Light and Dark based Deck

      it isn't exactly Chaos Dragons

      but it does use both Light and Dark

    3. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      So a Chaos deck in general yeah?

      I highly recommend the Lightsworns. They are pretty generic and allows you to mill your deck for resources. They haven't been totality power crept either surprisingly enough keeping it as a good option, especially if you're a budget player. Not really related but notable, you can use some Fabled monsters like Fabled Raven since they're light attribute but they're kind of slow outside of some of their generic support.

      As for Dark attributes you have a few options. You can use Dark World but they require you to discard them to activate their effects. Ditto with Danger! monsters but they do have a discard effect to trigger them at least but however they've been meta relevant so they might be kind of pricey and recently got a slap on the wrist due to semi-limiting some of the cards. As sort of a side note and while it did got power crept to Called by the Grave, D.D. Crow is another notable card since it is Dark attribute and it can banish a card in the GY for the cost of being discarded, ergo you have more setup.

      Needless to say you can use Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning, Chaos Emperor Dragon, and Dark Armed Dragon for these decks. You can use Chaos Sorcerer but it kind of got power crept. But if you really struggle to think of anything you can always use the Black Luster Soldier/Twilight archetype as they focus on similar Chaos themes. Monarchs are similar in that regard too and are pretty powerful since they got most of their cards unlimited.

      I hope that helps a bit. I'm not too familiar with the deck but I hope that gives you some ideas to try out.

    4. Prince Weiss
    5. Prince Weiss

      Prince Weiss

      well crow I went on built  a Utopia deck (just waiting on Utopia Double Utopia Ray V and Utopia Beyond)

  8. okay so does anyone remember this game?

    Related image

    or has played it?

    I remember this game as one of my least favorite wii games

    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      ...I have and yeah it isn't good at all.

      Its my brother's game but he doesn't know better and isn't good at it so yes I had a try on it a few times. ;~;

  9. one game series I wish would get remastered is

    White Knight Chronicles 

    in my opinion

    it was a decent series of games


  10. okay I had purchased 2 sets of Dice Throne its a pretty cool game

    I recommend it

    but anyway whats 1 thing in Movies that annoys you?

  11. thought about playing dice throne

    but not sure on which set to try


  12. one game I wish would be Remastered in HD is Wild Arms 2

    that was one of my favorite games to this day

    1. FReaK


      I only played the first one..about 20 years ago or so. Was a great game, wouldn't mind it getting remastered.

  13. is anyone else excited for borderlands 3?

    cause I am


  14. has anyone played kh3?

    is it worth buying yes or no?

    1. Sean


      I don't think anyone here has played it, no

    2. KHCast


      No, nobody here is into that stuff

    3. Kiah


      I can tell you haven’t been around here the past few days otherwise you would have your answer for sure per the statuses. Both answers actually. 

      That said while the answer to your first question is “yes” I’m not one of them so I can’t answer the second.

    4. Strickerx5


      Going off what I've seen around here... it really depends on how much you're expecting to get from the game and can look past a few of its more glaring issues (like story) for the really good stuff (combat and spectacle).

      Though, I've only had about 2 hours to play it so far so... eh. For now, all I can say is that it's unapologeticaly Kingdom Hearts, with all the good and bad that comes with it. Take that as you will.

    5. Sega DogTagz

      Sega DogTagz

      Like every other KH game the story is needlessly complex - but so long as you don't let that get under your skin its a fantastic game. Lots of stuff to do, plenty of distractions to get lost in and fleshed out sub-mechanics that have been refined thanks to the 50 odd spin offs that came before it.

  15. okay whats worse then a regular bad game is a bad game that could've been really good

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