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  1. So just like with Dragon Quest, are there any fans of SNK games that can recommend me a couple that I should play? Y'know, so I'm more familiar with Terry.

    1. Kuzu


      You can play KOFXIV, which is the latest game by SNK and has Terry in it.

      You can also play the predecessor, KOFXIII. Slightly harder, but the graphics are phenomenal.

    2. Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      SNK Heroines also has Terry in it-*shot*

    3. Dejimon11


      If you have a Switch you can download the Arcade Archive and download the NEO GEO games that have King of Fighters 

    4. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      Garou: Mark of the Wolves is usually considered one of the pinnacle SNK fighting games and it says a lot since they made so many. It has Terry in it but has a different design than he normally wears.

      Other go to ones are Fatal Fury Special, King of Fighters 98 (probably best for the UM versions now, the original probably has balancing issues), maybe XIII and XIV for the modern ones. There are plenty to try, most are quite solid apart from KOF 2001-2002, KOF XII (unfinished) and their 3D fighters. If you want more SNK and not just Terry, there's also Art of Fighting 3, the Last Blade series, the Metal Slug series, and there's a Samurai Shodown collection coming soon but the new game is apparently good.

      Oh and be careful for the final boss in those fighting games...

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