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  1. gee i wonder what tipped them off it absolutely can't be the extensive coverage by gaming news like you

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      It’s nice to know that during a fucking pandemic, Nintendo are still on the case to being scumbags

    2. PublicEnemy1


      Now, to be absolutely fair, I think this is one thing that Nintendo is in the right in doing. I mean, this is literally the full entire game on PC. This is different than a ROM or a fangame.

    3. PaddyFancy


      That crossed my mind how GameXplain hasn't helped.

    4. ThatOddLiam


      This needed to do a Sonic 3 AIR and provide all the reverse-engineered source code while requiring a user-provided rom to access the assets. A complete, standalone executable was asking for trouble.

    5. Sean


      They only went after the executable. The project itself is safe.

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