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  1. Finally, something good.

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Wow, blast from the past, that old game was. I love how they made the Green Demon an actual enemy now. I kinda wished it had Cappy too, but without the capturing, since it was another extetion to the 64 moveset.


      Now I'm a little worried Mario fans are gonna go into a Sonic phase and say "FANS ARE BETTER THAN NINTENDO"

  2. Remember that Sega doesn't even want SatAM characters, assets that THEY own. What makes you think they'd want to pull material from a defunct British comic that they had very little involvement with? And whether Kitching gave his blessing or not, I doubt Sega would want to risk it after the lawsuits.
  3. Wait, WHAT? IIRC, he only got the blessing from the original writer of the StC, Nigel Kitching. Did he get a blessing from SEGA, too?
  4. Aight, let's see... 1. Sealed Ground (Theme of Gigan Rocks) - Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity 2. It Doesn't Matter (Fanart Gallery) - Sonic and the Black Knight 3. Unknown from M.E. (Sonic Adventure 2 version) 4. Techno Hill Zone Act 2 - Sonic Robo Blast 2, fangame)
  5. "Unknown from M.E." slaps harder in SA2, fite me.

    1. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      Yes, this is true.


      THIS is the definitive Unknown from M.E. mix.

  6. How bad is the GC version of SADX? I got it from a garage sale and there's no way to mod it like Dreamcast like the PC version (I can't buy online stuff and I only have keyboard controls).

    1. Tracker_TD


      It's still not a great port, but the GC version is considered the best version of SADX as far as I know. 

    2. StaticMania


      It's not bad...unless you reaally dislike those visual changes.

    3. PublicEnemy1


      I don't mind the visual changes at all. But I heard collision is wonky and it has frame drops.

    4. Tracker_TD


      Well, the framerate targets 60, compared to the DC's 30; so on the whole IIRC it's better. Collision is an issue, but it was an issue on the DC ver too; GC's just worse in places on top of that.

    5. Stritix


      It's the best version of DX. It has less glitches and better graphics than all later ports. A lot of visual effects are missing in the later ports. It's easily much better than the PC versions.

  7. Playing and enjoying golden sun rn

    1. FReaK


      I played and finished all 3 of them, amazing games. I hope there will be a 4th on switch some day.

    2. PublicEnemy1


      I heard the third one's not all that good.

    3. FReaK


      I had a lot of fun with it.

    4. tailsBOOM!


      Dark Dawn isn't that bad, it just isn't as good as the other two.  It's still a good game.

      Anyways, hope you enjoy one of my favorite RPG series!

  8. So the FGC is melting into slag.
    Good. It needed the reform anyways.

  9. Best bud came out as trans today!

    So proud of her!

    1. Failinhearts


      Congrats to her!

  10. Correction: the app itself DOES mention that they come from the comics, but the rest of my point still stands.
  11. If it's only cosmetics or that little shit, I wouldn't mind so much. If we have to unlock levels, though, then I might be mad. You know this is ACTIVISION we're talking about, right?
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