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  1. Playing and enjoying golden sun rn

    1. FReaK


      I played and finished all 3 of them, amazing games. I hope there will be a 4th on switch some day.

    2. PublicEnemy1


      I heard the third one's not all that good.

    3. FReaK


      I had a lot of fun with it.

    4. tailsBOOM!


      Dark Dawn isn't that bad, it just isn't as good as the other two.  It's still a good game.

      Anyways, hope you enjoy one of my favorite RPG series!

  2. So the FGC is melting into slag.
    Good. It needed the reform anyways.

  3. Best bud came out as trans today!

    So proud of her!

    1. Failinhearts


      Congrats to her!

  4. Correction: the app itself DOES mention that they come from the comics, but the rest of my point still stands.
  5. If it's only cosmetics or that little shit, I wouldn't mind so much. If we have to unlock levels, though, then I might be mad. You know this is ACTIVISION we're talking about, right?
  6. I noticed something. The non-canon characters like the movie characters and the crossover characters have been labeled as "special" or "event" type characters.


    Tangle and Whisper are considered rare types. A type that, so far, has been designated only to canon characters. They aren't even super rare. The tweet also didn't even mention they're from the comics.

    Make of this what you will.

  7. I wonder if this was the big "#KnowingSmile" Ian was talking about.
  8. I haven't been catching up with the Bumblekasts. Can anyone summerize them for me please?
  9. Sorry I'm not as often a poster as I was last year. Integrating into college life is tough.


    1. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      Trump confirmed the president with nothing on his desk but a picture of Sonic and Shadow

  11. I reported a bunch of "kill all men" tweets, yet Twitter isn't doing a damn thing about them.

  12. Been watching ProJared play a mod of Magic Shandalar that has all the modern cards and he hasn't posted a download link and I STILL haven't found it yet.

  13. So it looks like Spongebob might've been confirmed gay by Nickelodeon.

    I know that Spongebob has been confirmed ace by Stephen Hillenburg, but you can be both.

    1. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      i think that's spongebob being an ally

    I don't know how to fix it.
    Also, I don't know what the buttons really do.
    Also, it's annoyingly activating if I even HOVER over the godforsaken pad with my pen.
    I'm never gonna draw in Aseprite at this rate.

    1. altum_dolorem


      You checked guides? If it's a specific brand, you might find tips for setting it up on YouTube. I personally find visual aids to be more useful.

  15. @Sonictrainer Espio'd you. Edit: Nvm, looks like they didn't, lol. Anyways, I kinda wish I had money for a PS5 rn.
  16. Finished the SMBZ series up to the reboot of the first episode.
    Each episode kept getting better and better and better.
    Favorite episode has got to be the rebooted first episode.

  17. So I've been re-watching Super Mario Bros. Z. So far, it holds up pretty well.

    I love how everything's all fun and games until Mecha Sonic shows up.

    Man, Mecha Sonic may be edgy as all hell, but he's the cool, threatening type instead of the laughably, "Coldsteel" type. He's genuinely an awesome villain.

  18. I actually agree with abolishing the police. The entire system was built under racist pretenses. No amount of reformation is going to change that. As for the bad apples, that's pretty much the entire police force under principal. They are either causing the corruption, or are complicit with the corruption by not doing anything about it. You wanna know what happens to the few non-bad apple police officers that stand up to the injustice caused by their force? They get sacked. They get arrested. Does this mean we'll have NO law enforcement and we'll turn into an anarchy? Of course not. We'll build a new one from scratch without the racism. But we have to take down what came before to do that.
  19. Daniel Radcliffe putting Rowling in her place really made my fucking day.


    1. PublicEnemy1



  20. Question: now that the custom banners are being allowed now, is there any possibility for another custom banner contest or something like that to update to modern Sonic games?

    1. Zaysho


      I wouldn't know anything about it, but it might be worth asking in the announcement thread since it'll more likely get Dreadknux's attention.

  21. As a person who's pro-gun and believe that guns shouldn't be banned from cartoons and kids media, I actually like this change. There's not many gags you can do with a gun, so now the writers can get a bit more creative.



    1. Tarnish


      Sooooooo what the hell is he gonna do? He's a carrot farmer now or what?

    2. PublicEnemy1


      Last time I checked, he was chasing Bugs with a fucking scythe.

    3. CleverSonicUsername


      There's also been plenty of Fudd cartoons where he didn't use a gun, so, whatev.

    4. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Guns just feel like a cheap way to give someone power because they're quick and effiencent. The are many other ways for a character like Elmer to assert power over others than just a gun. Case in point: What's Opera Doc, considered the magnum opus of Bugs and Elmers rivalry, had no guns.


      Plus, you still get your crossdressing Bugs and people taking a stick of dynamite to the face, so it's clear they're exploting the loopholes.

    5. Teoskaven


      What about Yosemite Sam?

    6. CleverSonicUsername


      @Teoskaven If anything, he should have MORE guns

    7. altum_dolorem


      I'm not sure about this.

      From a narrative standpoint, Elmer being a hunter and having a gun makes him instantly recognisable as the antagonist. You naturally root for Bugs.

      Bugs had tormented Elmer in cartoons when he wasn't a hunter and I felt sympathy for Elmer because of it. One I can recall is when Elmer was a photographer (and fat.) and Bugs was being an arse for no reason. Maybe nature photographers are considered annoying, I don't know...

      Even though the gun is never lethal, it also shows that Elmer is a legitimate threat and Bugs outsmarting him without weapons is made even more entertaining.

      That being said, I could be overthinking things...

    8. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      I'm no hunter, but do hunters typically use scythes to hunt rabbits?

      Because that sounds really stupid.

    9. CleverSonicUsername


      @PC the Hedgehog No, but the grim reaper does, which I assume is what they're going for. Haven't seen it tho cause I don't give a fuck about Bugs Bunny outside Space Jam.

  22. update: compiling Aseprite is FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE

  23. Trying to compile Aseprite. 

  24. My favorite Kirby Song.

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