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  1. God, I miss Steven Universe already.
  2. Finally got to see them. They've been missing since Archie's Post-Reboot.
  3. I agree with the above, but there's something else that's also true: politics is everywhere. Society is inherently political, and it's not really good to avoid it when it's the basis of social and economic growth. However, there is such a thing that's too political or not relevant to the actual game, such as the Custom Stages above.
  4. Apparently he's still in the hospital (or is at least carrying a phamplet for the hospital). I won't post the tweet here since he didn't block out his number and address, and I'm a better person than that.

  5. Okay, latest Bumblekast is out. Let's see if there's anything important there.
  6. I didn't know Sonic had a Blessed Rain Zone.



    they did my man Tony dirty. He deserved a happy ending and to retire. Cap should've been killed off, IMO, because he was always the out-of-place man, being from a different time period and all.

    Other than that, great movie.

    1. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      I'm not even looking out for MCU content and I was still seeing videos saying Tony was predicted to die by the majority of people.

    2. PublicEnemy1



      To be fair, so was Cap. So was Thor. 


    3. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor


      The writing was on the wall for him sadly. He'd finally gotten what he wanted with Pepper, had a happy family life but still couldn't quit. There was only one way to get him to quit. They even gave him a moment with his father, to drive in that his arc was at an end. Tony was afraid of all his friends dying and him staying alive. He saved them (most of them) and died instead.


      Cap's essentialy dead anyway.


  8. Was hoping for an actual port. Joker's in Smash, so we should have his actual game. Sony's being a greedy piece of crap by keeping the main game off of the platform. Hopefully, The Royal is a timed exclusive. 

  9. Apparently, Super Mario Maker, if you pre-order it, is going to come with it's own pen. https://topics.nintendo.co.jp/c/article/f4960468-6572-11e9-a16a-063b7ac45a6d.html

    1. Adamabba


      I was hoping they'd do that. hope it comes to the US

    2. Celestia


      OHH, a stylus for the touch screen. I thought you meant an ink pen and was like ????

      They should really just include that with the game by default tbh.

  10. I am laughing hard.

    1. Adamabba


      He got a of twitch subscribers thanks to that stream. good for him

  11. Am I the only one who can't take the "Hbox crab throwing" seriously? On one hand, I'm glad Hbox won, and fuck the guy for throwing stuff at him.
    On the other hand: IT'S A FUCKING CRAB. Like, a literal crab. I may sound like an asshole for saying this, but it makes me laugh more than it outrages me.

    1. Polkadi~☆


      It’s a reference to the crab rave.

      As in:

      🦀 MELEE IS 🦀

      🦀 ———— 🦀

      🦀  DEAD  🦀


      Still stupid and disrespectful.

  12. Wow, the Stage Builder surprisingly gives quite a bit of freedom. 

    If stage builder could be this good, I wonder how expansive Super Mario Maker 2 will be...

  13. Joker is the first character to have a real gun (Snake has explosives, and Bayonetta's pistols are magical). It's also his neutral special. You realize what this means, right? Kirby's gonna have a fucking gun. (Also, Doomguy is now a possibility.)
  14. I know this is a Sonic forum, but do any of you who are fans of Paper Mario think that the series will ever get out of the rut that it's in?

    1. Shaddy Zaphod
    2. PublicEnemy1


      I use reddit too much, ok?

    3. JayRaR


      If Nintendo ever ports TTYD...maybe

    4. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Some big staff members of the older games, including the old director had been brought in to work on Fire Emblem as it's popularity began to skyrocket. As long as Inteligent Systems puts all their focus on FE, Paper Mario's not getting back on his feet any time soon.


      There's a chance that I got the facts wrong, so I doubt my arguement is even valid.

    5. Sean
    6. PublicEnemy1
    7. Sean


      Color Splash doubled down on the terrible gameplay and writing big time. Nintendo has made it clear multiple times that they no longer have faith in the old formula and that they believe they know what's best for the Paper Mario series better than fans do. The old gameplay is never coming back and we're never going to get another good Paper Mario game.

    8. PublicEnemy1


      @Sean You are being quite the pessimist. Like "ehhh we're never going to get another good PM game, it's going to suck forever, it killed my family, ehhh" I also disagree with some of your points.
      1. Color Splash was, IMO, an actual step up from Sticker Star. I don't think we played the same game. The gameplay was made a little less tedious, environments were more creative, and the writing was actually funnier. I consider it very okay. Under the first three games, but a game that I enjoyed.
      2. Nintendo as a whole didn't say that they no longer have faith in the old formula:  Tanabe did.

      3. While Tanabe did say the above, he also noted that this current formula wasn't working either, and the next game will be in a new direction, which could be good or bad. Just because it isn't TTYD doesn't mean it's automatically bad.

    9. Sean



      it killed my family

      Stopped reading there, if you're going to construe my response as petty whining then I want no part in this conversation

    10. PublicEnemy1


      Okay, I may have been exaggerating, and it was rude, I admit, but straight-up dismissing a possibility when we don't know all the facts, then presenting it AS a fact kinda comes off to me as whining. 

    11. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Exactly what Sean said. Super Paper was a controversial change to the gameplay formula, but continued with the narrative and world building that the first two games had established. Sticker Star then outwardly decided it needed less of that world-building and went to every length to feel like New Paper Mario in vein of the NSMB series, resulting in a husk of a game comparatively. We then got Paper Jam and Colour Splash, which you could argue improve in SS in some very minor ways. But I'd much sooner say that they were attempts to polish a turd. Nintendo and IS (Oh Christ that acronym) completely changed the makeup of Paper Mario with SS and since then efforts have only been made to establish that that's what they're sticking with.

      If there's any intent on lifting Paper Mario out of the gameplay, story and thematic rut in the future, Nintendo have done a very good job of misleading is into thinking that the new style is here to stay. Also just adding this; I really don't care for the paper-craft aesthetic they use now, especially not the flat shaded characters with thick white outlines and low-frame animations. The more comic-book look of PM, TTYD and SPM was way better.

    12. Sean


      I'm going by the quality of the last two games we got and Nintendo's own statements. I'm actually pretty confident in my belief that I won't like any future PM game Nintendo puts out. They changed more than just the gameplay; they mutated the DNA of the entire subseries into something I can't fucking stand.

    13. PublicEnemy1


      Well, let's just agree to disagree. Nintendo has a bunch of series that looked like that they would never recover. Mario Tennis, Mario Party, for examples. After MP10 and Ultra Trash, I also thought those series were done for. Well, guess what? Those series came back with new games, which were actually pretty good, if flawed. They gone back to their roots, and took big steps in the right direction.

      I just have more optimism that Paper Mario will follow with the same idea. If you don't share that optimism with me, that's fine. (Also, sorry for construing your previous statement as petty whining. I was just slightly annoyed and could've said it in a less attacking way.)

    14. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Remember how both Tennis Aces and Super Party ended up being significantly more flawed than they should have been though? They were mostly returns to form, but couldn't resist dropping the ball in maby areas where their predecessors hadn't, even though the formulas were already laid down for them? Paper Mario has got a lot more work to do.

    15. Sean


      What I meant by "we're never getting another good PM game" (which admittedly is a bad sentence and I should have reworded it) is that the PM series won't recover to a degree I would ever consider acceptable. I don't think the reception of Color Splash (post-release) was negative enough to get any particular message across to Nintendo, and in fact I think it got way more praise than it deserved. They could change the gameplay but if Color Splash's jokes are what people consider to be good then they're just going to keep doing it. Therefore I have no hope left in the series because there are things in Color Splash many people are fine with that I absolutely am not.

    16. Marcello


      I think it will.

    17. Red


      I don't see why AlphaDream can't just takeover the PM series.

    18. Wraith


      IS is focused on Fire Emblem now so no

  15. Watching anime. Specifically, one of the only ones I watched dubbed. Are any of you familiar with Ghost Stories?

    1. Adamabba


      This is the only thing Ive seen from Ghost Stories


    2. PublicEnemy1


      I'm really enjoying it so far. Yeah, some of the referential humor's a bit dated, but I love it for the fact that the dubbers basically burned the original script, and just created one that makes me laugh. Y'see, I wish more people did this. They don't always have to be true to the material, they can just send me into laughing fits and I'd love it. 

    3. Cayenne


      Man, I LOVED Ghost Stories as a kid. It used to be aired at the midnight on the brazilian Cartoon Network almost uncensored, so some scenes and stories with the Yokai were really scary. If my memory is still good, Amanojaku was my favorite character.

      It also has the craziest opening song conceived by humanity:


    4. TCB


      You mean the best dubbed anime/the OG/officially abridged series 

  16. Now I don't know how NDA laws work, but wouldn't that amount of teasing be enough to cross the line between teasing and breaking NDA?
  17. For all we know, we could be just getting BK Legos. I mean, some of these responses might be enough for NDA people to raise a couple eyebrows.
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