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  1. I wonder if Ian goes on this board in secret and listens to our suggestions.
  2. I for one, (after some time has passed) think that we should have a Universe-like comic to go alongside the main comic to focus on the rotating adventures.
  3. Such a shame that they cancelled the comics not too long after the SWC, because it looked like it was going somewhere. Anyways, we are most definitely going to have at least SOME worldbuilding, since this is a new continuity altogether. I do agree that there was too much in the Post-SGW, as well as the rest of your points.
  4. What are your favorite funniest/saddest moment and best fights of the POST-Reboot? I mean, it has got to have some of those, right?
  5. Well, I'd guess that'd be true, since Japan's not all that big on Sonic anyway.
  6. Are you sure? Not even a fan translation?
  7. I've been wondering, have the Archie Comics ever been translated into Japanese?
  8. The only thing I'm worried about is how SEGA will interfere. Yes, Ian has his flaws, But he makes really good stories and characters. The main problem, however, is SEGA giving a laundry list of what Ian can or can't do. The conference said that SEGA will let them situations will be handled on a case-by-case basis, but we don't know if SEGA will listen to them.
  9. In my honest opinion, Archie Sonic is dead, and should stay dead. Maybe, just MAYBE, after a few years, once (or if) the comic has got off the ground, maybe Ian could introduce some ELEMENTS of Archie, but I highly doubt a full blown crossover.
  10. For now, we should all stop worrying until more info is revealed about the comic, because I believe the lack of info is what's causing this doubt. I have some faith in this comic, but for now, I am cautiously optimistic.
  11. The thing is, how much will SEGA let it change? We still don't know to what extent of loosening the mandates they'll do, and if it does a rocky start, it could seriously alienate the readers from reading the comics before they got good, just like the Post-Reboot comics. Also, answer me this: name one game adaptation by IDW that didn't end up being cancelled or a miniseries? I'm still hopeful, but if it gets a bad start, it will be less likely that it'll get off the ground.
  12. I'm sensing a lot of pessimism here. Just because Ian deconfirmed his characters, doesn't mean that they won't show up in the future, like with the dead characters and Boom elements. It's if you support this comic that you might get some things given enough time. At least let the comic establish itself to see how good it is.
  13. There is a silver lining to this. Maybe, JUST MAYBE, he might be able to use those characters after a while. Ian said (on a game livestream that hasn't been put up yet) that he can't use dead characters like Mephiles and Black Doom. But he said that might change in the future. He said the same thing about the Boom characters, as he said "in the foreseeable future," implying that he might be able to use these characters on a later date. I'm guessing the same would be said for Ian's Archie characters.
  14. As long as Ian keeps his promise of making good stories, then I'm good.
  15. While Ian did confirm that his characters (which includes Conquering Storm) won't appear, maybe that could change in the future.
  16. Keep in mind, he said it's a possibility.
  17. Maybe in the future, but don't get your hopes up. BTW, in that same BumbleKast, there won't be any Boom elements in the foreseeable future, with the exception of maybe Sticks.
  18. Because this is a clean slate, without the Archie elements. Also, if Ian can't use his characters, I highly doubt he'd be able to use the other characters, since again, this is a clean slate.
  19. I just hope the comics will be solid. Also, I've been on Ian's livestreams on BumbleKast, and I asked him if he takes constructive criticism into account, which he said he does.
  20. Thing is, there is no "classic universe." It's going to be under one universe and continuity, IIRC.
  21. I just hope that Ian fills his promise to tell good stories. Awesome artwork and great writing also helps.
  22. Do you guys think this comic will be good, or at least succeed?
  23. I guess I'm looking forward to IDW Sonic after all. That's the reason I asked for everybody's opinion on the Post-SGW, because it's a look at things to come, and so far, I'm enjoying it!
  24. But would you recommend me reading it?
  25. Are the post-reboot comics worth reading? I've heard good things and bad things about this continuity. Either it's better than Pre-SGW, or it's a heavily mandated mess. I'd like some help here so that I may look into it.
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