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  1. I see the problem. I have something similar. However, I think I know WHY the comic is this way. It's because of SEGA. I know people are tired of me complaining about the mandates, but they really can get in the way of storytelling. You see, in order to have any character development for the core cast, you have to get it through SEGA first. The problem is, they don't like character development for the core cast, because branding shit or whatever. Ian might also be suffering from burnout after working on Sonic for all these years.
  2. So we got confirmation that we will see the next Smash DLC Fighter at E3. I know it's expected, but it's nice to have confirmation. However, by the way Sakurai worded it, we'll be seeing only one DLC fighter.


    Here's hoping it's Banjo.


    1. Ellipsis-Ultima


      Oh it's not two fighters.

  3. Spoiler



  4. Can someone please give me a definitive E3 schedule? I can't seem to find one for Mountain Time, which is my timezone.

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      The E3 general topic has one for BST, PDT, EST, but it doesn’t seem like anyone did a full on schedule with all times like last year.

    2. gato


      I found this one on Reddit. Has my timezone.


    3. PublicEnemy1
  5. Here's some leaks by a guy who's been totally legit so far, so major spoilers.
  6. Just gonna leave this here...




  7. Actually, the Deadly Four WOULD make a lot more sense. In Japan, four is basically the same as death, and Sonic games are made in Japan.
  8. To be fair, Smash fans (including myself, admittedly) like to twist things around just so that we have a solid chance of our favorite character to come through. (And to be also fair, you're right with the fact that I don't want Steve, no matter how much sense he'd make going in.)
  9. I don't think he was hinting to Banjo with those tweets, though. That's the fandom's fault for interpreting it in such a way.
  10. D78ig97UYAo7_96.jpg:large

    In celebration of Spawn in MK11

  11. Is "Metal Sonic" trending for any of you on twitter?

    1. Badnik Mechanic

      Badnik Mechanic



    2. TheOcelot


      *inb4 SEGA will look at this and make Metal a playable character in the next Sonic game*

    3. TCB


      You mean just a Metal Sonic skin for Modern Sonic 


    1. SupahBerry


      Did anyone truely expect there to be full multiplayer for something like this?

      I'd be more impress with the experience myself if you weren't able to freely explore with the normal ingame camera already.

  13. You got a new sub Good luck out there!
  14. So I guess we can rule out Pokemon in the E3 direct. I hope they showcase more new games than games they already announced.
  15. Ehhh. I'll just read the fan-comic. It looks better drawn, better written, and is completely non-profit.
  16. You know what I hate the most about the ProJared controversy? A literally a day before the incident, I watched his Sailor Moon Games vid. He actually got me into Sailor Moon. Sucks that a creep was the one to introduce me to a franchise that I'm actually a fan of now.

    1. DanJ86


      Why? He had nothing to do with Sailor Moon. If not him, somebody would've given you the chance to witness the series. He in no way deserves any credit for you discovering quality entertainment and he doesn't deserve the credit either.

      No sense letting him taint what you'd otherwise enjoy.

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