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  1. I'd like to see more levels based on Music Plant from Advance 2, actually. And more western based levels. I think Rocky Ridge from Free Riders was the last definite example, preceded by Frontier Canyon Zone from Rivals 2.
  2. I know I'm just replying to this topic, but think about this: CD occurs soon after 1, and during the year little Planet was away, the events of the Death Egg Saga occurred. Eggman took the idea of Metal Sonic, and combined both the designs of Silver and Metal Sonic to create Mecha Sonic, or Silver Sonic MkII.
  3. On a different note, SEGA is now on instagram.
  4. Nice that this topic is going ok. And true, it is fact that because of some of us that the physics have improved.
  5. Please don't kill me for my first topic, but do you think that SEGA should ignore us fans for the next few years? I say this because of the fact that due to the ranging ideas for Sonic Gameplay across the spectrum, it can be agreed that we can't truly agree on anything for a Sonic game without starting fan wars with each other. Besides, the team knows what we like and don't like, so why can we let them make a game for us without us basically telling them what to do?
  6. I consider myself a Sonic fan, but I am ashamed to be a fan nowadays, not because of the vocal minority, but because of the fact that so many of us cannot agree on the same ideas, because of our different tastes and preferences in Sonic gameplay. This Is why Sega need to ignore us for the next few years, so that they can surprise us with something new, and regain the sparking individuality that made Unleashed so beautiful and unique.
  7. ^ Same Here. Actually, I have a better question? Is there any video game level cliche that the Sonic games haven't tried yet? I mean, he's done the FUCKING APOCALYPSE for crying out loud. People complain about Sonic Team using some of the same cliches, but is there really anything else they can do without sliding too far into really Un-Sonic territory?
  8. The worst part is... that classic mentality is the truly the sole reason as to why Sonic has yet to return to his good graces. Other classic series got it right in recent years, but it's just not working with Sonic unfortunately. At this point, I think we should all agree that the critics are the blame for the reason why the games are like they are now, followed closely but the vocal minority I mentioned earlier.
  9. Well you be the one to tell Sega to stop pandering to the classic fanboy vocal minority and create some new environments to play through, or at least some that are rarely used in Sonic games.
  10. I understand this, as i also hate the vocal minority, but the issue is getting past the minority so that Sonic Team can hear us?
  11. I'm new to replying to comments here, but have followed many topics for a while now. After reading about what many of you said about Sonic Unleashed, I wanted to voice my opinion on it. I completely agree with everything said about it: After both the critics and the fans bashed the game, it seems that they started making games strictly to not only give the fans what they want, but also get back on the good side of the critics. Behind the scenes, who knows if they are really enjoying making any Sonic game nowadays. I really wish someone could tell them to do their own thing with the next few Sonic games. They know what we the fans like and don't like by now, and they deserve to create a game that they truly want to do themselves, not something to please us. They could even make a game that could end up being very enjoyable to fans. We all cant be afraid of some changes. Also to stick with the topic: ShTH and SH are tied to being my favorite Sonic games from that era, much more than SA1 and 2. I prefer Sonic Advance 2 over both 1 and 3. I like Unleashed more than Colors and Generations, both for the longer length and... the Werehog. Yes I Said It. I like playing as the werehog more than classic sonic, probably due to the experience with slower games. other than CD. I don't really like the classics that much anymore, compared to the newer games.
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