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  1. The question was mainly to explore the seperate divisions and response/purchasing power within all the separate areas of the fanbase, not to see the bias within the fanbase, as it came across as. I don't go on Classic Sonic forums very often, especially as often as I used to. But, I agree in that how I asked the question didn't really make sense and came across as slightly bitter and hateful. Once I got my mind together and understand exactly what I'm trying to say, then I'll come back here and try again.
  2. ... Don't try and give me attitude Sonic fan. You know EXACTLY what I was trying to explore with this question. Honestly, you just can never be absolute certain with how this "fanbase" can be. But yeah, I was expecting most responses to say 'No'. In reality, I asked this question to explore the division in-between all the factions. As, both Modern, Adventure, and Boom fans mostly ranged from "maybe" to some "no's".
  3. Let me preface this by saying, I'm not asking this to explain why Sonic Team is a "good" development team (tired of talking about that), nor to explain the potential of the Mania Team, or how "nostalgia biased" this fanbase is or anything stupid like that. I'm honestly interested in the responses, because this question works both ways with Modern fans. A lot of them said "no" or "maybe" to me in response. Boom fans said "no" too, (albeit for justifiable reasons on their part). Let's assume that, in this hypothetical scenario, Sonic Mania 2 was announced. It was developed by the same Whitehead team who made the first game. SEGA would give them a higher budget and stronger marketing along with more creative control. However, when it was released it's a glitchy, unpolished mess, with unfocused ideas and bad gameplay mechanics. It ends up being critically panned by fans and critics and is considered by many one of the worst Sonic games ever made. In this situation, would you still purchase the game? Let's also add flavor to this by saying that the game did not go through any development issues, SEGA had little to no influence on the title, and they had sufficient time to work on it. The only reason the game was poorly done was because the Mania Team wasn't capable of making a successful sequel to Mania. Please do not give me any responses such as, "They would never make a bad game, so it doesn't mean anything" or "The Mania Team knows what they're doing". That doesn't matter in this scenario. We are assuming in an "If" scenario; IF Sonic Mania 2 was bad, due to only the ineptitude of the Mania Team, would you still purchase the game?
  4. I believe so. Given the brief look we got at his muzzle, as well the general rule involving creatures in Sonic, that may be what they were going for. It makes sense.
  5. Just wait until people debug the game. We'll see it.
  6. Let me preface by saying, I am the BIGGEST apologist when it comes to this game; but this situation was too much for me. So, if you don't want to hear me rant, here you go. In Episode Shadow, we find out that Infinite was originally a mercenary for Eggman called "Squad of the Jackals" (aka: he is a Jackal) to take help in the resistance. However, after Shadow infiltrated, Shadow took both the squad and Infinite down and called him "worthless" and "pathetic" before departed. Infinite has a mental breakdown and questions his strength. Afterwards, Infinite works with Eggman to fuse with the Phantom Ruby in order to gain more power, beginning his rampage of evil and destruction. So in the end, Infinite became evil simply because Shadow called him a bad name and it hurt Infinite's feelings. That's WEAK! God, I wished Ian Flynn wrote this game, because he would've done a much better job at fleshing ideas out.
  7. Speaking of which, what are your guys thoughts on the new levels (aesthetically)?
  8. Hypothetical scores. But there are user scores already.
  9. I know a lot of people are going to disagree (especially on this board), but honestly this game wasn't as bad as you guys WANT it to be. A solid 7/10. It's not as good as Generations gameplay-wise, but it's around the same tier as Sonic Colors. So, if you enjoy that game, you should get enjoyment this. However, unlike Generations, the Classic levels are the most-well designed out of the 3. Script and characterization-wise (sans Tails) I thought it was interesting. I see this game getting mostly average to positive reception from fans and critics (in fact, it already is based on the reception of the leaks).
  10. That's exactly what I just said. So I don't where this "pulling out of nowhere" is from.
  11. It's confusing, so here's exactly what's going on, based on the cutscene I watched: This classic Sonic is the same classic Sonic from Generations, which is also the same CS from Mania. Let me explain, remember how at the end of Generations where Classic Sonic went through that portal and back to the past? Well, that portal actually sent him to the world of Mania. Leading up to the events of Mania where he got sucked into that portal, the CS you see here is the one from Mania, who was the same Sonic who went into the portal in Gens.
  12. Yeah. That sounds about right. Probably mostly 7's.
  13. If you really think that this game is going to result in jokes and a 2nd Dark Age, then you are REALLY have condescending towards Modern Sonic.
  14. I'm sorry, there's no way we're going to agree on this (including most people). I do feel that 3D feels more Sonic-y (if that makes sense) in style than Forces.
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