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  1. Bucket

    In Defence of Infinite

    I definitely think Infinite is a pretty awesome villain and he actually looks/acts like a villain. The cheesy, silly, overly dramatic parts of his backstory could've been done better for sure, but for what we got... it didn't bother me as much as I thought it would. I can have fun with Infinite as a legitimate villain and as a cheesy 'edgelord' at different times OR even at the same time, just like I can with Shadow - I like it when they're more serious and when they're more silly. I hope Sega/Sonic Team keep him around and do more with him, because I personally see so much potential with his character. And the English voice acting they got for him was genuinely good, well-acted, and menacing - he SOUNDED like a proper villain in a video game/anime/what have you.
  2. Bucket

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    When I saw this on Twitter, I was like "...isn't that one of those big robots from Forces? If so... awesome~"
  3. I had NO idea about all of that before seeing that video... that's one hell of a backstory xDD I love it. Going forward, when I hear people talking about how they don't like any new or different iteration of Sonic and how he should always stay his 'original' self or something... I'm gonna think about this and think to myself "Yeeeaaahhhh... the 'original' ain't really how it was supposed to be EITHER, technically." xDD
  4. Bucket

    Change a character’s personality

    I guess going forward, the only thing I REALLY don't want to happen is for Tails to revert back to how he was in Lost World. His characterization in that game was quite jarring and off-putting for me personally. I MUCH prefer how he was done in Forces, including him 'losing it' and being scared of Chaos after Sonic was defeated and eventually getting over it after Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic returned.
  5. Bucket

    Spinoffs for other characters?

    I'd be down for Shadow to get another chance at his own spin-off, maybe tweaking some of the stuff that didn't work in his old game. But my dream spin-off would be for the Avatar character. However Sega/Sonic Team wanted to do it, if they gave the Avatar character/concept it's own spin-off series, I'd be all over that. Even if they took the red wolf with the glasses and made him the 'default' version of the character, I'd be happy with that~
  6. Bucket

    Positive Things About Forces?

    I dunno if this counts or not, but lately I've been going through some really stressful stuff IRL... and the Sonic Forces soundtrack is really helping me get through it, particularly the instrumental/orchestral versions of Fist Bump and The Light of Hope. The positive and happy memories I have associated with the game through those songs are helping me combat a lot of stressful and depressing things when they flare up. Plus, as cheesy as the lyrics are... I'm a very cheesy guy, and those cheesy messages of hope and friendship and such DO help me out sometimes.
  7. Bucket

    Positive Things About Forces?

    It's not exactly the same, but the vocal themes REALLY took me back to the days of Sonic Adventure 2 and when I listened to the SA2 soundtrack religiously. It gave me all of the feels from back then, and I REALLY loved that aspect of the game. While I don't think that the music from Forces is objectively better than the songs from Adventure/Adventure 2, I did love the music (including some of the orchestral/background songs) enough to purchase the entire soundtrack. The only other Sonic soundtrack that I truly love and treasure is the Sonic Adventure 2 soundtrack, so to me, that really says something about the music from Forces.
  8. I’d LOVE to see The Anix do some music for Sonic. Their stuff is already very theatrical/cinematic and very much electronica-rock, so I think they could come up with some truly epic stuff for a Sonic game~
  9. Bucket

    How much damage did Forces do?

    I don't think it did much damage at all mainly because it was eclipsed so much by Sonic Mania AND Mania Plus. Even though I loved Forces and I have nothing but happy and positive memories associated with the game, it was definitely more of a game that just kinda came-and-went in the 'big picture'. The intense hatred and disappointment for the game just doesn't seem to be shared by the majority of people in the general public or, in my opinion, the majority of people who purchased and played the game. To me, the 'negative impact' of Forces has been greatly exaggerated by the more hardcore fans of the series and blown up into something far bigger than it actually is. I just think the positives of Mania and Mania Plus far outweighed any actual objective negatives from Forces... but even with that, I'm not entirely sure. I don't know how relevant the internet's/Sonic fanbase's praise and excitement about Mania actually is when it comes to the larger gaming market - I don't think it sold as well as people think it did compared to the AAA blockbuster games out there. I could be totally wrong about that though 'cuz it's hard for me to know what's legitimate and what's not when it comes to sales figures for these games.
  10. Yeah, I think it's pretty much 100% confirmed now that it's real. Again... I find this whole thing quite ballsy. No pun intended. 'Cuz, y'know, of that angle. xDD
  11. The more these maybe-fake/maybe-real posters keep getting leaked... the more badly I NEED to see a full reveal. xDD Seriously, I'm getting more and more curious and stoked with each passing day.
  12. If what those fans in Brazil said is true, that he looks facially okay, and he's just got weird human-like arms and legs... I think I could work with that. It definitely wouldn't ruin the entire movie for me, depending on how well it looks in motion and with Sonic actually talking. I just don't know, I'm so confused right now... but not in a necessarily bad way.
  13. I gotta admit... this is pretty ballsy... and I kinda respect that. My curiosity is SO very piqued now.
  14. I'm REALLY gonna have to wait for verification from someone actually involved with the movie when it comes to this new poster... Even if it's real though, it's only made me more curious and makes me wanna see an actual trailer MORE. I've just gotta see what this is gonna look like for real.

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