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  1. Bucket

    Revive One, Banish Another

    -shrugs- Hey, to each their own. I’ve always found Sticks to be incredibly annoying and grating personally.
  2. Bucket

    Revive One, Banish Another

    Hm... For me personally... bring back Sonia and Manic, banish Mighty and Ray (just ‘cuz I don’t really care about them xD) Or bring back Elise and see what else can be done with her, and banish Sticks.
  3. Bucket

    Why Sonic Underground Sucks (In my Opinion)

    Until I found this site, I honestly had NO idea that Sonic Underground was considered awful by the majority of people xDD I used to watch it every morning before going to middle school and I loved it back then, including the music.
  4. Even though I KNOW it's unlikely as heck... like, not even a snowball's chance in hell... I'd love it if it were a continuation/retelling-of-Forces cartoon. With the 'main' red wolf guy and other avatar characters and Infinite, as well as all of the canon characters from the game. Maybe flesh out the skimpy story from the game, explain stuff that really needed more elaboration... That... would be my dream Sonic cartoon at the moment. *W* But yeah, I know it ain't gonna happen. xDD It'll probably be Classic Sonic if I had to guess, based on how well-received Mania Adventures was. I dunno. -shrugs-
  5. FFFF That Jellee donut mascot... I can already see people drawing him in the Sonic style, making him into a 'new' character xDD
  6. Oh yeah, absolutely. I honestly think if there was just MORE shown in the actual game via cutscenes and maybe even some levels, showing him with his squad before everything went down and a much longer and more interesting battle with Shadow, and then showing him stewing or mentally breaking over being called weak and turning to Eggman and the Phantom Ruby to become strong... in my opinion, that's all really good stuff that would work just fine for a backstory. I think the only problem was that the game was too short and they didn't SHOW any of that - his backstory just needed MORE added onto it, and it would've been just fine. That's how I see it anyway.
  7. Maybe it's just the places that I tend to check here on the site... but man, the negativity. The constant, unrelenting negativity. X_X I don't understand how so many people can be so negative and pessimistic about Sonic-related stuff.

    Are there any threads or areas where the attitude towards Sonic is more positive, or maybe just more chill and less doom-and-gloom?

    1. PaulyBFromDa303


      Why, right here in the status updates my good chum. I don't think there's . . . well, as much of that as there is in forums. Most forums in general for that matter

    2. TCB


      The status updates

      Other than that...Twitter? Discord? Not anywhere else here far as I'm concerned

    3. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      The status updates, maybe not about Sonic but you get some positivity. It's why I barely post on the threads but more on the status updates. That and the days of me going into detailed long posts are over...

      I can only think of places like the Sonic reddit where they might be more positive regarding the recent games but then you are most likely have to adapt to being with in a younger generation, some people literally kids in a sense.

      (If it is what I think it is, a few loud vocal fans aside it is the case where people are more disappointed with the recent games rather than calling them terrible and sometimes people do exaggerate. Like we want them to be better so we can have more fun playing them. Even then people are enjoying Sonic Mania. Plus even if you ventured out of the Sonic fanbase, unless you are very lucky on where you go there is a metric ton of negativity and a lot more hostile on the Internet to the point where the Sonic things here seem very tame by comparison)

    4. Kiah


      Sonic topics positive in tone tend not to stay active and gets buried the the pages of the Green Hills Zone sub-forum. It’s sad really. 

      You’ll just have to look for them at this point. The exact names escape me but positive Sonic topics such as the ‘Utter Positivity Sonic’ topic and the ‘Something you Enjoyed Recently About Sonic Recently’ are not only two topics that came to mind but also are ones I would love to see some live put back into them. 

  8. Is it possible to change your username on this site?

    1. Ernest-Panda


      There should be an option to change your display name in account settings.

    2. Bucket


      Ah, thank you!

  9. I'm totally fine with them doing the whole E.T. thing, it makes perfect sense to me for them to go that route with Sonic in a live-action setting. I really really REALLY hope that other Mobians make some sort of appearance in the movie, at least Tails, Knuckles, and/or Amy. If that doesn't happen, it won't be a deal breaker or anything for me... but man, I'd love to see them in this~
  10. Bucket

    Positive Things About Forces?

    After almost an entire year (since the game came out/I played Forces all the way through), I still have Sonic Forces to thank for rejuvenating and re-energizing my roleplaying creativity and inspiration - I used to do Sonic roleplaying all the time back in high school, but that all died off until last year when the game came out. I still only have positive thoughts and memories associated with playing the game, and I'm very happy about that. So... I kinda have Forces to thank for bringing me 'back' into the Sonic franchise after I fell out of it for the most part - before Forces, Adventure 2 was the most 'recent' game I actually played, even though I never actually beat it. Adventure 2 was the last Sonic game that I was super into/invested in and was also responsible for me getting started writing fanfiction back in middle school. So I really have to thank Forces for existing and being something that I legitimately enjoyed - as obvious as it is that the game wasn't made for everyone and that the general consensus around it is that it's mediocre at best, I think it'll always be 'above mediocre' for me. Good, even - really good. I WISH it'd been better and that a lot of the problems with it were fixed or didn't exist, but for what we got... yeah, I was more than satisfied~
  11. One thing I definitely don't agree with, with regards to Forces, is that Sega/Sonic Team put /no/ passion or effort or care into making it. As if the whole time they were making it, they didn't give a damn at all. I just simply don't agree at all - I heard that before playing the game myself, and as I was playing, I SAW the effort and passion there. It was obvious to me in their attempt at a darker story, in their attempt at making the new villain Infinite, in them trying to do 3 different play styles in one game, and it was definitely there with the introduction of the Avatar/character customization and the soundtrack. I saw it myself, and I felt it. It never felt like I was playing a game made by people who didn't care OR who didn't try.

    Now, that being said, is it incredibly obvious that Sonic Mania had MORE effort and passion put into it? I'd absolutely say yes, and that's incredibly clear - even though I didn't play Mania myself, I watched my sibling play it, and I could see AND feel all of the passion and effort that went into that game.

    However, not having the same amount of passion and effort... doesn't mean that there wasn't any at all, y'know what I mean? Mania may have had more put into it, sure, but to then turn around and say that Forces had NONE and that people just basically shat it out without a care in the world or without legitimately trying to produce something good... nah, I totally disagree.

    If it's not good enough for you personally, if there wasn't enough passion and care for you personally, I can totally understand that. I just disagree that Forces is the result of people who didn't care and didn't try at all, and I didn't just come to this conclusion blindly - I played the game myself and I saw what was there, and I could see the care, the effort, the passion, the genuine attempt. It might not have been as much as with Mania, and there were clearly problems along the way, but it WAS there.

    1. KHCast


      Did it have passion? Perhaps 

      was it apparent after endeavors like Unleashed, Colors and Generations(and even in gens) that they’ve gotten burtnt out on the series and didn’t put nearly as much thought  into it as those games by comparison? Yes

      Does releasing it next to a literal passion project(that didn’t fuck up Classic Sonic) not help its case that it feels like a cynica rush job? Checkeroo 

    2. ThePrinceOfSaiyans


      I don't know which is worse. The possibility that this was a passion project despite the result, or the possibility that this was a cynical cash grab. 

    3. Forte-Metallix


      I feel the exact same way about Sonic Boom as a whole, especially Rise of Lyric. I stand firm on my belief that if BRB was given the time they needed to finish the game, it could've been something spectacular.

      Forces had similar traits of ambition (Bringing back iconic enemies, having Sonic's allies team up to save the world, Infinite as a whole), but unfortunately, most of that passion was left on the cutting room floor.

    4. Diogenes



       It was obvious to me in their attempt at a darker story, in their attempt at making the new villain Infinite, in them trying to do 3 different play styles in one game, and it was definitely there with the introduction of the Avatar/character customization and the soundtrack. 

      of those things, the only one i'd say feels like they put proper effort into was the avatar, and even that...ehhh.

      a darker story doesn't inherently show more care or effort, and forces' story is a mess of half-baked ideas. infinite, likewise, is generic, underdeveloped, and doesn't really have any coherent motivation. 3 different gameplay styles is pretty par for the course and doesn't deserve any praise when two of them are just worse versions of gameplay styles from two games ago. and while i'm usually easy to please with sonic soundtracks I felt forces was well below par; there's some decent songs in the avatar's stages and some boss music, but modern sonic's level themes are almost entirely forgettable and classic's are just bad.

      with the avatar there at least was an attempt to do something new and different, but the gameplay seems like little more than modern sonic minus boost and plus gun, and the focus on clothing in customization is pretty questionable given how most sonic characters are designed.

    5. Wraith


      I don't like when people throw around "effort" because of how much it takes to make an even decent game at all and how easily bad oversight or management can ruin a good idea

      "Passion" has kind of lost all meaning to me now too because it basically comes down to "does this resonate with me emotionally or not" in most of the ways it's used by people on this board. Like Sonic Boom was just called passionate and ambitious above me when I consider it the most uninspired thing Sonic has put out. You can be the most passionate about your idea int he world and still make a shitty game. You could be phoning it in and make something that clicks with millions of people. 

      I think the answer is as simple as they didn't make a good game. It's hard to define things like effort and passion if you weren't a part of the dev team imo so I'm tired of entire discussions revolving around those terms

  12. Bucket

    Sonic Forces Sales

    I'd say that them talking about Mania more than Forces doesn't automatically mean that Forces is a failure from a financial standpoint, but rather that Mania's success is just SO MUCH greater because of better sales coupled with better reviews all around. No one will really know until some authentic source releases some actual numbers though.
  13. Bucket

    Sonic Forces Sales

    I'm claiming it doesn't suck, but hey, that's just me. xD
  14. Bucket

    Sonic Forces Sales

    Really? If that's true, that makes me very happy~
  15. Bucket

    Sonic Forces Sales

    Since Sonic Mania has a thread dedicated to it's sales, and I'm personally interested in how Forces sold since I played and enjoyed it, I figured hey, why not make a thread for that? I know it's hard to actually get any solid numbers on Forces and that the sources out there that a lot of people try and use aren't reliable, so I wouldn't even know where to start myself. I figure if something gets announced or released from Sega/Sonic Team/some other source, maybe people can come here and update the thread about it if they want to. I just spent a while trying to figure it out using VG Chartz, which I know isn't very reliable from the start, and I didn't know how to calculate based on the information provided xDD So if anyone has anything to contribute, have at it~ Not only units sold, but also monetarily as well - I'm fairly sure that no matter what, it didn't sell AMAZINGLY and that Mania easily eclipsed it, but still, I'd like to eventually know. -nod-

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