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  1. [Roleplay] Looking for potential 1X1 RP partners

    I see. I'll keep that in mind. And I did, yes. I'm still looking for more potential partners.
  2. [Roleplay] Looking for potential 1X1 RP partners

    Bumpity bump
  3. Unpopular Opinion: The Sonic/Elise kiss wasn't cringeworthy or disturbing at all. I seriously don't get why that freaked so many people out and why it's considered one of the worst moments in Sonic the Hedgehog history. It really, really wasn't that big of a deal.
  4. Positive Things About Forces?

    For me, after I was done playing Sonic Forces... I had a massive smile on my face and general 'happy/good' feeling all over me. I felt like a kid again, and I loved it - that feeling continued for several days after I beat the game. Did anyone else have a similar experience?
  5. I tend to agree with you. It’s one of the reasons why I just can’t get that upset or mad at Sonic Team and Sega - no matter what they do with Modern Sonic specifically, there’ll always be something. X_x
  6. I definitely don't want Forces to fail. I wouldn't say that I think it deserves to be a major hit or anything, but if it did moderately well... I think that'd be good. It definitely had enough good in it to warrant respectable sales, whatever those might be.
  7. [Roleplay] Looking for potential 1X1 RP partners

    If this is the wrong place to post this kind of thing... like last time, I apologize. But anyways, playing and beating Sonic Forces has really put me into a roleplaying mood. Particularly because of the OC customization - I absolutely loved coming up with my own OC character and I've become quite attached to him. I want to USE him in something! The problem is... I haven't really had much luck finding people who are into Sonic RP's involving OC's that are one-on-one. I'm not really a fan of group roleplays as they tend to move way too fast for me, and I don't want to get lose in the shuffle. Plus, after years of exclusively doing one-on-one roleplays with various other partners, it's just what I'm used to and most comfortable with. So I figured hey, why not see if anyone would be interested here on the Sonic Stadium? If, y'know, you might be interested in such a thing, please post here or message me! I don't have any concrete ideas at the moment as far as potential plots/settings/etc. are concerned, but I'd love to discuss those things with someone if they were interested!
  8. where will sonic team go from here

    I never minded Classic Sonic in Forces, honestly. Did he have much of a reason to be there? Not... really, I suppose, but his presence didn't really hinder the gameplay or storyline for me at all - I quite enjoyed his levels actually, far more than I thought I would given the general consensus that they were terrible. Plus, when he left at the end of the game... it did make me tear up and cry a bit. xD
  9. What music are you currently listening to?

    Aside from Sonic Forces music, these guys are my current obsession: And I'm currently beyond excited for their comeback~ <333
  10. Positive Things About Forces?

    I thought that the music, the story, and the avatar were the best parts of Forces. With the story in particular, though, I wish there had been MORE. I liked what was there, but it really did need to be much longer and much more in-depth.
  11. Positive Things About Forces?

    Ah, my bad. I didn't know there was already a thread like the one I created.
  12. Positive Things About Forces?

    It's no secret that Sonic Forces is a... divisive game, to say the least. And it's also pretty obvious that the general consensus about the game here on The Sonic Stadium leans far more negative than positive. As someone who played the game, noticed some of the flaws and had criticisms of it... but ultimately ended up liking it and the experience of playing it as a whole, I figured it might be a good idea to have a place where people who feel the same way about the game could come and share their positive thoughts/opinions/experiences about it. I'd really REALLY like for this to be a chill, laid-back place for fans of Forces to come and share what they like about the game. I'd rather not have it become a place where people have to constantly defend their opinions, outlooks, and experiences or have to give long, detailed explanations WHY they feel the way they do. If someone WANTS To do those things, then by all means, have at it. I just don't want this place to be that kind of thread - there's already plenty of debating back-and-forth about whether the game is good or bad going on in other forums here. I figure that hey, given how much negativity there is towards this game here, why not attempt to counterbalance that with some positivity and happy experiences? Also... this is the first topic I've ever created, so if I've done something improperly, I apologize. I also apologize if any of this post sounds jumbled or confusing or unclear in any kind of way.
  13. Sonic Forces Avatar Sharing/Discussion Thread

    One thing Forces has done is successfully put me into an intense mood to flesh out my OC from the game and maybe even try to find some place to roleplay with him - I haven't been that into Sonic characters and roleplaying with them since high school!
  14. Ah, I see. I’ll keep that in mind.
  15. I was worried that it would’ve been MUCH less given the lackluster reviews and lack of promotion. I’m glad to see that I was wrong. I wonder if it’s perhaps at 500,000 at this point. I could see that being possible.