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  1. [Roleplay] Looking for potential 1X1 RP partners

    Still here, and still holding out hope that I'll find a partner xDD
  2. i don't see why some fans hate classic sonic in forces

    I know this is very late, but what the heck. I definitely understand why people didn't like Classic Sonic in Forces, be it for his inclusion in a 3D Sonic game at all or because they hated the way he controlled... but for me, I had no problems with him. His levels were fun to play, and I honestly found his controls to be the best and easiest to get ahold of out of the 3 play styles - I had more fun with the Avatar because that was the main draw of Forces for me, but I still felt that Classic played the best. His role in the storyline didn't bother me either because to me, hey, it made as much sense as anything else that happens in a Sonic the Hedgehog game. It didn't seem out of place or 'weird' in any kind of way, AND when he left at the end of the game, that ish made me cry. So major points for that alone. xD This is all coming from someone who hasn't touched a Modern Sonic game since Sonic Adventure 2 back in the day, so I personally can't vouch for how well Classic controls in comparison to Generations or even Mania as I've never played those games and have no real desire to. I do trust that the general consensus that he controls MUCH better in those games is valid and most likely true, though - I'll just have to take the word of rational, level-headed people who say as much since I won't really know for myself.
  3. How will Sonic Forces be remembered in the years to come?

    I really do get the feeling that the 'general consensus' about Sonic Forces isn't as bad and negative as a lot of people here, and on other Sonic-themed sites, paint it to be. It seems like in general, the game is seen as 'meh' and mediocre to being sliiightly above that, somewhere around 'pretty good, but definitely could be better' by your average gamer or casual video game fan. If you look online especially, in places such as this or Twitter or Reddit though, people seem to believe that the general consensus skews far more negative than I think it actually does. I was disappointed in Forces in a lot of areas, and I agreed with a lot of the criticisms about the controls & level length/linearity... but man, Forces just didn't seem like the raging dumpster fire that a lot of people made it out to be. It also just didn't seem like the disappointing aspects of it... were THAT devastating or unforgivable in how disappointing they were. I saw good in the game. I saw genuine effort and hard work and talent put into the game. But even if I didn't... it really did just seem like yet another case of the 'internet's opinion' of something being far too dramatic and exaggerated, which happens a LOT in my opinion.
  4. I personally would love a game that focused solely on the Avatar living and existing within the Sonic the Hedgehog universe, with his/her own unique plot and such. Perhaps with Sonic and the other major characters making appearances here and there, but not being playable. It's a very fanservice-y and fanfiction-y idea, but I love that stuff to bits anyway xD
  5. For me, personally, the answer is YES. The Avatar was the main feature that got me interested in Sonic Forces in the first place, and despite how short the game was and the plot not having much to it, I loved how the Avatar was used and integrated into the story. Sure, in the next game, I'd want the controls to be MUCH better and the customization options to be expanded on a LOT, but yeah. However, I do realize that I'm probably in the extreme minority here who'd want a second or third game with a custom OC in it - I don't think that's a feature that most casual game fans or Sonic fans care about, and that's fine. To me, however, character customization is one of the things I absolutely love and always look for in any game that I play. Now, as far as timeline is concerned... I don't know. I think if they revamped the customization and added more options/clothes/animal types/etc., it could easily work in whatever the next Sonic game is.
  6. Given the middling and 'meh' reviews it's gotten from the general consensus and the far more negative response it's garnered from the online Sonic fanbase (based on what I've seen), I do wonder how the game will be viewed down the line, once a good amount of time has passed. Will it be looked upon more favorably, more negatively, or will it barely even be remembered? I wasn't involved in the Sonic 'fanbase' for all of the other Modern Sonic titles, so I don't know 'how it was' back then when they came out. From what I've seen though, it seems like the majority of them were considered mediocre or just okay when they came out, but as time passed, the outlook on them became more and more positive. Exceptions of course being Sonic Boom and Sonic Generations. Even Sonic 06 seems to have more people nowadays thinking that it really wasn't THAT bad, which came as quite a surprise to me. I DO remember when Unleashed came out, all I heard and saw on the internet was hatred and bashing of the entire game because of the Werehog stages, and it seems like that has shifted or lightened up significantly at the very least. This is coming from the perspective of someone who, like I said, wasn't really involved in the fandom back during the release of all of the other modern games, so I could very well be missing some vital information. Personally I hope that once some time has passed and the fact that Forces came out right after Mania (which, even though I haven't played and don't have any interest to play, I'm fairly sure IS a better-designed game) isn't as fresh on people's minds, maybe some of the bile and hatred that the game has garnered will have died down. I can see that happening. Do I think that's what's most likely to happen? Probably not - chances are that most people, besides the people who genuinely loved the game, will forget about Forces and only remember Mania. That seems a lot more likely to happen. But I don't know - people get very attached to Sonic games, even ones that aren't considered good according to the general consensus. A lot of the negativity seems to be fueled by emotion, at least from what I've seen. Maybe after enough time has passed, people will look at the game with clearer & cooler heads and their opinions on it will shift towards the middle (just okay and 'meh'), or even towards positive. What does everyone else think? And please, PLEASE, try to keep things civil.
  7. Hm... What if the next Sonic game was a hybrid of sorts? Half 2D sprite-based Sonic Mania goodness, and the other half being 3D Sonic Forces stuff but with longer levels, better controls, etc. With a plot that continues where Forces left off, and by essence I suppose also continues Mania since Forces was connected to it in the first place. I wonder if something like that would really please the most amount of people. If they took what worked from both games/types of games and combined them together, and polished up the areas in both that were lacking... I think it might just satisfy people from both camps. Not all, of course, but maybe enough to make a difference and a net positive in the end? Or it could further divide everybody, which does seem to be inevitable with each Sonic game that gets released. I dunno.
  8. What were your headcanons, as kids?

    I dunno if this counts as a headcannon or not, but... when I was a kid, and was first dabbling in fanfiction after playing/seeing my sibling play Sonic Adventure 2, I gave Tikal a brother. Who was basically Knuckles colored peach and wearing pants. And he had to rescue Tikal from Eggman. And I thought he was just too damn cool. Good times. Cringey, ridiculous good times. xDD
  9. [Roleplay] Looking for potential 1X1 RP partners

    Still looking for potential partners!
  10. 1) First and foremost, the controls definitely need to be tightened up and tweaked so that they're better. I think that's the MAIN one. I never agreed with the people who said that the controls were horrible by any means, but I did feel like they needed more work and polish. 2) The next game needs to be MUCH MUCH longer, and there needs to be far MORE IN-DEPTH cutscenes. I definitely wasn't a fan of how short the cutscenes were, or the black-screen-white-text parts of the game. When I heard that the game could be beaten in anywhere from 3-8 hours, that was MAJOR blow to my hype for this game - I'm used to playing looooong games like the Dragon Age and Mass Effect series, so if they could produce a Sonic game with that amount of playtime and in-game content? That'd be beyond awesome. 3) I hope and pray they bring back the Avatar and character customization in the next game. It sold me on Forces when I first heard it was a feature, and it'd sure as hell sell me on the next game. On that note, I definitely think they should make it a far more in-depth customizer with far more options as far as animal species/quills/eyes/etc., all of the base customization parts that there weren't really a lot of in Forces. 4) I loved the vocal tracks of the soundtrack, so they should definitely keep them in the next game. Preferably, giving full vocal themes to EVERY 'main' character that's playable. 5) If there was a way for Infinite to return, I'd like that. He was an awesome villain who really needed more airtime and more interaction with Sonic/the Avatar. 6) Definitely make the levels less linear and more open, but that doesn't mean they have to turn the next Sonic game into Skyrim or something - some linearity as far as the plot is concerned would be fine for something like Sonic, but I do agree that the levels were FAR too linear. Being able to fully explore a level like Park Avenue or Casino Forest would've been so cool~
  11. I think that would be a good idea. If they could take what worked from both games, and leave behind the stuff that didn't work (according to the general consensus), I think that would make the most amount of people happy with the next release.
  12. Positive Things About Forces?

    As of right now, I suppose it can be added that another positive thing about Forces is that it sold well. That makes me happy.
  13. I REALLY wish we had some hard numbers. Forces 'performing well' or 'performing strongly' could mean so many different things. Personally, I'm quite happy about it doing well... but even so, knowing exactly where it stands compared to Mania or even other 2017 release titles would be really nice.
  14. Sonic Forces: The War Of Wasted Opportunities.

    I know it would never happen, but I wonder what would happen if Sega released a sorta 'extended cut' for Sonic Forces. Like, a MASSIVE download that contained longer levels, more cutscenes that explained the plot better, and fixes for all of the control issues. Kinda similar to what was done with Mass Effect 3 after everyone complained about the ending.
  15. Unpopular Opinion: Classic Sonic in Forces was fine. He didn't feel out of place in the grand scheme of the plot (given that this is Sonic, Classic Sonic reappearing and helping Tails out for most of the game... doesn't seem unfathomable or out-of-sync with what would happen in a Sonic property), and the music for his levels were just fine and dandy - some of them were awesome! As far as his controls were concerned, I didn't really find them 'bad' at all. Sure, the whole momentum thing was weird and off-putting... but once I found out that you could make him go faster down hills by having him crouch into the spinball? That eliminated any 'problems' I might have had with the way he controlled.

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