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  1. My gut is still telling me that they're trolling the internet with everything they're doing, especially with how they're embracing the memes about the posters and kinda laughing along with everyone else... I dunno, it REALLY feels like they're gonna eventually reveal what Sonic looks like, and it's gonna be nowhere near as bad as the internet freak-out and rage made it seem, and so then those types of people end up looking like the silly ones? That's just what my gut is telling me... it feels like everything is gonna be more-or-less fine, and they're having fun toying around with the internet's outrage and reactionary ways in the meantime.
  2. I couldn't agree with you more. X_X
  3. I genuinely don't understand some of the little 'reactions' that you can do to people's posts... are they all positive, or do any of them constitute disliking or disagreeing with something?

    1. Polkadi~♪


      If anyone dislikes your post, they will upright tell you instead.

      All the reactions are positive, just with different connotations. The Knuckle Chuckle for humorous posts, the Fist Bump for those you support, and the Nice Smile for the posts you geniunely like, such as heart-to-heart posts. Then there's stuff like Promotion and Way Past Cool, which are just joking reactions.

    2. Kiah


      There’s no negative rep here as there is no way to make someone’s reputation go down. 

      The “Absolutely” reaction is associated with disbelief and the “My Emmerdoods” is with shock or surprise. I don’t know what in audacity the “Too Many Rings” reaction is supposed to mean. 

    3. PaddyFancy


      There used to be a sustem when you could neg rep someone, but that was scrapped as it was too....negative. You might find the odd member in the list with reps in the red.

    4. Nicky Nicardo

      Nicky Nicardo

      Ah. Thanks for clearing that up.

    5. Jovahexeon Fitzroy

      Jovahexeon Fitzroy


      There’s no negative rep here as there is no way to make someone’s reputation go down. 

      Actually, to be fair @Kiah we do have some members with negative rep as an old reminder of the past when "Dislike" buttons were a thing here. Glad they're not around anymore, but it's interesting history nonetheless.

    6. Kiah


      @JokerJovahexeonJoranvexeon I’m referring to currently as the inquiry was to whether of the current reactions contributes to negative reputation or not and that was all I was focused on with my answer.

      I know there was negative rep here and traces of it still linger (it’s part of a Staff joke of all things!) and it was one of the reasons why I lurked as long as I did. @PaddyFancy already made that clear. 

    7. Jovahexeon Fitzroy

      Jovahexeon Fitzroy


      (it’s part of a Staff joke of all things!) 

      Ooh Staff humor. We don't get that often. Privy to hear the joke.

  4. Nicky Nicardo

    Should there be a new "Sonic Bible" and reboot based on it?

    I don't think they should do another reboot or anything... rather, I think they should just stick to any of the past versions/canons/etc. and just revisit them while adding onto whatever parts they want, building off of already laid groundwork.
  5. I'm definitely excited to see what Sonic looks like in FULL and see an actual trailer. Personally, I'm gonna see the movie no matter what - I've been a lifelong Sonic fan, there's no way I'd miss him being on the big screen. xD I guess if I REALLY end up disliking everything I see, it could sour me on seeing the movie... but from everything I've seen so far with his silhouette and knowing the general idea of what the plot is, nothing has turned me off enough to avoid seeing the movie when it comes out.
  6. Nicky Nicardo

    What's the beef with Cream the Rabbit?

    Personally, I don't hate Cream at all. I don't really have much experience with her and her character outside of a few episodes of Sonic X that I watched a looooong time ago. I DO remember finding her high-pitched voice in the English dub annoying when I had to listen to it for long periods of time, but that's about it. xD
  7. Honestly, if they did that after the credits... but kept it only to those who were going waaaay overboard with their hatred for the design... I'd be more than fine with that. xDD
  8. I have to admit, I wonder what they could possibly do with the fan feedback... I really doubt they're gonna change anything at this point. Plus, the way the marketing for this movie has gone... to me, it feels like they're playing into all of the drama and having a biiiit too much fun with it. I still think they're kinda trolling the internet, and when the final design IS revealed, it's not gonna be anywhere near as bad as people think it is, and then the Sonic Twitter and the like are gonna have more fun with that as well.
  9. Tails being scared of Chaos in Forces was... kinda jarring when I first saw it, I'll admit. However, the more I thought about it and the more I played the game... it's not really out of place considering the game's plot. The fact that Sonic had been defeated and captured before his very eyes, plus that line about how he 'lost it'... that's plenty of explanation, at least for me. Plus, he gets over that whole thing and becomes more competent and helpful once Sonic returns, so I never saw it as him just being 'uncharacteristically weak' the entire game. He had a moment of weakness that actually makes total sense in-game... and then got over it as the game went on. I'd hardly consider that to be butchering his character. Now, could that whole scene and concept have been done better? Oh yes, definitely. I wish they'd shown MORE for sure, but then again... I feel the same about everything else in the game as far as plot/story/cutscenes are concerned - I love what I got, I just wanted MORE. xD

    1. SonicWind


      I agree. Despite his intellect, Tails is still 8 years old, and watching Sonic get horribly beaten to within an inch of his life had to have some sort of negative effect on him. Think about it-- he didn't know if Sonic was alive or dead, and the last memory he has of the guy is him getting steamrolled.

      A kid having to deal with the potential demise of his best pal and personal hero for half a year at the hands of what appear to be three of their old foes and an (occasional) ally who's changed teams, as well as a terrifying new enemy who came out of nowhere and is, at this point in the story, a complete enigma, even to someone as smart as him, all of which are working together under their arch-nemesis...

      Well, all of that wouldn't exactly inspire bravery in Tails. It's a lot for a young boy to take in.

    2. Mayor D

      Mayor D

      lol you're probably going to like my newest video then.

      Doing an analysis of Tails in Forces... and his reaction to Chaos is completely justified....

      Except for the "Help me Sonic" line.

      The game though does have 2 moments where they undermine this...

      1: Before Sonic is defeated, the way Tails cowers from the Eggrobos... But even then you can argue this is ok... to a point.

      2: The second is his complete 180 change when he just looks at classic Sonic.

  10. Nicky Nicardo

    In Defence of Infinite

    I definitely think Infinite is a pretty awesome villain and he actually looks/acts like a villain. The cheesy, silly, overly dramatic parts of his backstory could've been done better for sure, but for what we got... it didn't bother me as much as I thought it would. I can have fun with Infinite as a legitimate villain and as a cheesy 'edgelord' at different times OR even at the same time, just like I can with Shadow - I like it when they're more serious and when they're more silly. I hope Sega/Sonic Team keep him around and do more with him, because I personally see so much potential with his character. And the English voice acting they got for him was genuinely good, well-acted, and menacing - he SOUNDED like a proper villain in a video game/anime/what have you.
  11. Nicky Nicardo

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    When I saw this on Twitter, I was like "...isn't that one of those big robots from Forces? If so... awesome~"
  12. Nicky Nicardo

    Everything you know about Sonic is wrong.

    I had NO idea about all of that before seeing that video... that's one hell of a backstory xDD I love it. Going forward, when I hear people talking about how they don't like any new or different iteration of Sonic and how he should always stay his 'original' self or something... I'm gonna think about this and think to myself "Yeeeaaahhhh... the 'original' ain't really how it was supposed to be EITHER, technically." xDD
  13. Nicky Nicardo

    Change a character’s personality

    I guess going forward, the only thing I REALLY don't want to happen is for Tails to revert back to how he was in Lost World. His characterization in that game was quite jarring and off-putting for me personally. I MUCH prefer how he was done in Forces, including him 'losing it' and being scared of Chaos after Sonic was defeated and eventually getting over it after Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic returned.
  14. Nicky Nicardo

    Spinoffs for other characters?

    I'd be down for Shadow to get another chance at his own spin-off, maybe tweaking some of the stuff that didn't work in his old game. But my dream spin-off would be for the Avatar character. However Sega/Sonic Team wanted to do it, if they gave the Avatar character/concept it's own spin-off series, I'd be all over that. Even if they took the red wolf with the glasses and made him the 'default' version of the character, I'd be happy with that~
  15. Nicky Nicardo

    Positive Things About Forces?

    I dunno if this counts or not, but lately I've been going through some really stressful stuff IRL... and the Sonic Forces soundtrack is really helping me get through it, particularly the instrumental/orchestral versions of Fist Bump and The Light of Hope. The positive and happy memories I have associated with the game through those songs are helping me combat a lot of stressful and depressing things when they flare up. Plus, as cheesy as the lyrics are... I'm a very cheesy guy, and those cheesy messages of hope and friendship and such DO help me out sometimes.

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