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  1. Nicky Nicardo

    Sonic's Awful Jokes

    Personally, I LOVE when Sonic tells really bad, cheesy, silly jokes. I also don't mind if they're just... allowed to stand and don't get challenged or anything by his companions or anyone around him. xD
  2. Okay... that new Aladdin trailer got me. Now I'm excited to see this movie for REAL.

  3. Yeah, that's kiiinda what's keeping me skeptical about this whole thing. I don't really trust any rumors, positive or negative.
  4. I've always had a hard time understanding any of the lyrics in Shadow's level themes from SA2. And now, when I listen to the Rhythm & Balance remix from Forces' soundtrack, I SWEAR I hear "Oh yeah, I'm Rudy Giuliani's brother, I'm not scared~"


  5. I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m getting real tired of the rumors and leaks and people just saying that they know what’s going to happen. x_x We definitely need some official news from official sources soon, because this stuff is getting way out of hand in my opinion.
  6. They definitely didn't HAVE to take away his gloves and give him white-furred hands... but to me, it's not a bad design choice. Personally, I think it's a clever little interesting design choice. It's an unnecessary change in my opinion, sure, but it still keeps his hands white so that it mirrors the color placement of his original cartoony design. Heck, they might not even have a reason beyond just simply wanting to do it. And for me... that's just fine and dandy as well.
  7. I was REALLY wondering if that leaked Kids Choice Awards picture was an old and outdated version of Sonic's look, and I'm glad to see that such was indeed the case. Honestly, I hope he ends up looking like the branding guide version in the final product. That one was my favorite of all of the 'leaks'.
  8. Glad to see that Tyson's not being mean or snarky about the design, and yes, it looks quite nice!
  9. For me personally, Sonic becoming super popular again isn't a big priority. As long as I can enjoy the movie, I'm good. Better than good. And so far, based solely on the plot information that's been revealed and what I've seen of Sonic's design, I see nothing that would stop me from enjoying it. I can't say for sure that I'll enjoy it, but I also can't say that I'll hate it either. As of right now, I'm looking forward to more and more OFFICIAL reveals and information so I can get a better idea of what's actually gonna happen.
  10. I believe I saw Naoto Oshima recently saying that he'd support all Sonic's on Twitter, when asked how he feels about the movie design.
  11. Oh, absolutely. If the film is really well written and captures Sonic’s personality really well, that design wouldn’t turn me off nearly enough to not enjoy it. I’m still not convinced that it’s the worst thing ever, or that the movie is going to automatically be a huge massive bomb. Movies that seemed absolutely destined to be flops have ended up not being flops before. The opposite is also true, sure, but it can still happen.
  12. I'm not too big a fan of that still image. That being said, it also doesn't worry me that much because it's quite grainy/not-good-quality and looks like it's been taken when he was in the middle of talking while running. I need to see Sonic in actual motion in a trailer before I can form any sort of concrete opinion. Still, the cartoony branding guide pics from yesterday? Those just keep growing on me~
  13. I disagree. I think that particular design looks a LOT more off-putting. It's the mouth that really does it in for me. And I still think the branding guide pictures look quite cute and appealing, moreso than the 3D render.
  14. -shrugs- I dunno. Even if it doesn't happen, the white hands are fine with me.
  15. Yeah, I'm hoping a trailer drops REAL soon. Static images are fine and all, but I think what'll REALLY make or break it for a lot of people is seeing the actual design in action AND with a voice.

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