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  1. Back than Sonic had actually a very good reputation. That is why people bought the games because back than Sonic was sill a very decent series with a bit of quality. Nowadays, after so many mediocre games Sonic is now like the games itself. Mediocre at best.
  2. This movie sadly shows me how much disrespectful people treat animation nowadays. I'm not even a Teen Titans Go Hater. I never grew up with the Original Teen Titans, there for I have no real grudge against TTG, even thought I can see why fans of the old show will have such big hatred against TTG. I'm not here to mock the show. But what I want to tell you that this movie right here just shows me, what animation has become over the years. Animation is a medium with no limits, an art form with endless possibilities. You can tell so many different types of stories with animation, create so many different art forms and styles. Perfect examples are movies like Your Name, Paprika, Song of the Sea and Kubo and the Two Strings. Those films expand animation and experimented with it to create something new. Same also with shows old and new. Steven Universe, Avatar, Regular Show, Animaniacs etc. all of them created shows with their own style and art. TTG sadly is nothing like them. It is not art, it has no style and it is just... stupid. And it doesn't mean that stupid or silly shows can't exist. Darkwing Duck is kind alike TTG. A silly show about a silly superhero. It can work. But TTG feels really just like a soulless product of it's time. Sure it's now very popular, but kids will grow out of it and will forget about it very quickly. Maybe in five years, no one will talk about it. That even happens to good shows like Kim Possible or the Angry Beavers. So why put so much work into a movie about TTG? Why? Just why? Animation really has such a hard time to be a respectful film medium, because so many people see it as a genre for kids. Even the most mature shows and movies like Animals of Farthing Wood, Animal Farm or Waltz with Bashir will be considered by most viewers as kids stuff, because animation is for them nothing more than that. Dump shows or films to distracted your kids. And films like TTG to the movie will not help to get rid of this stereotype. It will damage the reputation of art in animation even more. The bad thing is, because TTG is so successful most people will think that this is the standard for animated shows and movies. It's not only TTG. Stuff like Fanboy and ChumChum, The Emoji Movie and also Minions will have Influence on animation as a whole and everyone will just try to copy them instead of creating their own movies.
  3. Forces is actually the perfect example that this series is really stuck in a dead end and has no clear direction were it should go from here. It is true, that Forces wanted to please everybody, but in the end they just made a big mess. You can not take all of those ideas and push them into one story. Classic, Adventure, Modern, all of this eras had different tone and writing. In the end, you can not please anyone with that. Sega should just separate those series or just stick with one of them. Is this really so hard to understand? C'mon Sega, get your shit together!
  4. The Mario universe has actually really interesting characters to choose from. Pauline, Captain Syrup, Dixie Kong, King K. Rool, Kamek, Prof. E. Gadd. Heck, they even can have soem fun and put in some non Mario characters like they did with Mario Kart 8. How about having Link, Zelda, Inkling, Fox or Olimar as guest characters?
  5. Because Sonic can do better. Look at how good other games are. Even the ones that are not as popular as Sonic like Crash, DKC, Ratchet & Clank, Cuphead or Shantae are made with a lot of love and care. If a game like Sonic Forces will be a success, than Sega will just produce more games like that. I mean don't you guys want good Sonic games anymore? I mean, Sonic fans really deserve something better. They stuck so long with Sonic, are such a loyal fanbase, and what do they get in the end? A bunch of very mediocre games that were not made with any love or care. Such a loyal fanbase really deserves good games. Sega is very lucky that Sonic fans love Sonic so much. Any other series would have died out years ago with only a quarter of such bad games.
  6. I always thought their were 4 timelines: 1. Classic 2. Adventure 3. Modern 4. Boom Well for me personally it is Classic. This is the only era that feels like it has it's own identity.
  7. Who dies in Forces?

    I always forget that 90% of the world population was wiped out in this game. You never really get the feeling that so many innocent people got kille din this game.
  8. Luigi has a different, let's say image to Mario. He is always scared, is a coward, is very clumsy and unlucky and always in the shadow of his older brother. Luigi has a character that is very different towards that of his brother Mario. We can not really say the same thing about Sonic characters. Sure their not exactly the same, but in the end all most all of them are action hero animal characters who run really fast. Their is not much to separate them from Sonic. Also how would their universes be? The same like Sonic. Should they all run in levels and defeat robots like Sonic does? Then why create a spinoff if it will just feel like Sonic in the end? Look at DKC as an example. This character could offer much to get it's own spinoff series. The Sonic characters can not do that because their whole purpose why their where created was to be just like Sonic.
  9. I'm not really sure, if spinoff games really work for Sonic that well. For this we first have to have characters that really stand out from the series main character. Take the Mario series for example. Characters like DK, Diddy, Yoshi, Wario and Luigi have a very different style than Mario in terms of presentation, personality and ideas. They can offer enough to create their own directions for a spinoff game. Most of Sonic's pals are just way to close to him so that you can not really come up with their own types of games and universe. A Blaze game for example would just feel like a Sonic game, but with Blaze instead of Sonic and a Tails game would also just feel like a Sonic game but with a flying Tails gimmick put into the mix. This is why I think that spinoff games do not really work for the typical Sonic characters. Fans of those characters expect them to be fast and cool just like Sonic himself. This is also the reason why Shadow's own game never really felt like a Shadow game it was a traditional Sonic gae but with Shadow as the main protagonist. The only characters I can see been in their own spinoff game are characters, that are really distinguishable form the classic Sonic characters and those are characters like Merlina, Shahra, Elise, Maria and Lah, the ghost girl from Night of the Werehog. I would take those 5 girls and put them in their own type of game. I was thinking of a mix between an action adventure and a fun racer. In this game you will play as one of the 5 girls and you have to build your own vehicle and have to use it to solve puzzles in Zelda like dungeons, or help out some town folks with their own side missions: Transport, racing, battling etc. I think we haven't had such a concept before. This sounds really weird, I know, but I think if we would get a Sonic spinoff game it should really be very different in terms of gameplay style and atmosphere. Look at Mario vs. Yoshi's Island vs. DKC vs. Wario Land. Sure, their all jump'n runs in the end but all of them have their own characters, style and even world. This could not really be done with characters like Tails, Knuckles or Silver because their all just way to close to Sonic.
  10. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    My hopes: - Be good. - No reboots in the middle of the series. - Do not overlay the series with to many original characters that look and act the same. - Focus on a story that fits the series. Do not try to copy once again the formula of another series.
  11. Who dies in Forces?

    The fanbase. Let's be honest their the only once that are the victims here once more.
  12. Question: Do you guys want Sonic Forces to sell well? I mean I'm not hoping for it to fail, but if it will sell decent enough Sega will just produce more mediocre Sonic games, because they will think that this is, what people want. Mediocre Sonic games.
  13. Positive Things About Forces?

    I like some of the music tracks and the graphics are pretty impressive..... That's all folks!
  14. This is not only an issue with Mephiles. So many characters in Sonic do not fit in the lore franchise (if it had one from begin with). If you ever first saw a picture of characters like Merlina, Lyric, Chip, the Deadly Six, Elise or Black Doom, you will think that they are characters from a Zelda game, a Dreamworks movie, a Pixar movie, villains from a new Cartoon Network show, a Final Fantasy spin-off game and a Halo-Knock off. But you will never think that their all are from a Sonic game. Mephiles is just another character they create to see what sticks, because this series has no idea what it wants to be.
  15. Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread

    There is no explanation for that. Most of the characters were only created to serve as a new gimmick on the box art. The whole series could actually worked pretty fine with out all of Sonic friends.