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  1. Because fanservice isn't everything. If so, than Forces would have sold over 2 million copies buy now. Let's be honest here guys. The fanservice can not rescue a game, if it as boring as Forces or as broken as Boom, 06 or the storybook games. Gameplay matters the most for a game like Sonic. Super Mario Odyssey didn't had Luigi or Rosalina in the game, but guess what? It was a really fun game. Not every single Crash game needed Ripper Roo, Koala Kong or N. Brio in it, but guess what? Each of the trilogy games where really polished good games. Same goes for DKC. This series has gotten rid of almost the entire old cast and their still fun games to play. I could understand if Sonic games were a really story heavy like Life is Strange or the Final Fantasy games, but they aren't. It is still a story about a blue hedgehog, who fight against a mad doctor who tries to take over the world. How much egdy can you make such a story where it doesn't feel like it is trying way to hard to be serious.
  2. Sadly I have to say yes. With each game they continue the timeline the more complicated it gets. They had to recon so many storylines for characters already. Classic Sonic is now no more longer the younger version of Sonic, he is now from another dimension. Blaze is from the future now and is no longer from her own dimension, Sega doesn't care anymore, if Silver is now from the future or from the present and what Shadow now suppose to be I have no clue at all. Is he still half alien? Is he still an android? Is he good? Is he evil? I'm completely lost with this character. Same goes with Knuckles. Is he still the guardian of the Master Emerald? Is he smart, is he an idiot? They always change him. I have to say, yes, when it comes to your question. Sonic should just get rid off its story completely. It is really hard to continue a timeline over so many years. No wonder, that it is just such a mess now. Jus get rid of the story, and sadly also on half of the cast. So many of them are useless now. The only characters, that can work for future games with simple stories are Sonic, Tails, (maybe) Knuckles, (maybe) Amy, Dr. Eggman, Metal-Sonic, Orbot, Cubot, the Wisps (but only as Power-Ups) and (maybe) the Deadly Six. All of the other characters have just to over complicated roles in the Sonic lore. Sonic is really the only Jump'n Run series that tries way to hard to tell an epic story. Mario doesn't need it, Crash Bandicoot and Spyro do not need, same goes for Shantae.
  3. It will go just like it always does. They will invent some new gameplay mechanics, the critiques hate it, the fans also hate it, the fans will still buy it, Sega makes some how some money with this new game and the circle of mediocre will start again. It was always like that. As long as fans will still buy every Sonic game Sega will continue with games like Forces.
  4. I still think we can compare those two with each other. Both of them really do not have any real motivation for their actions. Both just want to destroy the world just for the heck of it. Their just two over the top, violent edg lords with out any charm and likability.
  5. Only if their have the same gameplay as Sonic, just with one or two own abilities. I actually never had fun with most of the other non Sonic gameplay styles.
  6. What Happened to all the humans?

    The same thing that happens to every new idea in a Sonic game. The come up with a new idea, than the scarp this new idea for another new idea. Simple as that. Sonic was never really consistent series. It always had to follow new trends rather to come up with it's own ideas. We will have to see what will happen next. Maybe humans will be back some day. Or it could be another kind of race. Maybe in the Sonic continuity we will find out that Sonic and Co. are actually all TMNT styled mutant animals. Or maybe their are all aliens. Heck, Shadow is actually half alien, so I wouldn't be surprised if this story will be brought up as canon for one game. Sonic's whole world is a pretty mess. I mean sure, we also have Mario's and Crash Bandicoot's world that are also inhabited by humans, talking animals and other supranatural creatures, but at least they actually can blend together perfectly because they all share the same art style. Sonic's world on their other hand is absolut inconsistent in everything. They have sonic styled cartoon characters like Sonic, Eggman and Tails, characters like Elise, who looks kinda semi-realistic, then we characters like Chip and the ghosts from that Unleashed short who look more like Disney characters, then you have characters like Merlina and Shahra, who have more of an anime like art style and then you have characters like the Deadly Six who look more like characters from Nights into Dreams. Who knows what will be next. It depends on what new trend popular at the time.
  7. Tails is Useless.

    Yes. For example this could work. But only, if also the characters, enemies and location feel more like a Knuckles "game". I'm not sure how I can explain this, but if a Knuckles game really should work, than it really has to be less like a Sonic game.
  8. Tails is Useless.

    But this can only work, if they also change the style of those games. The reason why Luigi, Yoshi, DK and Wario did get their own game series is because those characters where unique enough to define themselves from Mario and his style. World, music, characters, atmosphere etc. The reason why Shadow's own game did not worked is because it never really felt like it was his own game. It still had the well known high speed action levels from Sonic, it continued the story of a Sonic game, it had almost all the Sonic characters in it that where established at this time. It never really was it's own game. If they want to give Knuckles his own game or Tails or even Silver than they need, they need to be their own thing.
  9. Tails is Useless.

    Pretty much every important character except Sonic and Dr. Eggman is in some cases useless now. This kind of series was really not build to have many characters. At the end it is just a hero vs. villain story. Like many of you said it allready. Tails only exist now to be an NPC for exploration. But he can still be a good side character if they write him more like Chip from Sonic Unleashed. A very likable character who has a connection to Sonic. I'm more concerned with the others. Almost non of them really have a role anymore. Their are just.... their as NPCs. Metal-Sonic and the Deadly Six can be still used a secondary antagonist and Knuckles is pretty much a second sidekick for Sonic, Orbot & Cubot are Eggman's sidekicks. But rest? Not really.
  10. Famitsu reveals Forces Development Timeline

    It seems for me that, since they spend 2 years on the concept, that they really tried to work on a much bigger game. If you look at the story idea, this is actually the closest Eggman ever got to finally realize his plan of world domination. I mean... yeah, how will you ever top that? I think that the producers os Sega once again forced their own vision of this game into the development and it went once again into complete chaos. Boom, 06, Lost World, Heroes etc. Forces is just another victim of that.
  11. That's because I'm from Europe. They still showed this cartoon on some channels many years after its cancelation.
  12. To be honest here guys, this whole story around Infinite just shows me that darker stories in a Sonic game really do not work. So far Unleashed (and to some extant SA) where the only stories that actually could tell a more mature story, with out loosing the light hearted flair of this series. All the other stories try way to hard to be mature or just throw in some dark stuff that feels really out of place. I say it like this. If Sonic really, really wants to be hardcore, and dark and really mature for the more grown up kids, then go with it. Change the art style, the tone and the design of the game and characters so that it can fit this mature story of yours. Do not try to be edgy and dark, be edgy and dark. I mean sure, there are other stories out there that can be both, light hearted and really dark some times. Examples for such cartoons are Over the Graden Wall, The Animals of Farthing Wood or Alfred J. Kwak, who actually have some really dark moments in it. But they actually can balance it out and you see in all of this shows, that very early on, that this shows will go at some point into a darker direction. Sonic really has no real direction when it comes to his stories and characters. Characters like Infinite, Shadow and many other characters really feel for me like a little child that really tries to act mature, dark and edgy but inside they are still just a little kid.
  13. This is a reason why I see Lyric as one of the... I wouldn't say better villains, but one of the more thought out ones. They at least gave him his own backstory and his own reasons for his actions. He was actually very interesting in concept, but very badly handled in the execution. Just like all of them. I wonder why Sega always have to create such poorly handled villains. Mephilies, Infinite, Shadow, Black Doom their all the same.
  14. Being only their in a show or game just for the sole purpose to be a fanservice makes you not a good character. That just makes Shadow more a decoration than anything else. Just something nice to look at. Other villains serve more of a purpose: Being funny (Hades, Negaduck, Dr. Cortex, Lord Hater), being a major threat (Azula, Aku, The Joker, HIM) or are at least interesting to watch. Shadow at this point is non of it. Non of the Sonic characters are. Their just, well, like you said, fanservice. A decoration, a little extra topping on your pizza.
  15. Hades was so great because he was funny, cool, had motivation for his actions and was a very unique villain over all. Shadow is really just evil and that's it. No backstory (I'm not sure if SA2 is still canon), no motivations and now real personality.