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  1. A Sonic on foot racing game would actually be a good excuse to not put the other Sega characters in it, but if it is really just a regular kart racing game, but just with Sonic I see no reason why they had to kick out the other Sega All-Stars. Unless they did this to save money. I mean look at Forces. You can tell that it had a way lower budget compare to Unleashed, Colors and Generations with shorter levels, reused level aesthetics, no cinematic cutscenes, an over all shorter gameplay and a lazy written story. And this was an anniversary game for the main series lineup. How can you guys really think, that this game will turn out good? Sega will probably just reuse level elements from Lost World and Forces and make a new tracks out of it and will probably also use the render models from Forces, the Olympic games and Lost World
  2. The Sonic universe really hasn't got that many females. If we had, let's say the standard male Sonic characters in it: Sonic, Tails, Knux, Eggman, Metal, Shadow Silver, Vector, Espio, Charmy and Classic Sonic; then we already have 11 characters. We can not come up with 11 female characters unless we use also the most unimportant characters like: Amy, Rouge, Blaze, Cream, Vanilla, Sticks, Tikal, Marine, Elise, Maria and Shade.
  3. Well, when it comes to story and characters in Sonic they do not really have to be good. But they do have to look and sound "cool". Sounding cool and looking cool was always inda the stick with Sonic.
  4. Sure. I really do not want to see that same body type and animation style offer and offer again. Now that Nights, Aiai, Ulala and he rest of the Sega characters are gone, I really want to have some variety when it comes to the Sonic cast. Also, some of the more "special" Sonic characters can actually bee used as a replacement for the Sega characters. Like Merlina and Shahra have an anime design, so they can be an replacement for the more anime looking Sega series like Phantasy Star, Skies of Arcadia and Panzer Dragoon, Lumina from Sonic Shuffle can be a replacement for Nights, and Elise is a really tall young woman, so she can be some what an replacement for Ulala and for Toejam and Earl we can use Zazz and Zomom for a skinny and a fat cartoon like looking character. Also Chris can serve as a replaced character like... I don't now. Maybe Billy Hatcher or Alex Kidd.
  5. If we really have to sacrifice all the other great Sega characters and let the All-Stars series become another Sonic series, than I really hope that at least they will go deep into this series and choose some really unusual tracks and characters. No more lazy nostalgia pandering. I'm sick of seeing Green Hill! I'm sick of seeing Chemical Plant! I also do not want to see any recycled levels from the last past 6 years returning once again. No Casino Night, Sky Sanctuary, Seaside Hill, City Escape or Speed Highway! No Windy Hill, Desert Ruins or Frozen Factory! Non of those uninspired levels from Forces so that you can save some money Sega! Dig deep into this series an pick some very unusual levels for tracks. And not only from the main series. Pick also some from the spinoff games like Sonic & the Secret Rings, Sonic and the Black Knight, Riders, Sonic Rush, Sonic Chronicles etc. Also, when it comes to characters, do not just pick the main series gang. Because we have seen them to death to this point. One reason, why Mario and Crash Bandicoot characters are so much more appealing to look at is because unlike Sonic characters they are designed and also animated differently. Mario looks and acts nothing like Peach and Crash is animated and designed very differently to Cortex. The usual characters from Sonic are just way to similar to each other. I mean look at Forces! All of Sonic's friends had pretty much the same role and same animation style! I want to see some of the very unusual characters. Now that Ulala, Nights, Beat, Alex Kidd and the rest are gone, we need to fill this gab with some of the more unique characters Sonic has to offer. Like the Deadly Six, Chip, Maria, Merlina, Shahra, an orca, those three ghosts from Night of the Werehog, Prof. Pickles, Erazor Djinn fuck! Even Princess Elise or Chris Thorndyke sound for me way more interesting than such bores like Sticks, Jet, Wave, Storm, Espio, Vector, Classic Sonic, Infinite etc.
  6. So what? Sonic a giant talking hedgehog, who doesn't even has a job. Is this really better?
  7. There are a lot of things that are wrong with Sonic X. The biggest issue I had with Sonic X is, that I really do not get Chris' big deal at the end of the second season. Okay, he is lonely and unhappy. But I really do not buy it. His parents were not perfect, but they really did anything for him, even left work, when they heard he was in trouble. Also, how is he lonely when he had three really good friends with Helen, Danny and Frances? What about them? It really doesn't made any sense that he is so unhappy? For me, he felt more like an obsessed Sonic Fanboy that can not live with out Sonic. If the lonely part should make sense, I would have written out Helen, Danny and Frances and would have made his family more unlikable.
  8. Don't care. Their just 3 more characters and nothing else.
  9. Sure. But look at Forces and the Boom games. This is will probably also be the direction for this new racing game. Sega targets more towards kids with Sonic. You know using stuff like OC creations, memes and simpler gameplay. This also could happen here. I wouldn't be surprise if Sega really goes in this direction. The OC creation will probably also return and we will probably also get some meme characters in it. Uganda Knuckles is really popular right now.
  10. They all ready created more than 100 of them in the Archie comics alone. Don't you think that this will get a bit stale after a while. For me this Tangle and the skunks are just another Sonic OC. Nothing more.
  11. The more such characters they create the more the less special they feel. Everyone in the Sonic world seems to be a action animal character. This is so boring.
  12. Sure. Sonic stoled a lot from DBZ in the past. Silver is pretty much Trunks just more horrible written and less interesting.
  13. Great. More edg lords. At least the designs are a bit more creative. At least they look better than Tangle. But you guys are right they remind me also lot more as Pokémon rather than Sonic characters. Rough especially reminds me a lot of the Pokémon Lycanroc (Night form). I wouldn't even be surprised if they stole the design from that Pokémon. Wouldn't be the first time the Sonic seris did that.
  14. It really makes me so sad that so many you guys really, really want to destroy a very special game, one of it's kind, just to have another generic Sonic game. And no, putting in hand full of other characters like in the first two Riders isn't enough. Fuck, the third one didn't even had one single Sega character! It is not even sure if the Sega fans will get a bit of fanservice. And for what? Only so we can play as Sonic's shitty friends for the 100 of time? Thanks a lot Sanic fans!
  15. O please, c'mon. Their are so many broken Sonic games out there until this date. Sonic Forces for example was also just another mediocre game. And why? Because Sega knows you guys love Sonic so much, you will just except the bad things about it. Just swallow it. Who cares? I mean, it is Sonic, right? This is the only series I know to this date that can treat their costumers with garbage games and they some how still sell well. You guys are nothing but pushovers for Sega.
  16. Do you really think, they will put in that much effort in the zones? Sonic is nothing but nostalgia pandering since Generations. We will wee once again Green Hill and Chemical Planet again. Maybe also Sky Sanctuary. And they will probably also recycle Stuff from resent Sonic games like Lost World and Forces: Windy Hill, Desert Ruins, City, Death Egg, Ice Factory, Casino Night Zone etc. I do not think that they will take some really absurd levels and make some tracks based on them like Mazuri from Unleashed or Sand Oasis from Secret Rings or Sky Babylon from SRA. They will just stick to the same old formula as ever.
  17. Which shows me how much Sega as a company sucks! Nintendo, Square Enix, heck, even Rare, who were just a software developer, created way more memorable characters than Sega. They only cash cow is Sonic. This is the only company I know that depends on just one IP. Also, I have another reason why this game is will not be as good. I mean, is it possible, that this game will have quality in it? The reason why buggy and unfinished Sonic games like Boom or 06 exists is, because Sega knows, that fans will just buy and praise anything with Sonic in it, not matter what quality it has.
  18. Sorry, I'm just angry about the news of an Sonic only game.
  19. Because people just want to play as Sonic's friends. That's why! No other reason. After all Sonic is Sega.
  20. The same reasons we haven't had a new Sonic Adventure, Colors, Generations or Heroes. Because Sega always drops their ideas for new once.
  21. Because Sonic is the only thing that sells. At least here in the west. People would rather buy a crappy Sonic game than a decent Sega game.
  22. Not really. You can see the comment section here. Nights, Ulala, Ristar, Beat and Amigo are Sega character. Sonic is a Sonic character. Let's be honest here. Sonic is so big, so much bigger than the others, he can be seen as his own stand a lone thing.
  23. No, it would be not okay, for me, if it is Sonic Drift. Thanks to Sumo I found out about Skies of Arcadia, they hooked me up with this interesting game. Sumo is way more interested in those IPs than Sega. I want them to continue with this. You do not have to reduce them to just another generic Sonic developer.
  24. So in other words. All hope to see the other Sega stars again is pretty much gone.
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