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  1. Sonic Forces released at a discounted price for a reason. Outside of developing the engine the game was obviously cheap AF to make. Many lifted assets, level and boss designs ripped from previous games, extremely short story, very little gameplay polishing, zero CGI, etc.
  2. I've been very paranoid about it so far. I played the game on my 360 years back as a kid when it first came out. Remember seeing a screen in Adabat where it said I required an insane amount of Sun Medals to proceed and I just quit the game. This time around, so far, I've only done up to Holoska Day Stage 1 and I have 73 medals. I've heard that you are required to collect 200 medals to beat the game (which IMO is completely ridiculous), but I've seen that you're required to have 120 medals total for Adabat, but there's no medals required for Eggmanland. So what's the total amount? Thanks!
  3. Famitsu reviews are literally never taken seriously anywhere and almost always inflates the hell out of review scores.
  4. What??? If anything, this game screams "trying to cater to Western market" with an edge-y story and an Avatar character.
  5. Can we all agree that there should never be a CaC/Avatar in the series ever again?
  6. Sonic 06 isn't "divisive," it's a straight-up broken, glitchy mess. And I wouldn't call this "divisive," either. Just some people who are like "meh, looks fun anyways," and others who are furious about the seemingly soulless direction this game took.
  7. How could they not know what to do with the IP? Everyone loved Colors, and Unleashed was highly praised outside of Werehog stages. focus on good 3D Sonic gameplay. Don't force dumb filler in because WHO CARES if the game is short; it's better than ruining the fun factor by forcing filler to make the game longer.
  8. I would say that this game is a result of not having too much budget to work with... Idk. Because very little seems actually new/original. Which is why I'm kind of willing to buy it. Cuz as much as I'm disappointed in this game, i don't want the Sonic series to turn into pachinko machines
  9. wtf the the last stage is also a copy of Colors' last stage... IS ANYTHING IN THIS GAME ORIGINAL???
  10. Aaaaand confirmed no CGI. 'Tis a shame. Oh well. Maybe next Sonic game (doubtful)
  11. I just watched footage of that Death Egg zone or whatever and it looks like a copy-and-paste of the Colors Asteroid zone. Seriously. Like literally almost everything was exactly the same. The final boss looks like an exact copy-and-paste of Colors' final boss, too.
  12. It's low-budget when compared to previous Sonic games. Look at Unleashed and tell me that didn't have a much higher budget. This game is full of re-used ideas and assets and zero CGI.
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