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  1. Hope what. what is the hope of this series?. Please explain concretely.
  2. Let’s Think Rational. There are no good 3D Sonic games since 2010. Lost world is mediocre, RoL and SC are TRASH, and F&I is mediocre. In this situation. most people are overhyped about Sonic Forces. And then? It’s flopped. Polygon strikes this game first. and other review sites will strike this game. We wait 6 years for good Sonic game and we get nothing.(or Bad sonic game). To make matters worse, for some people who don’t like Unleashed, Colors, Generations, they wait over 15 years for good Sonic game. But as I said above. It's nothing. To be honest, I’m really tired to wait for a good Sonic game now. It seems that Sonic team doesn't learn anything from previous game’s failure. - or they learn a wrong thing since 2011 (or 2003~4). how don't they learn anything or learn wrong thing for 6~15 years? It means that they are incapable of making Sonic game. Because I think Lots of restructuring dwindled ability to make good Sonic games. Core developers are left from Sega. and newcomers who don't know sonic makes Sonic game. In this situation, I stealthily felt that we are possessed by false hope. I can't find a rational reason to hope about next Sonic game. And I think I feel shame to say I'm Sonic fan or I'm interested in Sonic series because I'm afraid to be branded at unreasonable gamers. So let’s ask a question. Is there logical, rational theory about that there is a hope about good 3D Sonic games? At least, I think there is no hope for 3D Sonic games now. P.s Reason to making a thread is to enlighten about this series’ reality.
  3. In this situation. We learned a big lesson There is no hope for 3D Sonic. Just abandon it for fans, folks and investors
  4. Yep, that means, they don't have ability to make good sonic games.
  5. I don't think they will learn from this game's epic failure. They have repeated their mistake since SLW I think there is no hope for this series. So, I think giving up like megaman is best choice. Am I only one who thought like this?
  6. Oh. That's a good(?) News. (So sad that we can't see how it sold)
  7. Ok I edited thread. Edit : what is specific expectations from a good sonic game?? Can you give me a example?
  8. Seeing Forces's bombed, I'm suddenly concerned about why so many people "still" say Sonic Fan After Generation's half-success, All Sonic games are bombed except mania(And even mania is plain good game, not really masterpiece) for 6 years. In addition, there is no positive news about this series. We just reiterate despair about this franchise (so called, Sonic Cycle). Moreover, There is a platform genre god - called Super Mario. If you want good platform genre game, Playing Mario (being fan of mario)and quit Sonic is more reasonable. Thus, thinking reasonable, I deduce the conclusion that there is no reason to be Sonic Fan if folks are rational. However, in reality, some people still likes Sonic. But why.. I can't account for this phenomenon. Are they unreasonable person? I hope that is not. So. I ask a question. Is there any "rational" reason to be a Sonic Fan?
  9. Too late to fix this game. This game's whole Level design and Storyline is completely broken.
  10. So. Let's Summerize this thread. This game sucks in all directions. Isn't it?
  11. By the way, After the spolier released, how about level design, music, and other things except story overall? In other websites, I heard the level design is not as bad as before, music is still great.
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