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  1. For the least favorite ones; Sonic CD>Sonic 3 and Knuckles>>>Sonic 1>>>>>Sonic 2. Sonic 3K is a bloated game with great content but stretches itself out too much. As a explorative platformer, it’s pretty amazing. There is so much detail on the routes you can take it and in some cases, the level almost ends up being an entirely different act. But as a speed running series? It doesn’t stack up to its former glory. With the levels being stretched out immensely, this also means you’ll be interacting with the same gimmicks over and over again for 1, 2 or even 3 minutes. Not to mention that the level design decided to make more of an antithetical formula:Exploration>Platforming>Gimmick>Speed. It’s speed sections become very isolated within the game, so you end up just watching Sonic go fast instead of interacting with his speed and level design.
  2. I fail to see hope in any of the “Sonic Adventure Remake” news. Albeit this is a good interview, some people seem to be going a little too far with this. Sonic Adventure was remade and it was called “Sonic The Hedgehog” for the PS3 and Xbox 360. It was semi-redone in a more spiritual way with Sonic World Adventure(Sonic Unleashed). It’s time to move forward.
  3. Unleashed is not that long of a game to actually complete even with its current state. It's only about a 5-7 hour game if you just follow through with the main game and grab the medals. What makes Unleashed long is ultimately the difficulty of the game in conjunction with medal collecting and werehog levels. Mind you, the werehog levels aren't that long if you use the mechanics correctly(running, holding the jump button after a ledge grab, skipping battles etc). Simple things to do but Unleashed is just too hard of a game for first or even later entry players. You'll probably spend about 15-20 minutes on some of the harder stages(day) and perhaps almost an hour on the werehog ones. I genuinely can't condemn the players who have such a hard time because I admit, it's the hardest 3D sonic game to become accustomed to. If we are being honest, the game would still be longest 3D sonic game to date even without the werehog levels. You still have the DLC and I would assume Sonic Team would make more secondary levels(which were a lovely addition) to Modern Sonic. Personally, World Adventure isn't unique enough with just Sonic but I objecting to the idea of excluding the werehog is not what I would call a horrible decision. All that is necessary is compensation for taking out the werehog. Boost-Games were a hard thing to do with Unleashed. Now? It shouldn't even be an issue. It is the most effective style for Sonic as of 2008. Blame Sega for fucking up the Sonic Team and company. If they could make a perfect game after 2 years of Sonic 06, why is it so taxing now?
  4. This feels a bit contradictory considering many fans I have encountered claim Sonic Team are the amateurs or/idiots who can't make a Sonic game. I am merely bringing up the reality that there has been so much talk about 3D level design and how to make one yet I have seen very little alternatives being made. If the fanbase claims Sonic Team can't make a good 3D game yet cannot create an alternative of their own, why must I leave out any criticism for such claims? All talk and no walk... Well, yes. This was my point. Expanding on ideas rather than reverting to its primitive state and saying " it is done! Our physics is better than Sonic Team's!" is rather moot when this is all you can accomplish. Let me be clearer; Sonic Adventure 1, specifically speaking(or any open world Sonic games). I find a bit of disdain, or rather a disappointment for fangames and using that as a base for a good Sonic game. Their methods are outdated, rigid and have no purpose in Sonic games today unless they improve it but they haven't yet(this is aimed at SA1). SA1 was an innocent experiment that did 3D for the first time. However, why not expand on that? This is why I have a lot of praise for the Hero Engine, Unleashed's Extraction for modding and infinity engine. They use the templates that had far better potential than the former and they rather come up with many new potential ideas. Furthermore, Adventure's physics aren't appealing to me. SA2 did pretty well before SU came around. Floatiness feels wrong for Sonic, even outright bad.
  5. Good. If Segay could make Sonic Unleashed within 2 years after 06, It's very possible for them to create a game just like, if not better than it within a few years or so. Truly, no one really knows who to make a 3D Sonic game. Engine? Mechanics? Those typically are fine but what about the level design? Does anyone legitimately have any solid idea on how to create one? Not even these fans who create countless engines can make an intricately or interesting level for the engine. I think we all need to still keep critical of Sega but understand that the fans also can't even seem to do a quarter of what Sega has done. Think about it for a second. You either have some Sonic Adventure Try-Hard or; A Sonic Adventure Try-Hard. This is the fault of fans not being creative enough and failing to provide a new alternative unless it's related to Adventure in some form or fashion. I'll keep repeating myself if I have to; Sonic World Adventure's(mostly this game here) and Sonic Generation's template for 3D Sonic is superior in almost every way. That is why these popular/new engines are using them. The potential additions and improvements are astronomical if done correctly.
  6. Watched this engine grow for a while now. It is certainly an amazing project and I only have respect for this man. However, I’ve seen this plenty of times. While Hero has it all down when it comes to mechanics and physics(hate the forces jump animation and I feel that less floatier physics would do better) I’ve yet to see any potential for Level design. All of these fans do the same thing and never could genuinely make a good level that accommodates for 3D Sonic in a good or interesting way. Typically, it’s just Adventure-Esque stage design or a testing ground. I do hope to see this Project gain some ground but as it stands; I take reside myself with a skeptical stance..
  7. As many have stated, Sonic games should not overflow itself with repetitious content or content that feels like they were meant to be left in the void, AKA “unobtrusive padding”. On a conceptual level, Sonic 3K is techincally(or was) the greatest example. Although not a modern one to follow through and through in my opinion. In fact, it proceeded to show some of the the flaws for lengthy Sonic games, essentially becoming a prophetic figure by showcasing a possible and somewhat self-destructive future. And this isn’t even mentioning that S3K is a 2D-Sprite Based title which has vastly different design philosophies and perspectives to tackle compared to the 3D interface. But I’m going to assume this topic is mostly about Modern Sonic, as it is a pattern I see. I think Sonic World Adventure, the 3D equivalent of Sonic 3K and something future games should have followed suit. To an extent, Generations does something similarly as well. There should be a handful( 8 or above)of fully fledged, semi-lengthy Sonic levels for the players to speed through and explore. With extra acts, collectibles(preferably to be executed uniquely rather than mundane hidden item grabs) and unlockables accompanying them. The content shouldn’t necessarily be locked behind a “Power Star Accumulation”(kappa) but earned in a more accessible way. The content shouldn’t deter its own core attraction away from the main game but compliment it(again, extra acts and collectibles). For 3D titles, Sonic World Adventure and Sonic Generations, a little less so, did a great job on not making all of the content feeling like a worthless endeavor. However, the only criticisms I have for these two is this; SWA had a bit of an issue with Medal Collecting, the allocation of the Werehog’s skills(mishandled with good intentions) and the final level of the game. A final level that increasing your playtime 3 times over if not skilled enough(hint: most weren’t ready for that “Eggman’s Mixtape” drop). Even if skilled, it’s process extends into back to back bosses and speed running once the final act commences. As for Generations; It did too little. Way too little. It’s more of a “palatable” acception than SWA with its lack of mechanical flaws and a nice selection of levels but the re-hashing Of a 2D plane-based character(classic Sonic) and a modern one that does half of that, it becomes redundant and all too tiresome to apprehend. And with no additional DLC to the mix, it kinda seems like I got juked. Really, it just comes down to execution of the players require to access said content imo.
  8. Sonic Advance series could use a fourth game, fixing up the various(although not too horrible) issues of the three advanced titles. It’s honestly more palatable of a series than Mania’s potential sequel. With its addition of more complexity in its mechanics like Tag Team, Boost Mode, Ring Mechanic and Air tricks, I think SA’s games can push 2D Sonic forward. But if I were to look at a potential sequel that exceeds the former, it would have to be Sonic World Adventure. In Sega’s current state, I doubt they can pull it off properly but SWA has all of the necessities to be a lovely sequel. Even the Werehog can benefit from a second game by streamlining its combat to mirror that of DMC 3 or Ninja Gaiden.
  9. “Oh No”-Knuckles & Sonic You could have done the night o the Werehog-styled CG film but nooo...Gotta uses what is the most accessible and cheap..
  10. That isn’t what I am implying...In fact, never said SWA was the most ingenious platformer. I said it was a mystical amalgamation, the most interesting one in 20 years for me. I hadn’t seen anything like it done before on this level of scale to a platformer other than Mario. Yeah, the philosophical bits are me being a scatter brained, Mosaic pieced person but like all Mosaics, they tend to oddly mesh together wonderfully as an art piece. Glass, wood, plastic etc. I didn’t mean to come off as pretentious, albeit less cohesion wasn’t my full intent. I was aware of it though... Basically, I am a little bit idiosyncratic:p I can’t help it! I get so excited about my favorite topics that I mend together other strings of topics different things that shouldn’t be!
  11. As time moves on with Sega, we see a plethora of titles from Sega that redefines Sonic in fundamentally different ways ranging from the hyper surrealistic, bouncy world with pinball physics to a heavy-high-speed boosting manic that is nigh indestructible. Sonic is constantly analogous or rather "sexually fluid";) To elaborate on this more, I have been undergoing a Quasi-Satipatthana journey(I guess I would actually say it would be the 7 factors of enlightenment https://www.dharma.org/resources/glossary/#factorsofenlightenment) reaching deep into my consciousness and coming to terms with certain aspects of the entertainment industry as a whole(in this case, videogames and it's sub-genre;platformers) of course, this is all extending from an emotional point of view(actually, "subjective point of view "is what I would replace that statement with) rather than completely objective one so be apprehensive about what I say although I'd be appreciative of other users not to reject my post. My obsession with this game is obvious and I do not hide it. I tend to "nudge" it into conversations unintentionally because of it legitimately becoming the video game I engage myself with so I honestly cannot keep it out of my mind, as with Sonic games in general. This doesn't get asked at all, mainly due to this game being highly split among the fanbase but the conversations can end up being interesting. So I ask this; Does Sonic Unleashed introduce a redefining solution or an example to the stagnation of platformers? Can it even be referred to as that singular term, "Platformer"? Considering it intentionally doesn't use the most of the requirements for platformers and instead decides to condone a "non-binary" structure, I'd say it can certainly contain that as one of the main descriptions of the game, except not in its entirety as a whole entity. Other games that do this is Sonic Adventure 2(the speed stages definitely break new grounds in the genre) and Sonic Heroes/Shadow(arguably we can discuss the quality of these two decisive titles) but SHTH and SH to a lesser extent. I am reminded of these links here; http://gender.wikia.com/wiki/Non-binary https://www.gotquestions.org/hermaphrodites.html(This one is really good) "Non-binary gender (see also genderqueer) describes any gender identity which does not fit the male and female binary" (By the way I'd highly advise for those to read and watch the last two links(the first one is just a description, nothing more). Sonic World Adventure tends to aim higher than your standard fare. For me, I think the game is one of the best platformer/racing hybrid to come out in over 2 decades. Not many platformers have truly experimented or played with different genres to create this mystical amalgamation. It's rare to get a game like this even with flaws....
  12. You mean the first 3 sonic titles? I don’t remember much of 3K’s level design accommodating for this due to the fundamentals being shifted a bit. But Sonic 1 and 2 especially do this remarkably well. Just replayed them back to back today.. Oh I know I tend to bring up Unleashed as my obsession with it grows and grows but Sonic’s Physics in that game allows for him to do things similarly like the classics(vertical momentum doesn’t work as well but horizontal does a good job at least) The developers seemed to be aware but they sadly didn’t push it far enough. Apotos Act 4 has a few moments where you can bounce on an enemy to gain further distance compared to HA.
  13. Well no shit my hedgehog friend, it has less “platforming” than the other because Unleashed decided to go more natural in its approach and started to redefine platformers in it’s own way rather force itself into a blocky corner. And yes, you just proved my point. Besides that, Unleashed’s platforming in general has more variety than just a string of “blocks” together. Jungle Joyride’s beginning act after the quick step section is a good example. Eggmanland is a massive stage that has a lot of shit going on and having blocks is not a deterimental thing. It’s when it’s abused, the problems arise. At least those are interesting platforms You implied that blocky platforming in all Boost games are highly misused. And to correct myself a bit, Generation’s block platforming isn’t as bad as Colors or Forces. It’s technically inofensive but there are issues with the placements. Thankfully, Classic Sonic isn’t so bad either. I agree it became a problem with Colors and after but not before.
  14. Disagree. Everything in Sonic Colors was a calculative, safe measurement so Sonic Team wouldn’t have to do too much to improve themselves and push them further in improving Sonic’s design. I honestly believe that those who say Colors is superior to Generations and especially Unleashed, narrow down the few aspects of Sonic’s core gameplay they specifically find appealing which is; “Jumping on platforms” as it is a general requisite for most platformers, therefore they associate that with Sonic for large portion of his identity as a platformer. It seems to be the main repetitious theme of those that prefer Colors and I don’t understand why there is a reason to push this narrative that Colors is a better game because you “jump” on things more or “it’s fundemntals allows for an expansion on gimmicks”. Sonic is a fast character in which a game should compliment his design, not pull it back for Mario inspirations and frankly; Gimmicks aren’t necessarily all that important if the level structure isn’t unique or well designed or Sonic. What you are referring to is mainly Colors and Forces, with Generations being a nice chunky factor. Unleashed does not have this issue whatsoever because the team wanted to go out of their comfort zone not in it. Arid Sands doesn’t have blocky monumentous blocky platforming, apotos doesn’t, Empire City doesn't, Eggmanland doesn’t. None of the levels consist of 2D sections so disgustingly cramped and blocky where you feel slightly claustrophobic.
  15. **On Phone** I disagree Sonic Team made the gameplay relatively similar to God Of War out of laziness(the fact that they made SWA in 2 years with such technical quality should signal they didn’t slack off as one would possibly presume). A large reasoning for that was because they wanted to appeal to American audiences, and what better way to do it by using a baseline gameplay that was highly popular for the time? But yes, GOW is superficially great but in general it’s quite mindless to the player...Werehog On then other hand, has a lot more depth in terms of platforming compared to GOW from what I played back in the day.. As for the OP; Yes and No. On one hand, you get a product that is quite diverse and has a nice variety of play styles. For me, the Werehog compliments Sonic’s gameplay quite nicely(albeit it needed more tweaking) but it felt a little overbearing all due to the fact that the game didn’t balance itself properly in the beginning with the Werehog starter mechanics. Not a complete determent but it is indeed noticeable. Tails and Knuckles, despite their own issues being implemented in Sonic3K also did well to support itself. Both titles did a good job in re-using resources to make new content(Werehog went further with this concept). But it can be abused poorly to extend gameplay time without providing thought into it. Sonic Adventure 2 Sonic Heroes Sonic Forces Sonic Generations(I’ll get to this soon). All 4 Of these titles, SG less so, extended the playtime by rehashing already existing elements from past games or copies itself! These are good examples in my own perspective, of what not to do with alternate play styles. It’s cheap even if understandable of a reason to do so. Not necessary. For Generati- I mean Sonic Unleashed The Diet Edition; It uses it inoffensively like 3K did except 3K’s alternate styles weren’t this mediocre or average. The Classic sections are just implanted goddamn 2D Boost sections without Sonic using the boost. I don’t understand why the game got that much praise for Classic Sonic when’s they only got it half right...
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