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  1. The game is somewhat going in the right direction but sega isn’t completely back on track from what I’ve seen with this game. I don’t see where the RoL level dissster comes in because literally ANYTHING is better than that but the fan base is gonna be super divided on this one especially with the whole “Sonic Forces” defense squad thing.
  2. I’m calling it now, this game is gonna be hailed as underrated in a few years
  3. The music’s hit and miss for me I think I like the modern songs and with the exception of ghost town for classic sonic, I don’t know what happened there. I’m not a fan of how a lot of the music is super synthesized
  4. I’ll probably end up enjoying this game at the end of the day but not as much as unleashed or generations. I have to see about colors though I haven’t played that in a while
  5. I feel like there needs to be a class called “Good Sonic level design 101” lol. Because it really seems like they don’t know what they’re doing are are afraid to use the boost gameplay in 3D effectively
  6. The most disappointing thing to me is the level design for modern sonic it could definitely be better and generations got that part right so what the hell happened?
  7. Yeah this game is gonna be one of the more polarizing ones in the series from what I’ve seen. But in a couple years, people will be saying that it was underrated
  8. Ok the ending credits song sounds pretty good though I’ve gotta admit
  9. I’m pretty sure Sonic fought the Hard Boiled Heavies and Eggman in Mania but, at the end of Mania the ruby created a portal that sucked Sonic in and he somehow ended up in forces. But then again, Eggman says that Classic Sonic is from another dimension but Tails AND Modern Sonic both remember Classic Sonic. My head hurts now
  10. I wish sonic team would try more in terms of level design because it really seems like they’re going backwards from what generations did for some reason. The game will probably be received from a 6 to an 8 but this isn’t gonna bring modern Sonic’s reputation back to where it was before Sonic Boom
  11. That’s really disappointing to hear. I don’t know how I feel with the soundtrack for this game. It sounds a little bit too synthesized I don’t know if that’s just me though
  12. I mean, Silver finally got some action after a decade of not being relevant to the series lol
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