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  1. I'm pretty sure we're never seeing any of those characters again.
  2. I have an even more vague message that I pulled out of my behind: The moose is about to be on the loose. What could it mean??? (aside from nothing)
  3. No it isn't. It's nowhere on Diamond's list for next week. http://www.previewsworld.com/Home/1/1/71/977?articleID=139878
  4. Somehow, I doubt very much Penders is giving all of the details. Archie may have to pay him royalties for using the characters.
  5. Pretty sure we are still getting a soft reboot--there's too many new elements being introduced that they might as well save for a hard reboot, and "new" could still describe the continuity after a soft reboot.
  6. Pretty sure Metal isn't going to get destroyed, and even if he were, it seems that he just gets beamed into a new body aboard the Death Egg whenever he's smashed now.
  7. Yeeeeeaaah, one really has to wonder what the heck's going to happen to the Republic of Acorn now. Is that going to be the end of it...? Also kind of miffed that there's going to be no resolution to Elias' character arc.
  8. Agreed. This is supposed to be a celebration of Nintendo games, not just games in general. Sakurai's already talked about how only "special cases" are going to get in regards to third-parties, and he doesn't want to put in too many, so I cannot see him putting in more characters from one third-party franchise.
  9. Has anyone pointed out yet that Sonic Boom is mentioned in Polsky's profile on the Trotcon guest page? (and FYI, these profiles are usually written by the person they're about, sooooo...) http://trotcon.com/guests/#davepolsky
  10. But it did. Wario was the only one who had an alternate costume, and that was it.
  11. I would be incredibly surprised if Snake is out, considering how badly Kojima wanted him to be in Smash Bros. and the friendship he has with Sakurai.
  12. Fairly certain Metal Sonic's going that route, especially seeing as how it looks like Mecha Sally will be gone soon.
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