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  1. I don't know what I laughed at more. Sonic in the real Olympics or Sonic actually in Fist of the North Star haha 

    1. Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon


      Sonic actually in Fist of the North Star

      Wait what???

    2. dbzfan7


      Check the latest news bit on this website.

  2. This is why I refuse to get hyped about things. This woulda stung hard if I believed it was conceivable.

    1. T-Min


      I think people are saying in the thread that "player avatars" specifically refers to the Sonic Movie save file icons, which probably wouldn't affect the life icon.

      No need to get your hopes up too high, of course, but no need to feel shot down yet either.

  3. Man I really don't want to be overly pessimistic as I'm sure there is plenty of that already. The only thing I am kinda interested in that was new, was the Rise of the wisps thing. Rise of alone is a big uh oh....Rise of Lyric flashbacks lol JK. I like the animation I'm seeing but I have 2 major concerns. If the writing is just like Colors...I'm not gonna like it. I don't like Sonic Colors writing. The other thing is from the trailer it looks like just in the main game Tails is gonna make best friends with the corner again. I'd rather Sonic go solo at this point. 

  4. I'm happy for Roger. He's a good guy and seeing him happy is a good thing. He's not my favourite Sonic and I was looking forward to a new VA but hey him being back makes him and his fans happy so either way it's a good thing I believe.

  5. Perhaps. We know he can at least fight 3 enhanced Zeti back to back when 2 levels have you fight 3 of them in it. Then there's the whole whether you take game balance literally or not as it would make more sense it was a 3 v 1 situation in the story, but the game made it easier by letting you fight them back to back in one level each. You can interpret this how you like.
  6. And now I finished Crash 3. Was a fun ride all things considered. I enjoyed every game from the N Sane trilogy. Crash 1 when it doesn't ask for me to go for the damn colored gems. Crash 2 outside of the shitty jetpack and ice physics. Crash 3 which I think was the best one just cause of how versatile Crash is. It's so much fun using the fruit Baazoka and Death Tornado spin off a slide double jump. The double jump though is pretty bad and can feel unresponsive as it has to be used while going up. 

    Will I ever play Crash 4...maybe some day. I'll never complete that nightmare of a game though. I can't be bothered to go all gold relics for the final Crash 3 gem. I'm good enough with the 102 ending and Future Tense.

  7. And Crash 2 is complete. The slide jump really does make a big difference in how fun going through levels is. Outside of Cold Hard Crash and Piston it away as well as the awful jet pack levels, I had more fun with 2 than 1. Already have gotten started on Crash 3 to see how things evolve further.

  8. Crash 2 Ice physics are the worst I think I've ever seen. Can't stand them. Even in Crash 1 I at least felt like most of my deaths were my fault, but not with these garbage ice physics.

    1. Jingilator


      Story of my fucking life with Crash 2. It's the exact reason why I never wanna bother 100%ing any ice level in any Crash game, especially not Cold Hard Crash.

    2. Harkofthewaa


      The big issue is that you maintain momentum for too long. Say you have a patch of ice, followed by a pit with a steel crate to catch you. If you hit that crate at top speed you will stop but you have to wait a couple of seconds to try jumping on top of it or Crash will sail over it like a moron.



      And if you hate them that much, guess what? The Egyptian levels in Crash 3 have oil patches with the exact same physics.


  9. With that Crash 1 is finished with all gems. I ain't even gonna bother with relics. I hear they were NOT made with Crash 1 in mind. All gems is good enough for me and while there was fun to be had I doubt I'm ever coming back to Crash 1 ever again. It's fun but very very frustrating with no death runs for full levels.

    1. Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Oh boy. You are going to HATE completing Crash 4 then.

    2. dbzfan7


      Don't own it haha. I only got this trilogy from PS+ for free.

  10. Finally started up Crash Bandicoot to see the one big mascot platformer I've never played. Crash 1 man....it really doesn't pull punches. It's fun but I am not a fan of how heavy crash is. It's like he has anvils tied to his shoes every time he jumps. 4/6 colored gems later and I dread if it gets worse than the red gem. 

    1. Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Are you playing the original or the remake version? Cause the latter really messed up the physics and hitboxes.

    2. Milo


      Even discounting the changes in the NST, the first Crash Bandicoot is super rough. Some of the stages in there like The High Road have dishonor of making me the maddest I've ever been when playing a platformer.

  11. I don't think release schedule helps either with the delays. But many interesting points I didn't think of before are being brought up. This would be a story just like the games and yet isn't very appealing funny enough. I'll try to figure out why it doesn't strike a cord with me I suppose. -I like simple story idea and I like how this trio are in a crazy weird place where things don't make sense to them. Lots of possibilities and things I feel you could do with an area where anything seems to go. -I don't feel anything with Tangle or Belle is interesting or warrants the time it takes. Ok well I like what they are hinting with Belle even if it seems pretty obvious, but I suppose outside of that loose plot line they kinda take away from the bizarre test chamber that was supposed to be the feature without really filling in something worth while. -I like the mixed badniks. Very cool. -The little action they want to show is brief, kinda bland, and forgettable. -The banter is pretty forgettable too and I can't recall a single word after I finished. I really don't envy the job it is to try and please as many people as they can. It really is a damned if you damned if you don't. I'm wondering if it would just be better for me to wait til a full arc is done or a bunch of issues come out and then binge them. Maybe the comics are better to be binged than to be followed issue by issue?
  12. Another day another chapter coming out. Basically I don't really have anything to say, which kinda sums up the run. I feel very apathetic. Which is funny since I feel the idea is cool, but the execution is mundane. The messed up Badniks are about all that have interested me.
  13. Lol Heroes is really going to do Super Saiyan Rose 2 XD. Soon we really will have Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Evolution Ultra Instinct Kaio-Ken x20.
  14. Yay now Smash Ultimate taunts me with 2 missing exclusive spirits....it's Links awakening all over again.

    1. Jingilator


      If it make you feel any better, they'll likely be added into the Spirit Board in time.

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