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  1. I'd hate to play Sonic Unleashed out loud near my cats or my brothers dog. The doorbell noises would drive them mad.

    1. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      I feel sorry for people who have a traditional doorbell who get confused every time someone in their household is playing Sonic Unleashed. Every time I'd play a QTE, I'd freak. "OMG IS SOMEONE HERE?"

    2. Ferno


      i miss the old "get the door, its dominos" ads that had the doorbell sound at the end that confused everyone in the house

  2. Keep trying buddy.

  3. I'm not damning the entire new line up....I'm just more cautious and less excited. I feel like they can easily pull something like this again. Every previous choice feels like it has a reason to be here.....I can't see the reason for this. It even seems like the man himself knew this would disappoint with what he said before revealing it. Could easily be a coincidence, but damn it's fishy. I'm sure we'll get exciting stuff, but now we're susceptible to blandness as well.
  4. Honestly this announcement has me less excited for the 6 characters lined up for Fighter pass 2. If they would choose something like this, it makes it likely we may get another disappointing unnecessary pick. I mean I can understand the previous 4 picks and why, but I just can't wrap myself around this one. This feels like a base game character more than a DLC pick. Fire Emblem already has massive representation. I just can't feel the significance here like any of the previous choices whether I liked them or not.
  5. Altair, Cuphead, and 6 more fighters is all I got out of this. Barely paid attention to the direct for the first time....I normally am eyes glued but I could not give a shit this time.

  6. THE MII COSTUMES ARE MORE HYPE THAN THE ACTUAL CHARACTER!!!! And this time it's not because of meme status....
  7. Ok we JOKE ABOUT THIS...and they actually did it....More fucking Fire Emblem. Yeah that's a really under represented series with barely any character or representation.

  8. I know this has been shared a couple times, but this is canon to me. Probably the only good thing to come out of Palpatines return.


    1. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      Gosh darn it, I keep watching this over and over.

  9. Yugioh The Abridged Series in My Star Wars?!!


    1. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      Thats... almost uncanny. Wonder if LK has seen it?

    2. Brawler Bear CC14

      Brawler Bear CC14

      I believe the Kuriboh bit was actually originally a reference to the Hot Dog from Perfect Hair Forever.

    3. PublicEnemy1


      Edit: @Brawler Bear CC14 stole what I was gonna say.

    4. dbzfan7


      Ah now it all makes sense....never heard of that show though.

    5. PublicEnemy1


      @Brawler Bear CC14 You stole my line 😡

  10. You ever have a moment where you feel angry from someone spoiling something you were either going to see/play/read very soon(or currently), but you really can't get all that mad because said material is many years old so expecting someone to not say those spoilers (especially someone on the internet who coincidentally said a spoiler) when it's far from new leaves you in a middling state.

    Like I'm peeved...but I can't expect spoiler protection from material that rather than being new, is actually very old.

  11. I think that's a bit of a cop out there. We should be trying to make more characters fleshed out. I'm not saying everyone has to have as much of a backstory as Shadow, but so many characters either are bland, have barely anything worth of note about them, or just plain suck. They need more to them. Shadow doesn't need any solo stories because he's strong enough as is. If we don't help those who need it, we just end up with a bunch of half baked characters and a few good ones. As I said above I don't think everyone needs to have that much information, but I don't think having only a few characters in a comic series really have anything worth of depth is a good idea either. We should aim to give more to those in need, not build on a foundation that is already strong as is. Blaze definitely who we barely know jack shit about her world and her princess title barely means anything, so we should do something about that for instance. Rouge is someone who we don't know much about but has had all the potential ideas to flesh out beyond sometimes steals shit and vaguely may do an agent thing once in a while. Starline obviously with being a new character/villain we don't know much about. Amy and Tails fall into the same helps because they like Sonic, and really don't have any personal self desires and drives that aren't Sonic. The Deadly Six who I hate very much but if they could make them good, they'd be a good rogues gallery addition instead of a shit one. Rough n Tumble for the same reason as Starline as well as strengthening the rogues gallery. The Chaotix keep being used surprisingly in the comic so far and none of them outside of maybe Vector really isn't all the interesting or fleshed out. Though that's the top off my head.
  12. I would agree. We really don't know much about her world at all despite having a game centered in it. She makes sense to me. Which even despite that, you can write a crap ton of who and what Shadow is from just what he has had. You can and people have written essays about him.Try doing the same with like Cream the Rabbit or her mother, any of the Chaotix, Mighty and Ray, Rouge, heck even Big (Meme status has basically resurrected his character from the dead, might as well do something wild with him). Shadow is vastly fleshed out compared to most and some would argue all of the other characters. Sure the last time he was seriously explored in 2006 (Though he did have a side dlc campaign recently), he is still undeniably more fleshed out and stronger as a character than most of the others. I know more about him in his 5 years of game focus, than I do about characters who have appeared over nearly 2 decades. Knuckles is the only one who even can try to claim to be close to him, and I'd say he pales. I'm not saying I don't want him around. He can appear in the main book plenty more. I just think we need to make characters who are bland or hated even, more likable. Heck I make it very clear I despise the Deadly Six, and if they can make me like them in a spin off book. Go for it. I would probably groan and whine because of my bias against them, but if it means they can be actual characters for once...sure go for it.
  13. I mean in general Shadow has a huge backstory that's been explored in the games and comics before. More than literally any other character. Instead of building on something that's already got plenty on its plate as is, why not just give this to characters that don't have that same luxury. For instance think of a character in your mind that you think is lacking or bland...that character should be getting the special treatment so they can be better characters. Kinda like how Silver sucked til the comics did something with him. Who needs more to their story to be better? That's what I think should be focused on. I liked how Tangle and Whisper was as they needed a book like that to help establish themselves. Sure they're new characters, but there's plenty of old ones who even after years of games still only have the equivalent of what Tangle and Whisper started with before their book. I think we should be creating more characters who can stand on their own, rather than add onto characters who already can do that and have so.
  14. Thank goodness. Let's flesh out those who are starved than those who have an ocean worth of history.
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