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  1. Tails is Useless.

    True enough, but this topic isn't about them. Indeed I'm sure someone else could layout technicalities of what the others have done, and it's impact/worth.
  2. Tails is Useless.

    Instead of my usual spiel I will say this, by technicality, Tails is kinda useful/does at least a few things. Even if those things are very small or insignificant. The problem is, who really cares? Nothing he does is memorable. Nothing he does is interesting. So even when given a bit part and a few uses, it's all generic. I say he has been pretty much useless since Unleashed, but technically he has done things. I'd probably say useless overall, but by technicalities he's doing something. A reminder I am trying to think of the opposite of what I think, and go by small uses/technicalities. So I will be either Straw manning or finding what little uses he technically had. This isn't something I normally do. In Unleashed he flew the plane. So he helped Sonic cross the broken planet. Sonic could have flown the plane himself, but in a dog fight that might prove tricky for him. I also can't tell who was using the weapons on the plane during those gameplay sections. Whether Sonic or Tails still, not sure Sonic has proven himself in an aerial dog fight like way. So technically Tails is doing something. But there's really no reason to care. None of what he does is interesting here. It's just generic chauffeur crap. Nothing cool, exciting, or anything about it is worth it, especially the gameplay here. So while technically being of use, there's nothing really worth talking about here. His character remains the same, has no arc, etc. But it wasn't his game anyways since Chip was the close one to Sonic this time. Colors he was technically useful in guiding Sonic....I guess. Even though really Sonic could probably have found the generators on his own when he found 2 already, and was destroying them already. But I guess he helped point Sonic in the right direction, cutting down on the searching part. Yes Sonic basically already stopped Eggman after boss 1, but they didn't know that, so Tails was helping. Even so if they really wanted this to be more important, Sonic probably shouldn't already have basically been doing what he was already supposed to do, as well as shown him having difficulty finding the generators. Neither of which happened. It can be assumed I guess. Either way pointing Sonic in the right direction, when he could at least as he dealt with translation issues is something. It's just once again, generic, uninteresting, and does not serve his character at all. It just has Tails serve the plot and nothing more. Tails gains nothing, but the plot gets more streamlined. Generations......No I can't really think one thing. I don't even think a technicality can save him here. I think he honestly did nothing. He just explained some things that weren't gonna help in anyway even if he weren't there. But really Generations plot wise is just 95% exposition, 5% story. Like above his only use is in a meta sense of plot explaining. But in universe I don't think he has anything going for him. Exposition is not an interesting character, so Tails ends up sucking here. Lost World he flew Sonic to the Lost Hex and if he didn't, Sonic probably couldn't grab the animals and fly there. Though I suppose he could fly himself in the plane and jump out of it when the animals dropped. Bye bye Biplane. Tails also turned off the machine and gave the energy back to the planet. Yes I have said a bunch of times you coulda just had Tails sit in his plane and do that in the end, thus sparing us of Lost World Tails, but I'm going by just tiny uses and technicalities and not in hindsight. So he was useful here through all his annoying bitching. More useful than Colors, Unleashed, and Generations by default. Problem is his regression and bitching basically made people start to hate Tails. Not to mention his contributions being once more, generic and uninteresting. Smart guy does smart thing. Perhaps the doing what Eggman couldn't could count for something, but honestly I'm sure Eggman coulda done that if he wanted...but he wanted the power for his suit. So more useful here, but still in a way no one cares about because it's boring. His robot moment woulda had some impact, but all he did was miss the Zeti and never follow up. So the one cool moment is lost. Forces he's useful in telling Buddy about the Ruby. So he does something. I don't think he did anything to really help Classic Sonic though. I also do not buy he somehow summoned Classic Sonic or had anything to do with that. So he saves the world in this regard. Problem is he's completely cowardly even before so called losing it, and he still doesn't do much. He apparently found the weakness in Infinite.....but it's never said or elaborated on at all. So it's hard to give this to him. So he does something, but his one thing he does could probably have been done by literally anyone else as it's not super complex what the conclusion he came too. So it comes off as uninteresting in a different way. More stock than genius generic stuff. But even so he has nothing of note character wise or whatever, so he comes off as completely uninteresting. Yeah so that's all I can think of in technically or in a way being useful. Problem is his uses the little he has serve only the plot far more often, and do nothing for his character but either regress him, or make him boring. He's basically a plot slave/bitch. His character does not matter as an individual, but only how he helps tie a few things together in the plot or needs to explain something.
  3. Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)

    The Seiyuu of Bulma has passed away. She had been voicing Bulma since the very beginning of Dragon Ball. She's practically as much of a veteran as Masako Nozawa. R.I.P Hiromi Tsuru (1960-2017) Her last appearance as Bulma was Episode #96 of Dragon Ball Super just before the Tournament of Power began. Her final Dragon Ball Video Game role I think will be Dragon Ball Fighterz which I hope she completed as a final hurrah.
  4. And the Seiyuu of Bulma has passed away. She had been voicing Bulma since the very beginning of Dragon Ball. She's practically as much of a veteran as Masako Nozawa. R.I.P Hiromi Tsuru (1960-2017)

    1. Ernest-Panda


      She was only 57?? Shit...

  5. Wow even Lani who doesn't particularly care for Sonic notices Tails shouldn't be this bad XD

  6. Sonic Headcanons

    -Shadow will not kill Eggman, and would even protect him from Sonic if things got real bad. This is only because he is the last surviving Robotnik, and relative to Maria. He'll stop Eggman when he must, but will not terminate him or let anyone kill him. Yes I know in his own video game he does kill Eggman in alternate endings, but they are just that. I personally like to think of this as a form of Shadow's mercy. Killing Eggman is basically killing the last connection left to Maria and her family. Perhaps he'd even do it out of respect for Maria and what she might have wanted. To stop Eggman, but not let him be killed. They are family. -Tails has yet to discover kitsune magical abilities. Yes I know I believe it was somewhere said he is just a two tailed fox, but come on. In the comics he dabbled with magic, and even Miles scolds him for forsaking magic I believe. He was a relative to Merlin for goodness sake. MERLIN! MERLIN THE WIZARD! Seriously come on. YOU'RE A WIZARD TAILS XD! Think of the potential of someone who uses both magic and technology. That would be an awesome way to grow his character. Let the kitsune influence be more than just influence. This would be an amazing way for him to utilize his intelligence as well as combatant abilities.
  7. I've grown to hate the term "Edgy" as it's basically become the one word used to shoot down any discussion on a plot that tries to take itself at least somewhat more seriously than Saturday Morning Cartoon levels. I ain't asking for guns, boobs, sex, swearing, or any of that shit in Sonic. Just a story that knows to have it's fun, but not to the point to trivialize the entire plot as tensionless. 

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Edgy refers to something that's trying to take itself more seriously than is necessary, particularly by trying to cool to that tween/teen demographic that likes all things bad. It's subjective.

      In terms of Sonic, ShTH is definitely edgy - Shadow ain't taking shit from no one and he's packing some "damn" serious heat.

      '06 is less edgy and more... Failing to deep and emotional. Shadow and Mephiles are totally edgy though.

      Forces isn't really edgy outside of Infinite maybe. It's just confused and dumb.

    2. Nix


      Honestly, I'm not sure why everyone's waiting for Sonic Team to catch lightning in a bottle with a more "serious" story when it's never worked and is continuing to not work.

      They're not good at it, while they're actually pretty decent at the "Saturday Morning Cartoon" vibe, so maybe do more of that instead?

    3. dbzfan7


      I would honestly say they're worse at the Saturday Morning Cartoon stuff. It's pure cringe and pain. Besides serious doesn't even have to mean apocalyptic. Black Knight had a good story. Unleashed had a good tone. SA1 was mostly light hearted til the end. You don't have to have a tensionless story where nothing matters, and there's no reason to really care or get invested into anything.

  8. Actually I disagree. If anything people would love that if there was tag actions where Knuckles and Tails temporarily help you. I mean it's not the best thing, but they are actually helping. And it's a neat way to use them rather than not at all. I mean Sonic 4 ep 2 had tag actions which were cool, so why not just expand on that slightly. Generations kinda dabbled in it as well with it's mini games. I liked those. It could also mean they'd have to be more important to the story as they help Sonic. I think the moaning would come from if they're glorified power ups, and disappear and are never seen in the story, despite helping out. I think tag actions would be a great way to have a big cast be usable while keeping the core Sonic only if they have to. Yeah it really bugs me how literally the only person worth teaming up with is himself out of all the people he knows. Even Mario still had Luigi alongside Paper Mario. Sonic basically alienates his cast the more they keep making him good at everything in some way or have an answer to all situations. Meanwhile Mario takes a different approach depending on the games. In platforming he's the most balanced and best controlled, but not particularly the excelling anywhere. In RPG's he tends to be a glass canon. High attack power and speed, and bad defense. Meanwhile Luigi has high luck, defense and health. Luigi is like a super tank, especially in Paper Jam.
  9. Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread

    It wasn't just any giant worm.
  10. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    I dunno Vector's crappy mini game is pretty difficult and terrifying XD
  11. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    When I say Sonic games and stuff, I mean in general. Not just from Sonic Team. Sonic Team, Dimps, Whitehead (Who's team made my favourite Sonic game ever), whoever. We shouldn't just be ok with consistent decency or mediocrity. It's alright if sometimes Sonic just gets an ok game....but he gets it quite a lot more than a good game. Sonic as huge and big his franchise is, should be far more consistent than it is.
  12. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    Well no there's the boom games, and before that even we've had tons of "Eh" kinda responses. I agree with him that "Not that bad" is really not the quality we should be ok with or accept. Especially when we know better can be accomplished and has been.
  13. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    That "Not that Bad" rant was the best part. I am tired of the "It wasn't that bad" to somehow be considered ok. Why can't we have "It's good." Well actually we can with Sonic Mania. But he's totally right in I hear "It's not that bad" far more often than it's good. Honestly liked this review more than Johnny's.
  14. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    Knuckles I felt was a little better honestly. Though that Amy line is annoying. Yeah let's not have Knuckles do something. The physical power house....nah he's better off not in the front lines. Not to mention selling Knuckles short as some buffoon. Amy I don't think really got better, just perhaps less offensive. I'd rather her not be like her Boom self, as I find that completely inoffensive and dull. The blank slate you can literally make do anything as there is nothing to defining and stand out for her. Don't know why people seem to want the fangirl part to be turned down so low. It's what makes her fun in the first place. It's only when it's dialed up to 11 when it gets too annoying. So pretty much like every other character when a trait is dialed down to zero or 11. Sonic, Shadow, and I guess Silver were more on point. Well at least til Sonic made that Sand hill joke. *Sad Dunkey* Nothing else to say about Tails. But I think I found out what Omega did. He hid himself while he repaired himself.
  15. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    I disagree with nothing deserves bitter hatred. Definitely not the whole game, but I think some of it does imo. I like how he pointed out Tails apparently lost it, but not really as he appeared no different. Same with Sonic after so called torture. Though disappointed we didn't get more rage or anything as I thought his twitter hinted at some form of lashing. Oh well.