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  1. dbzfan7

    Has "Solo Sonic" been detrimental to the series?

    No and Yes. No because at the time, it was needed. After 06's 12 or more gameplay styles/characters, the trim was necessary. Keeping things simple was good. They could focus on building levels for Sonic, and not have worry about balancing them for other characters. Though I also say yes because they then went too far and we got Messiah Sonic.
  2. dbzfan7

    Speed Battle: Sonic vs the Flash (SEGA vs DC)

    Flash. No contest. He's absolutely crazy. Especially Wally. Sonic is a super fast character, but Flash is a super speed powered character. By that I mean Sonic doesn't have nearly as much versatility while using speed. He's fast...but he only has a few super speed abilities maybe. Flash has many super speed abilities, like a super fast speed processing brain which would make Tails and Eggman dumbfounded. Phasing/explosion. Speed steal. Infinite Mass Punch. Just Barry and Wally running around the earth a bunch was causing untold havok on the planet. They busted through Hal Jordans Green lantern construct and almost killed him doing so. Superman himself can't keep up and tried to, but got left in the dust. And with the Strength Force, Still Force, and Sage Force storylines going on he may just end up adding those to his repertoire. Though he's still speed only, he has at least used the Strength Force for a while. Wally though did go against Hunter Zolomon who had control of ALL the forces I believe.
  3. Keyblades in a nutshell


  4. Happy Birthday!

    Wanted to change up the usual Kazoos xD

    1. dbzfan7


      Ah thanks. Rock on yeah!

  5. Ya know I may have liked Jiren more if his no nonsense side was used in more fun or clever ways that bounce off other characters. Like when he first fought Goku, I would have loved if he grabbed Goku's neck, gave him one hard gut punch, dropped him to the floor, and then said "Quit wasting my time, come at me with everything you have."

    This in context with Goku unnecessarily dragging fights out when he should more or less know that when an opponent is stronger than the guy you fought at Blue level, you really aren't going to make headway by fighting in base and slowly going up in power. With this we have Jiren being no nonsense. A funny scene. A badass Jiren scene. Jiren having a point. And him playing of Goku and what he does.

    1. RedFox99


      So fans could have had a character that serves to deconstruct how many fights on DB go? Smh

    2. dbzfan7


      More like recently since this hasn't been a thing til later years suddenly made it a thing. It was only a thing in the movies. In the series Goku didn't do this unless it was absolutely necessary. Then suddenly Goku started doing it in the series recently.

      -Goku holds back on Kaio-Ken not to gauge Nappa, but to save strength for Vegeta.

      -Goku uses Kaio-Ken almost immediately after getting rocked by Vegeta. Then uses it higher levels when forced to, even though it damages him.

      -Doesn't use it on the Ginyu Force as he was more than powerful enough without it, as well as tried not to use it on Ginyu and Ginyu knew he was saving up for Freeza

      -We don't see it on panel, but when Tenshinhan says Goku will be fine he hasn't used Kaio-Ken, Kaio says he actually has and it's not helping. Though he fights in base as Freeza hasn't shown his power yet. Could be called out, but isn't the same as like fighting Broly in base even though he just saw Vegeta God fight him. He has reference at that point.

      -Immediately goes Super Saiyan while fighting 19

      -Stays and immediately is Super Saiyan vs Cell

      -Is Super Saiyan 2 on Vegeta only to not run out of time on earth too fast, as well as immediately fights him as Super Saiyan 2.

      -Tries to avoid SSJ3 for plot reason that's relevant, but uses it immediately after hearing Vegeta lost in that form.

      -Begs fusion when he's aware even before fighting it's useless without it.

      -In the manga immediately goes SSJ3 while fighting Kid Boo.


      It's just weird how suddenly now he does this weird movie dragging out trick in the series.

  6. Sonic Mania Adventures continuation is all I want. It's already popular, the negativity for it is far less than all previous media outings, and has the best portrayals in years for the characters. There is no reason to not go all in on this. It'd be foolish to not fully capitalize on a good thing. There's an actual identity here.

    Biggest fears are definitely a modern show where all the shitty modernism's come to the forefront with all the hooba dooba, Sonic breath, poor characterization, awful dialogue, etc. That or if they dig up Sonic Boom which would also suck. But as much as I hate Sonic Boom, it still has more of it's own identity than Modern, even if it basically took from it.

    Let's stick with the people who have shown they know what they're doing, and let them work on getting that good reception up higher. Just throwing in characters like Blaze, Silver, Shadow, Chaotix, or whatever is not gonna make a good show if we're stuck with bad characterization from modernisms. Cardboard Standee's of characters aren't a good substitute nor worth it to just appear in some form.

    1. tailsBOOM!


      We could still maybe get the Chaotix.  They were in Knuckles' Chaotix.  Plus, the Battle Bird Armada and several others could also appear.

    2. dbzfan7


      True I just thought they'd treat the Chaotix as Modern. I wouldn't mind them at all, I'd just rather not it be "I want a modern show so I can see this character I like". I mean that's nice but....do ya want the character, or what looks like the character but doesn't act like them.

      Bring on the armada, witch cart, fang, whatever. Got plenty to go on.

    3. Zaysho


      My understanding with the Chaotix (specifically Espio, Charmy, and Vector) is that their classic incarnations are ignored and they're treated exclusively as modern characters.

      It's really fucking stupid, but that's not really new for Sega or Sonic Team.

    4. VEDJ-F


      Yeah, it's been a thing since Heroes came out for the Chaotix. 

    5. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      Part of me really likes the idea of a classic Sonic cartoon in the vein of Mania Adventures, but another part of me worries that it would be "too much of a good thing" for lack of a better term. Mania Adventures works in short bursts, but I dunno if it could really sustain a 13 or 26-episode season of 11 or 22-minute segments.

    6. Strickerx5


      Eh, fully disagree on this one. First, I can't see them being able to carry a full series properly without voice acting. There is a reason most shows don't even attempt to do an episode without it. To tell a story, deep or not, takes proper interactions between characters. Interactions that simply aren't going to always be possible with pantomiming. It worked for the shorts because they weren't trying to be anything other than 3-5 minute pieces to promote Mania Plus.

      We have proper VAs now. The actual quality of the acting isn't a concern anymore. One can fear the script writing but imo, I'm sick of this franchise's tendency to try and solve an issue by simply not doing it. Hell, I'll be the first to admit when I don't like certain writing (see all my post regarding pontaff) but damn if they shouldn't bring that "it can't be bad if we don't do it" logic into a medium that just about requires said thing.

      Second, I don't think anyone is asking for them to take a script from like... well anything from the games released over the last decade or so, and make that type of writing into a series. I can't speak for everyone, but I'm just hungry to see these characters actually given the time of day in a proper narrative. Where actual care is put into their dialogue and interactions. On a platform where that consistent lingering crap of #it'sagamesothestoryisn'timportant full on doesn't apply and they can really go at it with expressing these characters fully. I don't care which artstyle they take with it.

      I'm tired of only seeing Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckes, and Eggman getting the only attention (and even then it's not like any medium outside the comics does anyone other than 3 of those characters justice). The argument of "the game doesn't call for anyone other than Sonic and Eggman" is flat out dead in the water here so why on earth should they try and find other limitations to restrict what they can do with the narrative.

      And honestly, even IF they throw out all the chances they have with this to expand this severely slept on world and literally only do SMA but longer, the very least they could do is base it more off the Mega Drive comics (which Tyson also worked on ironically enough). Imo, that's what SMA should've been from the start but hey, again, they were shorts so they had an excuse not to fall all in on the idea. If they're indeed going full-length with this though... this is the bare minimum for me.

      Like, I'm sorry for the rant here, but I've been on this drive for a good Sonic narrative for a decade now. Time and time again that hope has been squashed for one reason or another and quite frankly, if it comes to us getting a full on show that locks out potential because Classic (for some reason now) always = silence (i mean its not like the OVA and SatAM were things amirite)... just no. Nope. Nah, that aint it fam

      If they seriously only want to hammer this new horse they found into the dust, then fine. Simply make an SMA volume 2. With more episodes but the same time limit. Though, if they actually want to do something more with both the resources and attention they now have... they can't hinder it.

      Use the world you have

      Use the characters you have

      Uses the VAs you have

      Use the team you have (INCLUDING IAN THIS TIME PLZ)

      And just simply give a damn for once...



      dear lord, sorry about that. I like SMA for the opportunity it's given them and I love it for its animation. I just... would like this series to grow from something instead of trying to take what worked on the surface level and run it into the ground again without improving on it.

    7. dbzfan7


      I would like those things if they didn't have such a tendency of fucking them up. I'm someone who came and grew up on the Sonic that talks, acts, has a colorful cast etc. I know all about that. But I've given up on it ever since there is no clear sign they give a damn about doing any good with said characters. They're happy enough to just bank on fan loyalty rather than put some effort into anything.

      It doesn't matter what VA's you have, if the direction and script is awful. A voice actor/actress 9 times out of 10 can not save something with terrible direction and scripts. You can have the best VA's in the world, but they'll be dragged down hard by the surrounding incompetence. I still can't believe they let Roger get away with exhaling as if out of breath on every line. Or Colleen constantly switching voice pitch sometimes even in the same sentences it gets distracting and aggravating. Or Kirk being challenged to literally somehow get worse every time he plays Shadow. Going from decent to sounding like a kid doing a pretend voice. And that's just a few VA's who have done sooo much better work elsewhere being brought down by this crap.

      I already had to suffer 3 years of the bullshit from the Boom initiative, which already goes to show just how not ready they are to move onto something bigger and better. These are the same company signing off on the damn movie that's got people up with pitchforks. I don't trust them for a second on anything. It's like handing over your intellectual property to demented old people who have no idea what to do and throw everything at the wall, hoping it sticks. Then even when it manages to somehow, they fuck it up later anyways.

      At least now we finally have something that's making people actually start to look positively on the series. And not just some meme culture where we have a clown self deprecating himself. We have a well received game, and well received small short cartoon. Forces already soured people on modern more, and the new movie isn't helping.

      The only way I'd ever see a new modern series is if we toss aside the current modernisms, burn it down, and focus ground up on seeing what people like, want, and what criticisms should be addressed. Mania was basically a fresh start for the neo classic era, and modern needs a soft refresh as well.

    8. Strickerx5


      Again, things aren't going to get better by simply not trying.

      Personally, I don't really have any major issues with the Boom cast as I think they all do a killer job 99% of the time. The only one I have any sort of a problem with is indeed Kirk but I'm still not 100% on whether it's just me still being more use to Jason's take on the character or if it is actually his performance. Though honestly, I still think he did well enough in Forces. Real talk, even then I think a lot of the problems you put out there could be easily rectified by simple changes in the recording process.

      Also, side note, can we talk about how Kirk is now the longest running VA for Shadow yet he still hasn't had nearly as many lines as either Jason or even David had?

      Anyways, I'm not entirely sure on your point about Sega (or whatever company under their umbrella you're referring to) bringing us this next show and that any problems that persisted in Boom will be present here. Like, they also brought us Mania and all that so...? Look, the creative team is still, more than likely, going to be Tyson and the other guys behind SMA so we should be looking more towards their previous work than Boom. I trust them for the most part but I just don't have any examples to go off of when it comes to them and a full on TV series. I also don't have that many (if any) examples of a full-length silent cartoon series that isn't from a completely different era of animation or pure slapstick; neither with any sense of actual story telling and world building. I'm far from saying it's impossible to do (and I'd be somewhat shocked if it's never actually been done before), but it just seems like a real roundabout way of getting somewhere.

      I guess what I'm trying to say here is that this all comes down to the people involved. I'm not looking for Pontaff to be the script writers or whoever was in the recording both during the 4Kids days. I'm trusting that we can get the same quality of talent that's already on the SMA team, pushed forward into other areas of the production. It's why I'm pushing for such a show now more than ever before; because we already have the makings for something great. They just need to follow through and not limit themselves in vital areas out of fear of failing.

      To assume that we can't have good voice work (or really anything different and/or good) so it's better to just keep things silent (the same old) is a dangerous train of thinking from multiple angles. They'll never improve that way. They'd be limiting themselves on important features in a medium that's much more dependent on them than their previous efforts. It's following some false notion about the series that isn't even true to begin with. Plus, it more than likely isn't the best idea to keep running along the same path just because everyone is cheering you on.

      What I mean by that last point is that we've seen time and time again groups getting left in the dust because they assume lighting will strike twice on a bigger stage. SMA was popular online but to assume that the exact same formula will work on a completely separate platform with different rules is wishful thinking at best.It'd be chasing that new feeling without putting the actual work in to keep things moving.


      And as far as "modernisms" go... I think you're lumping too many things under that umbrella term. The series as we currently know it has problems. No one here denies that. But to dismiss everything the series has that isn't in Mania and/or Mania Adventures is, quite frankly, incredibly shortsighted. Bugs Bunny has been in some awful shit before. Is his entire character suddenly shit because of that? No. As we've seen with Mania, a different team means everything for this sort of work. I'd love to see this team's take on more of the characters in the series as, based off their work, they have the know how to do it. I don't see why this resurgence of "Classic" with Mania has to be limited to just "Classic". Sonic is Sonic, I'm tired of acting like Shadow or Blaze can't be a thing in Mania's universe.

      To end this long af post. I think one final thing we need to ask ourselves here is that would any of us be excited for this if all we knew was that the team behind SMA weren't going to be involved and the effort was being entirely driven by ST? Can't speak for everyone but for me, hell no.

      The actual material isn't the problem here, it's the people behind it.

      hell, now that I think about this, it hasn't been confirmed yet if it's the team from SMA doing this or not... i mean it can be assumed but still...

    9. dbzfan7


      Well firstly we don't even know if it would be the mania team behind it at all. Secondly the point I'm trying to make is not that we can't have a modern show or modern media eventually, I'm saying don't shoot yourself in the foot now. Bask in what is working now, build that up. Once it's built up, then do stuff like modern show or whatever. I'm not saying get rid of modern forever or don't use him, I'm saying do it later. Don't risk falling on your face now when you're just now getting out of the gutter.

      We had Boom for like 3 years. Mania and Neo Classic for like 1 year. To thrust and be experimental now is why we got Lost World after Generations. Then when they tried to recapture Generations after fucking up, they fucked up harder. We have something good, and should use it to restore faith before Sega does Sega and has a bad idea. Do we really need another situation where positive reception is immediately shot down because of something else coming out relatively close? Like Mania bringing in the positivity, and then Forces basically absolving things again.

      Mania Adventures bringing things back and then the Sonic movie, and possibly another experiment to bring things down further? Your Bugs Bunny example doesn't work well as he has a foundation and is in far more good than bad. Bugs is a beloved figure. Sonic is a back and forth train wreck. When bugs fails it's not that bad to people, but when Sonic does it cements his laughing stock legacy he's had.

    10. Strickerx5


      Eh, I think you're underestimating just how much bad content WB has put out over the past few decades with Bugs plastered on the face of it but hey. Sonic is a bit more of an extreme case where he hasn't been around as long but has a reputation around the industry. Let's try Spongebob then. A character that most of us loved back in the day but has had a long run of bad seasons over the last decade+. Everyone knows the quality of the show has dropped massively from where it once was with only a few episodes bucking the trend. Only now is there a consistent switching from good and bad episodes every so often. Is it a good idea to just throw out the character with the bathwater in an effort to save face?

      That's what I'm getting at with the cast members that came post classic era. Lumping them in with the actual problems of the newer games is just a super lazy thing to do. Goes back to Sega not being able to tell what the actual problem is and just often choosing to dump everything out and start over.

      Let these characters have the time to shine outside of the limitations often placed on them in games. Don't put a fence down splitting the "classic" and "modern" cast. I'm not even saying just throw everyone in for the hell of it. I'm just asking for a narrative that, when the opportunity arises for one of the cast members to play a role, the staff don't limit themselves because of the damn year they were brought into the series.

      What made SMA good was the effort that was put behind the animation. That's actually really all it did. Adding in a few of the existing case along with VA work doesn't change that at all. It's not a change like going from the boost formula to... whatever the hell LW was. That kind of change in the animation industry would be more like if they moved from 2D to 3D or something.

      And as far as continuing SMA's success by keeping it pure; the thing is, SMA's format is geared towards 3-5 minute shorts. You're going to have to build it up to make it extend past that. Adding in some of the modern cast and VA work is a straight forward way of doing that. Trying to literally just take those shorts and extend it out to 11min or, even worse, 22 minute episodes would be a bad move and another example of Sega trying to hang on to the surface level of a good idea. Keeping everything silent would be like them trying to plow through new ground to create a tunnel when a road has been paved right beside them. Not saying it flat out can't work, but it'll be messy, unnecessary, more than likely not as well done as the road beside them, and there could be a cave in where they get stuck because of their own limitations.

    11. dbzfan7


      It's more likely to succeed because it has an identity. Modern Sonic doesn't. His identity keeps on changing all the damn time he's practically a whole new person in every single media he's in. He's different from game eras, comic eras, tv eras, etc. He has 0 consistency. So much so that when it actually came time to start a sub series that was supposed to start the slate clean, they basically just copied the modernisms for the most part. The one time they're allowed to experiment and make a new identity for Sonic, they don't. It's amazing how ass backwards Sega logic is when it comes to modern stuff.

      It's not just about that they can't just see the problem. Even when they do, Sega does a 180 and goes completely in the opposite extreme of said problem. From dark to light to try hard dark etc. We already have an idea of how they handle things in Boom, and it's not very good if we're expecting a full on series that's not a straight comedy. Their idea of shine is so bad, that not shining is somehow better because it means not being dragged through the mud.

      No it wasn't just the animation. It was that the SMA team knew exactly what they were doing. They knew what these characters are, and what was important. Sega doesn't know what modern is because they change it so damn often. But Classic has always had a single identity because of it's base simplicity. So it makes it easier to build on top of that, then deal with the cluster fuck that is modern.

    12. Strickerx5


      Sonic is sure fired, friendly, and a bit cocky. Tails is smart, a kid, and helpful. Knuckles is strong, steadfast, and a knucklehead. Eggman is silly, evil, and cocky as well. Ect. Really, SMA didn't do anything with the characters that wasn't plastered in the first few lines of their Wiki article. You could've replaced "classic" sonic in there with "boom" Sonic and it wouldn't have made a difference because the sonic in there already is so basic that any "incarnation" (I'm using a bunch of quotes here because imo, talking about all this like they're actually different things is getting confusing on my end) of the character can work there. Though of course I'm not talking about switching out Sonic's here. I'm taking about the characters that have yet to be introduced being able to fit in with what's already there (or lack there of). And really, such simplicity would make fitting in other characters so much easier as the world is a literal blank slate.

      They literally are going to have to add in more depth to go full length with it all. That simplicity might've been a plus for them when they were doing simple shorts but it ain't going to carry them far from there.

      Again, I'm not going to put a fence down that dictates what characters can appear in a "classic" piece and what characters can be introduced in a "modern" one. They should all just be under the general Sonic cast banner.

      I'm also simply not concerned with trying to keep SMA's "goodwill" going if simply putting in Blaze is going to somehow break it. That'd be some of the fakest goodwill ever. If you want to build up a brand, don't be afraid of it.

      Plus, real talk, Sega's ability to create issues is going to be there no matter what. The more I think about it, the more I fully doubt they're ability to put out a fully silent show like this and still have it be anywhere near decent.

    13. dbzfan7


      The funny thing is the bios don't even match the portrayals....at all. It would have made a difference because funnily enough reading the website bios for the Boom characters and watching the show, you get completely different outcomes when you break them down. I wouldn't say they follow even the simplest wiki. It's more implied than anything else rather than presented.

      I wouldn't be so sure. Considering this day an age where nostalgia pays off, that's practically what they bank on, and Classic becoming the face of what people are seeing as Good Sonic, I'm not so sure. They may even just make 3 or 4 shorts and compile them into episodes. I've seen this style done before. It's like having 3 or 4 short episodes all in one showing. Like how I used to watch the Bugs Bunny and Tweety show which compiled a bunch of short cartoon sequences together. One full episode could very well be 3 or 4 Mania episodes shorts.

      Blaze isn't going to make things better or worse, nor would a cardboard cutout that looks like Blaze but turns out nothing like her would be much good either. Just ask how that's going for Shadow.

      Like I said we had 3 straight years of Boom. We're around 1 for this Neo Classic Sonic media. I would let it play out more before we put full throttle behind modern and wasting what good we had. If 3 straight years of Boom is acceptable, I don't see how this Neo Classic era would be a problem.

    14. Strickerx5


      Classic being the face of things isn't the problem. The problem is keeping up this false sense that everything in this series is split down the middle and can't be shared. That Classic always has to be simple and silent when that wasn't even the case back in the day. This absolutely false pretense that modern = bad and classic = good which has been downright detrimental to the franchise's image (both in and out of the fanbase). This entire idea of quarantining 90% of the franchise to try and preserve this fleeting image of nostalgia, to the point of killing any potential of expanding the world with great stories in a medium that's already detached from its base industry with all its restrictions.... that will just simply never make sense to me.

      Look, no matter what they do with this new show, I just hope they take full advantage the strengths of the medium, the resources they now have, and the material they've had. This franchise can and has been so much more. Imo, literally just extending out SMA isn't going to cut it. It'd be the biggest missed opportunity to expand the narrative and world of the series to date.

    15. dbzfan7


      I don't like it personally, but that's how it is. People see Classic as the good Sonic and Modern as the bad one. I'd rather that not be the case, but it is the casual perception. I'd rather there not even be a split at all but Sega made it so it's practically impossible to turn back. I wouldn't call it quarantining but more getting back good reception before wanting to risk it all in a gamble. Kinda like how I think spin off games are out of the question til they consistently make good main games first. Let's have good consistency first before we branch out. A safety net in case things go south, rather than diving into the depths and hoping for treasure right away.

      If the new comics are anything to go by, they don't care about that. We barely get much lore or world building there, as well as things left up in the air because sega may decide on something later. With how lax they are already when it comes narrative and world building, I don't think it'll work out to go full out series. As much as I dislike Boom, it could fall back to square one after each episode and reset. A world/narrative driven series for sega is very difficult considering what they seem to allow, and what we've seen their clear attempts to avoid it.

  7. The only thing worse than depression, is depression AND fixation issues. Now you too can be both depressed, and have your mind unable to leave because fixation keeps you tied to that chair. Fuck! 😡

    1. tailsBOOM!


      What happened?

    2. Kiah


      I’m definitely not familiar with the latter but very much so with the former unfortunately. I recommend that you get some sleep, do something you enjoy to take your mind off things and/or talk to someone. Regarding the latter among those suggestions my door is always open. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  8. So while Dragon Ball Legends had screwed me over, Dokkan Battle did not.

    Pulled me a Gogeta Blue.

    Theme music intensifies


    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      I got Broly myself, as well as LR SSJ4 Goku on JP.

  9. In just 5 days I turn 24 and can make all the 24 jokes I want.


    1. Jack the Shadow

      Jack the Shadow

      Loved that show!

      Damn it!

  10. Did you see this yesterday?


    1. dbzfan7


      I am very much aware of and watched the direct yes. 😌


  11. So Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Story vs Jump Force Story. Neither was good, but which was slightly better. MVC had the better villain, though character interactions I liked better in JF. MvCI didn't just do the evil puppet thing that we've had already in Xeno titles, except like a few times...but still less overblown. I think MvCI overall did it better...even if they didn't do it well. JF only had really interactions between characters being fun and that's about it.

  12. I mean there are fun interactions in the story mode...I like those....and that's about it when it comes to Jump Force. Everything else....yikes.

  13. Dq7p2_qXcAANP4B.jpg

    *Cuts to this face after the Fire Emblem presentation.*

    "Fuck it you saw this coming."


    1. tailsBOOM!


      RIP best boy in FE


  14. I gotta say I wonder why people are so down on the new Assassins Creed gameplay compared to the old.

    Just pop in Black Flag like I did. Then see you can eat a sandwich, take drink, play Sonic Forces with your other hand because you really only need one hand for combat. Counter, kill, repeat. I literally did that for like an hour or so. If guys with guns come, press a with same hand to grab someone usually.

    Past games are super duper easy. Batman required more than this. I still enjoy them for what they are, but when I hear "Skill" I can't help but laugh as the old games had no skill. Solid gameplay, but not difficulty.


    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      The newer AC games simply don't look interesting to me. And sod the sailing rubbish. I always enjoyed AC as a platformer with stealth mechanics, and appricated the simple, unobtrusive combat that wasn't the focus of the game.

    2. dbzfan7


      That's fine. It's being called challenging and skillful I find laughable. I enjoyed the old games for the platforming, stealth, etc. I mean I spent a plenty of time trying to do all the secondary objectives for funsies.

  15. dbzfan7

    What is YOUR RPG play style?

    You know in your typical role playing games, action role playing games, MMO's, etc. Whenever you're given the choice to build your own stats to your playstyle, how do you go about it? Are you ranged? Jack of all trades? Up close and personal? Support? Etc. How do you typically build your characters before you go off on some quest whether in ye olden times or future dystopias. What tends to be the weakness of said choice? Like the jack of all trades tends to not excel in nothing. Tanks tend to be slow or don't do much damage depending on a speed tank or attack tank, etc. What tends to be your choice of weapon? For me personally, I always have to be in the thick of things. I must be up close in personal. I don't particularly like hanging back to shoot things much. It's not as satisfying as an up close clobbering. I tend to go glass cannon or do whatever I can to maximize speed and power. Hit as hard as possible, and as fast as possible. Usually over several attack strings rather than just a slow big weapon which leaves me wide open. Hit hard, hit fast. That is my motto. That is the strength of my characters. The weakness tends to be defense and health. Because focus is on being as hyper aggressive as possible, that means health isn't too beefy. I prefer to rely on dodging skills and that speed to make up for that weakness. It works sometimes, and other times it means dying quickly. Though even at this weakness, nothing is more satisfying than absolutely melting a health bar down. Like whipping out the twin swords for Nameless King in Dark Souls 3. Was a bitch my first playthrough, but second run with these babies and he was utterly murdered in record time. The weapons I tend to rock are swords, and dual wielded swords/sword and dagger for maximum speed and DPS kill power. I used to like big axes and greatswords but now they're too slow for me. Good for one hit big damage, but over time usually aren't as powerful. Though in future styled games I tend to go with pump shotguns to dish out tons of damage fast in bursts. Love me a good up close shotgun. If I gotta use guns mainly, give me a boomstick. Melee focused titles. Swords, dual swords, daggers builds. Gun focused titles: Shotguns builds.

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