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  1. Kinda how I feel about Young Link. I really really like him. I have always been a Link main. CQC, range, and utility is my style. I also like his speed which Link lacks. But his Spin attack isn't as good as Links, and his short reach makes getting in close to some enemies really hard.
  2. I got Super Shadow before Tails, but I got that Vulpix and could finally summon Tails.
  3. This is all I can say...for the last like 5 minutes or so I said this....and said it exactly as depicted...for 5 minutes while contemplating.
  4. 100331697_C8CDE66C83ED111D533D200699FD42C20319C36957FB424435pimgpsh_fullsize_distr.jpg.57a1c2c8a9c8d1e2953fe4b1f482e974.jpg

    Something all cat owners understand.

    When my cat lays between my legs and I'm very hungry or have to use the washroom. I sleep, or I die famished. The only real options. 

  5. Yeah so Slow Super Armor does break most world of light challenges. You can smash for days. It doesn't cover all of them, but combat challenges it delivers and then some.
  6. I heard The Boss was a really annoying and difficult spirit, but I only think the latter is true. I found it so much fun even if I lost quite a few times. You could say.

    "What a thrill...."

  7. Finally summoned Tails in smash. And I can't just use him alone which means I can never have Tails' name listed under my character.....what a load.

    1. Failinhearts


      Just give your player name Tails.

      And voila, you're now a Tails spirit merely possessing a Fighter!

    2. dbzfan7


      Would also be nice with a Tails Mii costume...but nope can't even have that. I have no idea why it was removed. It was at least a consolation I'd take. It's like once Knux became an assist they tossed both their costumes as well as the other 3rd party assists.

    3. Failinhearts


      Yeah. A shame. Guess it cost too much to license, I guess.


  8. *Yawn* I wake up, come to check out SSMB. *Checks out the Sonic Movie trailer* "Welp I'm going back to sleep."


    1. Tarnish


      Wise decision.

    2. Mania Pipe

      Mania Pipe

      I feel like doing the same.

  9. How do I get the vulpix spirit. I only need it to summon Tails.

    1. Forte-Metallix


      They appear randomly in the shop and Spirit challenges. You just gotta wait and hope.

  10. So the Peach as Pauline and Giant DK/Mario Spirit battle was utter hell. She keeps running away and you have a time limit to kill her....ON THE DAMN 75M stage no less. I grinded a bit to get a better spirit ready. I dash for peach. I hit her with the Hero Spin.....and she somehow tumbled under the stage and died. Like wow....I won finally but...damn.

    1. tailsBOOM!


      WIly's is horrible too.  I've given up on Pauline, Wily, Jeff, and 16-Volt and 8-Volt for now.

    2. dbzfan7


      I got Wily just today. Was tough. But I got a high enough level spirit for it to help. I also really hated the one with Luigi where this asshole bus keeps trying to drag you off screen constantly.

  11. Hah, the Hellsing Ultimate abrigded finale makes a jab at "those" whiners XD

  12. Yeah I'm a little depressed my boy didn't get to ascend a little bit. I mean I wasn't getting my hopes up too high for a character spot, but no Mii costume and not even a primary spirit(Is only support)? That's sad. Feels like a demotion more than anything. Knuckles lost his mii costume, but at least got promoted to assist trophy. So it feels like an upgrade in status. Shadow ain't in but he's got a legendary status and primary spirit. Eggman has a legendary status spirit too. The other primaries are Chaos, Infinite, Gamma, and Metal Sonic. Man I can't even just play a character and have Tails listed under the name. Can't even have that pleasure it seems.
  13. So if I do Spirits, do I still get to fight to unlock the characters? Or do I auto get them? So far Classic lets me relieve the old days of fighting to unlock the characters. Does spirits do the new challenger thing?
  14. dbzfan7

    Elements/Tropes You Hate in Video Games

    To sorta add to the above comment, I hate the "You lost even though you kicked their ass/won." I mean you are owning the battle and then sike, cutscene says you lose. I mean I don't mind an unwinnable battle honestly. Like take Tales of Symphonia. You have an tough as fuck battle around the 1/3 mark and if you manage to win you then fight the overleveled obvious final boss guy who you are way too weak to fight. You're rewarded too if you get passed the first wall. The second wall is beatable too...but unfortunately does fall to cutscene loss...

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