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  1. MK11 spoilers


    I enjoyed the story this time around, probably cause of how it was more fanservicey like MK9 rather than 10 which really was pushing the new characters. Some hit some didn't. But MK11 also this time didn't rely on the green super power to win the day. Instead it took the Dragon Ball solution XD. FUSION HA! Fire God Liu Kang....hah. 

    Sad we had so little Johnny Cage, but I do get last game basically was a Cage wankfest. I just really enjoyed him here and he didn't really get that much time. Still his growth was nice to see.

    Though honestly I really despise how Dark Raiden was thrown so quickly away. Like that hype MKX tease was yeeted out faster than you can say "Mr. Stark I don't feel so good." Instead we get normal past Raiden who at one point is teased with Darkness...and that's about it. His conflict I liked, but it should have included both Raidens honestly. Such a wasted story element.

    Have yet to really decide if I like it more than MK9 yet. Was fun overall though. Kronika coulda been better as a villain, she was the pretty standard god who believes they know better trope...not much else to her.


    1. DanJ86


      I have to agree with your point about the story of MKX. I really disliked it most of the new characters. Especially a bug b*tch that was basically a Mary Sue.


      Killing off two veterans, being a key figure in bringing back Shinnok and also was at the final battle yet disappearing without a trace while Shinnok gets what he deserves for being a sh*tty villain.

      Also Kotal getting Kahn status despite being a joke compared to the previous two Outworld Emperors. He was beaten by a novice in a one-on-one fight very early in the story while Shao Kahn and Onaga required great effort and teamwork to overcome.


    2. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      I thought this meant Mario Kart 11 and was wondering why they skipped 9 and 10

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