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  1. Didn't expect the Dragon Quest 11 demo to bore me so much. 2 hours or so in and I just don't care about anything. I'm usually down for some turn based stuff but man the early game isn't kind.

    I don't really like anyone or anything from the story either, though it's harder to sell me on a messiah angle. Your name might as well be Jesus Christ. Throw in a beard and stache, change the hair brown and we got animoo sword Jesus. The Moses baby stuff really sealed that imagery.

    In 2 hours no one is interesting or engaging, very vanilla hero stuff, and your tool kit is too small to start. And apparently it's 10 hours this demo...jeez. I mean props for content but damn.

    Moves do get flashier later but mostly early on it's not gripping me. Which it needs to more as this is old school, so interactivity is low. I also laughed at running sections....like yeah I play JRPGs for running away from things in action game like scenarios....woo.

    I'm hard pressed to even want to continue it. 

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