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  1. I liked Johnny's Team Sonic Racing review, but thought the whole addressing the light vs dark tone thing a little disingenuous. I feel it's a bit cherry picking to say people don't want government terrorist or killing Sonic. I mean yeah of course not...no duh. But that's not really what the people who clamor for a more darker side isn't about. They just want things to actually matter again and have a point. It'd be like if I said TSR and Colors are why we shouldn't have light hearted stories. It'd be cherry picking that light side isn't great.

    I also wanted to add the whole example of Eggman and Shadow...I don't see how it works for newer fans but rather older ones...and even then a vocal amount of Shadow fans hate Shadgeta/Meme Shadow. I like dancing Eggman and got a chuckle of dick Shadow in TSRO as a veteran fan, but I'm not sure how that is going to make new people want to buy into Sonic. Sonic has always been the edgier alternative to Mario. I don't mean dark dark but supposed to be the cooler more awesome choice. But when I show this to my younger brothers who aren't older than 6 they tell me Mario does it to and I like Mario. I gotta tell em who this character is and that character is in Sonic...but they lose interest fast. 

    1. Kuzu


      "Cooler and edgier" are extremely broad terms.

      Sonic's original purpose is no longer even relevant, so why does he need to play off something that literally makes him a product of the 90's?

    2. Diogenes



      They just want things to actually matter again and have a point.

      but what does that actually mean?

      e: and does it even have anything to do with light vs dark anyway? infinite is dark but he's also completely meaningless.

    3. dbzfan7


      I merely use that as an easy to understand terms. What I mean is by basically becoming Mario....why bother with Sonic? It's like why play third rate Mario when you can just play...Mario. It opens my eyes when my brothers say those things cause they're right. The kids know why should they bother. I've had them enjoy some Sonic games here and there but they just see "Lesser Mario"

      In accordance to mean anything I mean to have a story that takes itself seriously enough that it functions with proper story beats than immediately fall apart. Especially when they boil down to overpowered MC basically steam rolls through everything, not really being phased, challenged, questioned, having to think about really anything. It's dull. An overpower MC can work, but not the way they write Sonic. Another word I can use is forgettable. The plots are so forgettable you might as well not have one. As much as we can tear apart the more plot heavy games, forgettable isn't something I would label them as. 

    4. Diogenes


      are we really still doing this "sonic beats everything and never has a problem ever" thing

    5. dbzfan7



      If that's what you want to take out of that. I consider not being completely forgettable the main point but sure........

    6. Kuzu


      The only people who care about the plot of Sonic games, are hardcore fans dude.

      People just wanna play games dude. If Sega actually bothered to build off the series' strengths instead of just throwing in gimmicks and half-assing everything, people would be more inclined.


      It doesn't have anything to do with the story, the games are just fucking bad dude. Nobody wants to play mediocre to bad games when there's a better alternative in Mario.

    7. dbzfan7


      I know it doesn't have to do with story. But my point was marketing it like third rate Mario is really not going to suddenly grab more people's attention.

      Mario plays off his same strength's from the 80's, so I don't see why playing off the 90's is bad. Especially when movies today from time to time still do that.

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