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  1. I like to think the reason for the Terry direct for being so long and Sakurai wanting us to see why he's so great, is because Sans unintentionally ended up completely overshadowing him on reveal.

    "Mr. Sakurai sir, the internet is going crazy on your newest character reveal."

    "I'm glad to hear it. I really do enjoy SNK and Terry, so I'm glad I can share a passion of mine with others."

    "Ter who? Oh no we're talking about Sans Undertale...that costume thing."

    "WHAT?...Buckle down I'm about to give these smashers a lesson on SNK...20...no....near 50 minutes of why Terry and SNK are so great."

    1. Kuzu


      As he fucking should have; I'll be damned if Terry is overshadowed by a fucking meme like Sans.

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