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  1. Ok what is with video games and giant bosses that fight you waist and up. Like it diminishes the fear factor when giant bosses aren't putting their full size to use. So many games do this, and still do today. Like you might as well make them not that big so they can at least be fought on a similar level, than just bigger but not really.

  2. What is it with this open mic night on the status updates? It's like the magic 8 ball of statuses XD

    1. Polkadi~☆


      i started something, all because i had a niggling thought in the back of my head

  3. The ultimate Delete this Meme.....YOSHA!!!


  4. Oh sweet an animated Sonic & Tails guest appearance. Hopefully we get good sidekick Tails and not stand around on a gamepad and do nothing Tails. I'm cautiously optimistic and excited to see

    *AUGUST 4TH*

    Oh.....oh no....it's on my sisters birthday.......oh that's a bad omen right there.........

    1. tailsBOOM!


      The series runners love the series.  They've referenced the Sonic series in the past, and the fact that they chose him and not Knuckles or Shadow shows just how long they've been in love with the franchise 


      Plus K.O. is sort of a sidekick-like character, and tries to be helpful to all his friends so I expect to see a good dynamic between the two.


  5. Ah good then, cause my perhaps unpopular opinion is Sonic 1 sucks. Sonic 2 was the real first game XP. Just like how there was a Street Fighter 1, but it sucked so we say Street Fighter 2 is the real start XD
  6. So I wonder how people are reacting to the new 5th Turtle to join the group, who is not Venus. I mean I ain't a big TMNT guy but I do wonder how that's going.

    1. Waveshocker Sigma
    2. dbzfan7


      Comics thing, google it ;)

    3. PublicEnemy1
    4. Blueknight V2.0

      Blueknight V2.0

      I mean a 5th turtle. Why was this necessary?

  7. SGB is doing a Sonic Colors LP. I wonder how many times over it they'll reference the sudden turning against the game people have been doing, somewhat akin to the adventure series turn (Though not as severe a reception turn). I believe it was briefly mentioned in the Unleashed LP, and in the comment section quite a bit.

    Now it's gonna be full throttle if the early comments aren't already a little preview. Though some are silly what with "Ruined the series"  comments which as someone who doesn't like Colors much at all would call BS on. 

    1. Polkadi~☆


      Colours is an perfectly okay game, it’s just that it signifies the start of Morio Kishimoto’s reign on Sonic game design.

      People are too harsh on the game.

    2. Vertical Snoop [D.K.]

      Vertical Snoop [D.K.]

      Colours's biggest sins aren't what it did, its biggest sins are what it caused.

    3. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      People haven't turned on Colours. As @Polkadi~☆ and @Vertical Snoop [D.K.] said, Colours set up the precedent for what Sonic games have been ever since. It was the first 3D Sonic game without any of the major, glaring flaws that were present all the way from SA1 to Unleashed. SA1 has too many gameplay styles that aren't fun, 06 is a buggy mess, there were a load of awful stories... You can criticise all of those games fairly easily because they get so much wrong on the surface and it's only worse as you go deeper. Colours is different, because of the surface it gets so much right. It goes back to a straightforward plot, fantasy worlds, A to B Sonic gameplay, no gameplay changing gimmicks (the Wisps are not in the same category as the Werehog or anything else), it's stable and relatively bug free... The list goes on. Colours doesn't have all of the bad stuff that came before it. That's where it's praise comes from. The criticism that Colours seems to get now is the result of the series not taking any steps forwards since then. Colours is far from perfect, and sadly the series has barely seen any refinement or progress since then. A slew of new problems have been introduced from and since Colours. 

      Colours is inoffensive, acceptable, okay, playable etc. It is not a bad game. Generations was a small step forward in some regards, but I'll still argue that it isn't great either. It's better than Colours which wasn't as offensive as what came before. The bar was set very low. After Generations we've seen Lost World (an ill-fated and poorly-executed attempt at something new), Boom (a disaster that matters even if you want to refer to it as a spin off) and Forces (a game that took the worst of Colours and Generations to make something shoddy).

      Anyone claiming that people have "turned" on Colours is being pretty disingenuous. Colours (and Generations too I guess) used to look like the series dropping all the shit and finding something good. But it hindsight it looks like the series swapping one pile of shit for another.

    4. DiamondX


      People are starting to dislike Colours?!

      It's my favourite game in the series but I suppose I can see some reasons why people wouldn't like it as much as I do...

    5. dbzfan7


      It's really after Sonic Forces where people were beginning to reevaluate Sonic Colors as a whole. It's not even close to the Adventure series turn around, but it became more common. It's still generally liked overall though. 

  8. I don't miss the old Final Smashes at all. They were too pace breaking and slowed pacing to a crawl. I much prefer the fighting game mentality of a quick special then back to fighting.
  9. Battle Royale. The one thing more common than Zombies now.
  10. Wow SDBH actually had a good animated fight scene...did we just cross into a parallel world or something?

    1. Perkilator


      SDBH...is this something I swear I know about, but can't put my finger on it?

    2. PublicEnemy1


      Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

  11. Not enough characters for people. Let's make YOU playable. What are your running and parkour skills?
  12. To a degree. Though for Blaze she is a princess who had trust issues, had the character arc, and then was honestly boring in Rush Adventure as she had no real arc or story there, as Marine got all of it. Amy I can see, though for me as a male and her character not being all that deep (As most Sonic Characters), her appeal feels closer to female relation. Though I could say perhaps being ignored is relatable to all, but she tends to be mostly cause her way of getting noticed isn't appealing to other characters. Cream is normal...and really that's it. I can't deny he's boring sometimes. I mean I get bored during games where all he does is exposit and nothing else.
  13. New Digimon movie stuff airing just after my birthday next year. Hopefully they don't screw it up this time like they did with Tri

  14. Amy kinda, though maybe for the female demographic. Cream....not really. She's super polite, not really troubled all that much and usually is out of conflict. Blaze is a princess and her troubles aren't exactly relatable. Charmy perhaps I can see as a kid wanting to be like the adults. Marine....considering her reception I would think people try to avoid her. Well so is most story beats in a nutshell when it comes to Sonic so...it's really everyones problem. I mean they did Infinites Backstory and....yeah the less we talk about it the better. I mean I'm not really a fan of the decision, but for some reason if we combine the Sonic canons, Tails has the most girlfriend/relationships...somehow. It's weird....but apparently boring means you get...girls?
  15. Amy is the pretty one, hence her personality most of the time. Tails is the freaky one with the weird power, which is nonsensical flying and hyper intelligence at a young age. Knuckles it the big tough stupid one. The misfit minions. I'll have you know the humor is just too highly intellectual for you to pick up on. Clearly. And Vulgarity...look no further than the butthole in Sonic Advance 3...so vulgar. Intrigue...ya mean the cutest S.O.B ever, who despite apparently being boring has the most ships and girlfriends overall somehow. Take out your gloves, we need to settle this like civilized gentle folk. 3 paces, turn, then we slap!
  16. All stories we've actually had been done already. Tails is literally a bully victim child orphan who rose above his past to become a side kick and hero. A actual RELATABLE thing. Relating to any of the others is difficult. A young kid never given a chance, bullied, rising above it, etc. That's parallel to so many kids in life. There's a down to earth relatable protagonist story with Tails the others don't have. You say epic which sure there is, but epic doesn't automatically mean good. People tend to care more about down to earth characters doing big things, especially bigger than they can handle, over just being an epic brawler or super power who tend to dwarf their opposition. But yeah they won't because they don't really care about him.
  17. Blah. You all who say boring or bland or least interesting just don't have an high enough IQ to understand the greatness that is Tails. Cause dontcha know you need a high IQ to understand Tails, just like Rick & Morty. 🧐
  18. Yeah the big tough stupid one. There's always the pretty one, the freaky one with the weird power, and the big tough stupid one. He fits with Tails and Amy as misfit minions of Sonic XP You take that back. Flying and bending levels to your whim is way better than just gliding and being another Sonic XP
  19. I mean I love Mania and wouldn't mind any of this honestly, but I know plenty who still really want a good 3D title. But I have a hard time feeling we will get one that makes everyone happy. If it were it probably smells bad. Well his future goal is way bigger than that is more closure than anything else. It's Knuckles stupidity that Sega believes everyone likes. So really if he tried to fight he'd trip over his own feet or believe everything anyone tells him ever.
  20. So let's just have Mania styled games with more characters and short cartoons like they have done. More characters. Simple story. Good gameplay. We all win. Well we do if we just ditch 3D Sonic entirely.
  21. Being his own hero. Obtaining Sonic's bravery. Helping people not just like how he does with Sonic, but his own way. Using his own technological know how to create a better future, etc. Just a few off the top of my head without living deep to other canons. That's pretending Sega would care to let him do anything but explain something, and act stupid. So basically just like Tails. Explain something and not much else.
  22. Agree to disagree really. But it's more I don't care for Phoenix nor think he is needed, but I know plenty who do want him so. It's a case of good luck to who you want in.
  23. They can swap Tails with Knuckles, and his job will be to explain ancient ruins to Sonic, then do nothing else.
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