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  1. Man am I glad I don't give two shits about pokemon. Sometimes not being a fan is the only way to win ;)

    1. Kuzu


      Just like with Son-

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Reminds me of something...


  2. From Nipples the Enchilada to working with Sega to leading a design in a hollywood movie. Damn Tyson you top tier ascended fan.

    1. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      I was thinking  the same thing. Bet he never thought when creating his silly "EMMAWOWDS" Sonic webcomics that he'd eventually become possibly one of the most influential people in the history of the Sonic franchise. I certainly never expected it! What a ride these past few years must have been for him.

  3. To be honest it's not that bad. It's ok. I can say I already like this Sonic more than the current one/Boom. He's still got his wit, even if childish, but he's just so happy to be here and excited. So excited he has a hard time not moving. It's great. So much better than sarcastic deadpan cynical snoozefest he has become lately. I want to see him. I want to see him explore. I love seeing the world through the eyes of someone passionate and wide eyed, and even then not always impressed so he's not just giddy for everything. Some things are awesome and some things are lame, but he's positive enough that there's a silver lining. I like this Sonic from what I see. He also sounds more youthful too, even if his proportions kind of paint him more of being like Tails age rather than a teenager. That's about where the praise ends though. I like this Sonic and what I see of him....but not much else. Tom does nothing but be the bore surrogate character and doesn't stand out at all. Though punching Eggman is kinda funny. Speaking of Jim Carrey...they kinda lost me with him. I do think he is a great choice for Robotnik but...this is feeling like just every goofy Carrey performance ever. It kinda just feels like Jim Carrey being Jim Carrey....and he just calls himself Robotnik for some reason despite being Jim Carrey. Music is better too, and it's kinda funny how this Sonic is trying to be what Tom's best friend for some reason. Not in a good way...just kinda odd. It's probably the one thing I don't like about this Sonic. His allure was more everyone wants to follow him or be like him....and what he does brings people to becoming his friend. Not really him looking like a little kid trying to make a friend. Oddly this would fit a early Tails trying to be friends with Sonic more than Sonic trying to befriend someone. Overall I still don't think it's gonna be good, but it doesn't look like a dumpster fire anymore. Looks like it may be ok.
  4. I like to think the reason for the Terry direct for being so long and Sakurai wanting us to see why he's so great, is because Sans unintentionally ended up completely overshadowing him on reveal.

    "Mr. Sakurai sir, the internet is going crazy on your newest character reveal."

    "I'm glad to hear it. I really do enjoy SNK and Terry, so I'm glad I can share a passion of mine with others."

    "Ter who? Oh no we're talking about Sans Undertale...that costume thing."

    "WHAT?...Buckle down I'm about to give these smashers a lesson on SNK...20...no....near 50 minutes of why Terry and SNK are so great."

    1. Kuzu


      As he fucking should have; I'll be damned if Terry is overshadowed by a fucking meme like Sans.

  5. Ok going to sle *Terry is now available. New Spirit events open*.....Son ova *Half an hour or so later* Ok now with all that done I can FINALLY go to sleep...


  6. Well if you're a big SNK person this must have been amazing. If not you're really gonna feel the bloat. That really didn't need to be 45 minutes long, and I think we coulda cut out the Classic mode run and let us players discover the references in them like we have with the others. I'm interested in Terry but honestly I'm more interested in his stage. It's like having a mini hyrule fight club. It's also a perfect stage for my half brothers who kinda suck at recovering. I'm especially glad they announced beforehand that there would be no new character announcement so I would know ahead of time to HYPE RESPONSIBLY. So when I thought maybe they'd pull a fast one, I was still pretty sure to trust they wouldn't. So I was prepared. A whopping 50 tracks damn. I bet people here are like "Why couldn't sega be like "OK" and give out a bunch of music like that. Overall a what you see is what you get direct without any real surprises aside from maybe the music. I can go to sleep now, and then have to collect the new spirits to keep myself topped off.
  7. Who's pulling an all nighter for the smash video...I am.

    1. Diogenes


      i've slept like shit for months, i'm pretty sure that'd kill me

    2. Menace2Society


      I am not losing hours of sleep just for one potentially padded out video. No thanks.

    3. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      The show starts at 8 in the morning for me.




      Which is honestly almost worse.

    4. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      I have work in the morning. I could get up early and watch but I don't want to waste my valuable sleeping time.

    5. TCB


      People do that?

    6. dbzfan7


      It's the "perks" of being a shitbag like me who can get away with doing such a thing.

    7. Polkadi~☆


      No. I’ll watch it on my own time.

      The eastern side of the world has the worst time of all for when it starts.

  8. 2014-2017. The era about Boom and just before Neo Classic Sonic age. Was my living hell for the Sonic series. Everything it stood for then I hated, and everything I liked was mocked for being bad. Was about to fuck off this franchise til Sonic Mania reminded me to care again.
  9. Can't believe my cat did a standing (on her back paws) splash on the kitten for bugging her. Bye Gawd the kitten has a family....and it's the same as my cats.

  10. Nioh 2 demo is fun. Glad I can get with my dual blades again, as well as the new hatchets.

  11. I'm sure they've announced the next fighter everytime the released a DLC one. Just like how every fighter they do a direct thing on is released on said day.
  12. A condiment king like villain but they steal chili dogs. The worst evil Sonic has ever seen. Except they're really good at this one mundane thing which just makes Sonic livid, and other more important matters like Eggman end up forcing Sonic to deal with him instead of this master chili dog snatcher XP. Maybe Rouge has got to help stop this one.
  13. She could solve world hunger with this magic food summoning power.
  14. I guess it depends on how you define cowardly. I don't think he's cowardly but more in reasonable status. Not highly courageous or brave, but not cowardly....unless we count more on the later portrayal then yes I would say cowardly. Luigi is both the bravest and most cowardly character at the same time. He's practically scared of everything, but he still mans up and gets shit done. I don't know how you can be both more brave and cowardly at the same time. It's great and fascinating. Not sure what the problem they have with him is. Maybe it'll turn around what with IDW, Mania, and Mania Adventures showing him being more competent. So purpose things will change. I don't have my hopes up but who knows.
  15. Was expecting some disappointment...but didn't think Gogeta would look that lame in Heroes.

    Where is his tan? Why does his face look like Gohan's? What happened? I was expecting a downgrade, but not this much of a bizarre one. The tan is what really helps him stick out from Vegetto visually. His face just looking like Gohan's just makes him look like a different character so that is just all wrong.


    1. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      Guess he doesn't suit the old style.

  16. @tailsBOOM! Thanks for every heads up on new Smash spirit events that offer new spirits. With each reminder I can get my collection completed without having to go through the agonizing wait period I had with the Links Awakening spirits.

  17. I really liked this chapter, though more so the Tangle and Whisper one. This chapter really went all out on casualties and drama. I really liked that. Yeesh it's bad. More heroes down, more to probably go. So now we got the Whisper details and I think she shot up as best girl for me. I find her more interesting than Blaze though wonder where she will be going from here on out after the mini series climax. Sometimes once a mystery is revealed, suddenly a character loses part of their intrigue. Too soon to call, but I hope she doesn't go stagnant after this.
  18. *** **** **** ******* **** **** ****** **** You choose the swears for all I care.

    Who thought having Zane be blocked behind some dumbshit dropfest from his little brother was a good idea? I don't even hate Syrus but this event sure is doing a good job making me hate him already. Add that to the #FucKonami list. Damn it Duel Linkz drop rates just give me Paired Cyrcroid so I can do Zanes last challenge....It locks me out of Power Bond and Future Fusion all cause the little shit refuses to give me a copy of that who gives a shit card.

  19. That new Star Wars trailer really further convinces me the Dark Rey stuff isn't gonna mean much of anything.

    Really hope I am wrong...I really do...but I hope I enjoy what I read at least...and that it pleases many fans even if I don't end up as one of them.

  20. It's hard to say. Well except for Generations for me being best overall. That's probably the easiest. But for a lot of others there is times I enjoy part of a game more than whole experience of another and so on, but as games could also be considered better because being Solid all around. Colors for instance is a solid game but I don't find it all that great as a Sonic game. But it's not bad. I enjoy parts of SA1/2 and there's parts that are bad and bring down the experience. So it's hard for me to say other than Generations which is a full package I do enjoy outside of a few small things.
  21. Know what we need. A bunch more characters. We need FF, Sonic Underground, X, Boom, just shove it all in there. Surely having to balance so many more characters rather than fine tuning less is a great idea.

    1. Zaysho


      People aren't just asking for them to be thrown in with no care though, and it's not at the expense of anything else. Maybe Sega should look into hiring people who know what they're doing. Or perhaps they shouldn't have bothered with Mania because of how bad Sonic 4 was.

    2. Ryannumber1gamer


      It's funny how Archie Sonic brought in game characters, SatAM/AoStH characters, and original characters like Tangle and Whisper, and still managed to handle things nicely and comprehensively, as if a good writer can balance and use these characters only when they're needed and fit well into things.

    3. dbzfan7


      I disagree. I don't think Archie balanced it well at all. I'm not even going on a limb to say they're all bad characters. Also what did Archie have to do with Tangle and Whisper? I worry for IDW just as much if they get out of control. I'm sure extra characters can be fit here and there, etc. But I'd rather we improve what we have than throw everything in. If they want to exist or be in some story here and there sure. If a story calls for it sure....but let's not go crazy and just throw in a bunch of characters here and there an expect to share with like...24-30 pages a month or so....

    4. Ryannumber1gamer


      I never said they had anything to do with Tangle and Whisper, I said Ian created characters like Tangle and Whisper for post-reboot that fitted in perfectly fine. 

      And on top of that, you're still using some ridiculous measure of having literally 40-50 characters in every single issue of the comic which is absolutely silly. Justice League, Batman, Spider-Man, practically any popular comic have a lore filled with tons of supporting characters, villains, and other heroes, and they balanced it fine while telling good stories, because when arcs are written, they focus in on a select few characters.

      Archie did the same thing post-reboot. It was never a situation where it was stock-piled with every character imaginable. Every arc had it's own set of main characters who ran through the events. Control had Sonic, Sally, Mighty, Amy, and Ray against Thunderbolt.

      The biggest amount off the top of my head was in Champions, and that was all of the Fighters cast, plus Breezie as a villain, and several AoStH villains are mooks, and that's praised as one of the best arcs in the entire series. 

      This is an absolutely ridiculous strawman where you've taken it to the logical extreme by implying every comic would deal with some massive cast every single issue when that is not even remotely the case people are asking for, and isn't even remotely what's happened in Archie Sonic in the last five to ten years.

      What you're suggesting is Ian somehow writing what's meant to be a long-term comic with the same 15 or so characters, and nameless settings/people running for their lives, and expecting it to be good.

    5. dbzfan7


      Have you even read those comics? They tend to focus on their group or lead all the time. Hell when they did get too big you know what they did? They made more books covering different teams. Dark, Odyssey, Titans, Teen Titans, etc. They have the benefit of being able to have all those books and so on. And on top of that they all have their own SOLO BOOKS. If IDW had that kind of leeway then be my guest and throw all the characters into coinciding books and so on. It wasn't til Sonic Universe was created that Archie was allowed to friggin breathe. If we could have Solo Sonic, Freedom Fighters, Tails and T-Pup, Sally and Nicole, Team Rose, Hooligans, and all that as books all coinciding with each other but also each having their focus be my fucking guest. But we don't. We have one book, and what appears to be 1 mini series which we have to wait and see where it goes.

      But that's not what I am saying. I'm not saying every single character would be in every issue. I am saying that with more characters means more splitting up time amongst them. Which also means you have to neglect others and their ongoing stories they could have would have to be put on hold constantly for other characters to have a turn and so on. We don't have a bunch of team books and solo books which is how bigger comic companies alleviate this issue. That's why Marvel and DC work. You want a team, here's a team. You want to focus on a particular hero, here's their series. To compare Archie and IDW to DC and Marvel is utterly laughable and ridiculous.

    6. Strickerx5


      You're implying that each character has to have their own equal (or even close to equal) amount of time in the spotlight as others. Even within both DC and Marvel, there are multiple series that manage to juggle dozens of characters without the need of each having their own sub-series.

      There's multiple series outside of the comic book medium that manage to do this as well. Once you establish the character, there's no need to see what they're doing during every little event. It's like life, sometimes you don't know what that co-worker from a different department you enjoy having around is doing for days, if not weeks or months on end, but yet they're still around. Sonic has these established characters so the leg work has literally already been done to set up such a universe.

      This is an argument that literally only works when the writers aren't competent enough to know when to not use a character and, going by Ian's track record, that is far from the case here.

      Plus, like others have said on here, limiting a comic to a low number of cast members can also spell out doom from a similar mindset. Limiting things isn't always the answer. We've seen that clearly with the games.

    7. dbzfan7


      Except what do you expect as as close to or even equal? Who gets to be privileged and who doesn't? Are we cutting the Freedom Fighters for instance as less than equal? Are we cutting game characters down to less than equal?What are we doing with a single book for the most part with 24 pages a month and not a gigantic series where we you get hundreds of pages a month spread across Marvel and DC? That's the thing. An again Marvel and DC have so much leeway they can spread stories and characters across several books so they can afford being more bloated. 

      That depends on who said character is, what their purpose is, are they main characters, villains, one offs, etc. Who are we establishing in what roles? With less books comes less time. And what do you mean Sonic has established these characters? Sonic himself has an identity crisis, including his own main cast. They by themselves already struggle as is. They're dying for meaningful stories as is. Not to mention on top of that adding more on a walking crisis just adds more fuel to the fire. When we get more leeway I can see a bigger expanded universe, otherwise I don't think it's a good idea.

      I disagree. His Archie stuff was bloated and full of being a mess. Especially cause he had to deal with a bunch of bullshit he was just tossed into from the previous writer. Even then it wasn't til Post reboot he was starting to do things better, but even then that required a bunch of reintroducing, and squeezing in all this stuff and...yuck. It was a nightmare. IDW really helped itself by being a clean slate.

      I'm not saying always keep things small. I'm saying keep them focused. The more you introduce, the less focus you have. And yes you're right limited can be bad too if the focus you do have just plain sucks. So you're left with nothing in that case. Let us define who is our main character(s). Who are our supporting characters. Cause Archie sure as hell didn't sell me on who was who a lot of the time. 


    8. Conquering Storm’s Servant

      Conquering Storm’s Servant

      I’m basically hearing the same exact nonsense toward the Freedom Fighters as I’ve been hearing for the extended, non-Classic characters since Sonic 06.

      And what’s worse that the irony of it still goes unnoticed even 10 years later. Somethings really don’t change, do they?

    9. dbzfan7


      It's probably why the Archie comics have never been good. Ok at best. Better than IDW but not saying much. Pretty much a joke to my other weekly solicits.

    10. Conquering Storm’s Servant
    11. Sean


      Nobody cares about your superior taste in comics

    12. dbzfan7


      Hey you like it more power to you. It had it's goods, mostly bads, and some neat ideas here and there. Doesn't compare to the comic greats but certainly beats the worst of comics....unless we delve into the worst the run had perhaps. Certainly not a real loss, whether they come back or not...but probably won't doesn't matter. I get enjoyment either by being impressed or getting riffing material so they can do what they want.

      Very mature comments though. Right in line with 4chan and youtube. Except for those who didn't resort to such pettiness, those of you are cool. What's next wanna run down the other typical responses? How about telling me to shut up I don't know what I'm talking about? Wanna call me an idiot next? I'm not a true fan? Go on I've heard em.

    13. Zaysho
    14. Strickerx5


      Who gets put on the forefront? Well, beyond Sonic, that's really up to Ian and the writers. The worst thing a writer can do is tell a story they don't care about so I'd leave it up to him to decide who gets the most time in various issues.

      Hell, what if they decide to write an issue or two without Sonic? Often times, in other series, media not involving the main character ends up being some of the best content to come from it.

      And while your beef with Ian is fair, I (and a lot of others if I'm reading this site correctly) don't see eye to eye on that. I'll argue the guy is a good writer (definitely one of the best this franchise has ever seen) and seeing as Sega and IDW decided to keep him on even after the whole Archie mess, I feel that says a lot. People like him and I feel that their reasons for doing so is just as valid.

      I say the series has established characters because most of us (hell even outside of here) can easily discern what most of the characters are already about, sometimes just due to their designs real talk. What I'm saying is that we don't need an entire issue just to cover that Tails is smart and builds shit. The series can afford to keep introductions short and move things along.

      Plus, I'm going to be completely real here, this entire argument is sort of ridiculous to me. For a decade now we've had people screaming how the games should limit the cast and it flat out has not worked there. Hell, Tails has been a focus in every single one of these entries in the last decade and I'd argue he's actually gotten worse as a result. Imo, his best line of growth happened in the Adventure games which, ironically enough, had a huge cast. This "focus" angle has only severed to limit things.

      And what? Now the same argument is entering the comics? The medium made for storytelling and providing fans of these characters some substance when the games can't? Suddenly that needs to try and cut back too even when the writing has been great regardless? Come on.

    15. Conquering Storm’s Servant

      Conquering Storm’s Servant



      Very mature comments though. Right in line with 4chan and youtube. Except for those who didn't resort to such pettiness, those of you are cool. What's next wanna run down the other typical responses? How about telling me to shut up I don't know what I'm talking about? Wanna call me an idiot next? I'm not a true fan? Go on I've heard em.

      Well you’re certainly not helping your own case.

    16. Zaysho



      Very mature comments though. Right in line with 4chan and youtube. Except for those who didn't resort to such pettiness, those of you are cool. What's next wanna run down the other typical responses? How about telling me to shut up I don't know what I'm talking about? Wanna call me an idiot next? I'm not a true fan? Go on I've heard em.

      Gee I wonder what could have earned you responses like this...


      It's probably why the Archie comics have never been good. Ok at best. Better than IDW but not saying much. Pretty much a joke to my other weekly solicits.

      Oh, right.

    17. dbzfan7


      @Strickerx5 First off Thank you for civility and maturity even if you don't agree with me. If only other users could be like you and have your level of class.

      True sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. But it's worth a try every now and then to experiment. I feel like that's what the Tangle and Whisper series is setting up. A chance for this.

      Don't get me wrong I do like Ian. I think he does good work with characters better than anyone else in the franchise. I just don't find his stories themselves all that good. He can write a character, keep them usually in character, but after that it's a gamble whether the story itself is good. It's a very good move to keep him. Heck it may not even be his fault entirely if stories he wants to tell have trouble getting by his superiors.

      Yes but that's not what I'm saying. I'm saying we go into more of who they are, not just exasperate the traits they have. Tails is smart and builds shit....yeah let's not have a story about that. To take from Archie one of their neat ideas was Tails having magic ancestry. Rather than going more on that...they really didn't...which was a shame. It's even lampooned by evil Miles funny enough.

      I wouldn't say he is a focus. He's really a placeholder for exposition. Nothing he does is to serve his character in the games. It's all to serve whatever Sonic is doing. You could have anyone else in his spot and you'd get the same thing. He's a tool rather than a character in the games. But I do agree focusing on less doesn't always work either. Just from what I've seen mostly with Sonic games and comics. More tends to end up being a problem. Even IDW at the end of season 1 had this and that's just with it's own cast. With more books and support I'd be more for a ton more characters introduced over time. But with what little we have I hope we start slowly. Like if we do bring in FF, let's start with say Sally...then slowly bring in others and so on perhaps over time.

      No the comics can allow for more you are right. I really got to ask how much is too much and how little is too little do you think? IDW kinda already has me worried about too much as they did their big end clashing event in Season 1 and it really was mediocre. I love a big like climax like that, but with just that many characters I wasn't given much reason to care. That's with just mostly core game...so even more than that. I'm not sure right now.

      @Zaysho Oh please if people have a problem with me saying that they are way too sensitive. Good lord if you told me Dragon Ball was no good and never was I'm not gonna roll my eyes at you and be like "Uh huh yah sure bro whatever you say" Instead I would say. "Well I'm sorry you didn't like it." Like seriously? It's a cartoon hedgehog. I'm a guy on the net. Why take it so seriously? I can't count the numerous shit talking on the forum alone when it comes to people just talking about the games and I don't see this kind of attitude reflected on it.

      @Conquering Storm’s Servant My own case? What is this a courtroom? A debate team? I'm not trying to win some game here. I'm not trying to say I'm right and everyone else is wrong. I'm saying what I feel and that's it. Go ahead and think my opinions are trash for all I care. 

    18. Conquering Storm’s Servant

      Conquering Storm’s Servant

      No, what you’re doing now is throwing a hissy fit for being called out on your attitude. That’s not helping your case.

    19. Sean


      I don't care about your opinions, but what bothers me is that you're being an insufferable prick for no reason. Knock it off with this self-important garbage or pack up and fuck off.

    20. Zaysho



      Oh please if people have a problem with me saying that they are way too sensitive. Good lord if you told me Dragon Ball was no good and never was I'm not gonna roll my eyes at you and be like "Uh huh yah sure bro whatever you say" Instead I would say. "Well I'm sorry you didn't like it." Like seriously? It's a cartoon hedgehog. I'm a guy on the net. Why take it so seriously? I can't count the numerous shit talking on the forum alone when it comes to people just talking about the games and I don't see this kind of attitude reflected on it.


      You turned this conversation into talking about implementing characters to openly shitting on Archie for not being as good as your pull list and then get pissed off when people are exasperated with you because of that? Whatever, man. Miss me with this garbage.

    21. Ryannumber1gamer


      The reason Season 1's climax sucked isn't because of the amount of characters present, it's due to multiple factors, including world-building, pacing, and direction.

      Battle on Angel Island felt rushed and with very little stakes. The first six issues were based around generic robot fights, Metal didn't get revealed til Issue 7, and the remaining issue was used to introduce Whisper before going right into Angel Island.

      For such a gigantic threat that the world was in danger, it felt like shit all was actually happening in terms of stakes, and that's because there was little to zero world-building, a core problem that's caused by too little memorable characters or set-pieces. If the first 12 issues spent it's time introducing memorable locales, and citizens people would care to remember, then it would feel like there's an actual world in danger.

      But because Sonic and co had no real attachment or connection to any supporting cast member found in any villages, bar Tangle and Whisper, it comes off as nothing because we don't have proper time to connect to the world at large, and give a shit about saving it. Metal Sonic's threat loses impact because there's nothing at stake that people actually care about compared to even situations like Unleashed where Dark Gaia's threat felt very real because you spent the rest of the game interacting with different citizens in different cities who each have their own side quests, and personalities. Things like that make an impact.

      If anything, characters was the least of the issues. All character interaction was pretty strong no matter how many was involved, and everyone got at least a moment to shine, especially with Blaze accessing her burning form, and Tails ramming into Metal Overlord.

    22. dbzfan7


      I'm being a prick? For what? I don't see any of this when people shit on the games constantly...and I mean constantly. Like almost once a day someone shits on the games. Why is this suddenly a problem now? What makes this any different?

      I get annoyed when people take an argument so seriously that's all. It's always 3 things when it comes to where it suddenly matters. Shadow, Amy, and the Freedom Fighters. Every single time it's brought up there is something and unsurprisingly it's always the same people which still proves true here. Like every single time it's in a thread or status, shockingly...or really not so shockingly it's always the same people...causes a stir...gets locked/mod attention. Rinse repeat.

      But usually say anything else in the exact same way might I add, suddenly it's no problem. You those Heroes is a piece a shit and was never good. I'm sure there's the Adventure games were bad or their stories were never good, etc. Plenty of those comments...not a single problem. No one has to go all sarcastic or aggressive. There's hardly a hitch. But here...suddenly it's an issue.


    23. dbzfan7



      I do think if we cut back on the season 1 characters at the time it really would have helped. It also would have helped to actually have a better ongoing story too, but we got what we got. It also doesn't help we get 24 or so pages a month and that's not a lot to work with.

      I would say a few did, while others didn't. Ian's character work is not something I really have all a problem with. It's more the stories told than anything else.

    24. Tornado


      I'm amused how quickly this supposedly well-reasoned strawman bullshit about how Sonic Team is too stupid to use the characters they have so they shouldn't implement characters from other parts of the franchise by jamming them all into a game at once (because that's how they would definitely have to I guess) so rapidly devolved into "well Archie was never good anyway so that's that".



      Not at all surprised, mind you.

    25. dbzfan7


      If that's what you want to take out of everything I said. Then I guess that's fine. I made a mistake because I shat on the wrong thing. Despite there easily being at least 1 "shit on something Sonic related comment" on the forum alone bluntly without much of a problem. I merely choose the wrong thing.

      Someone says "Heroes is shit and was never good" Hey that's fine. No big deal there. 

      Someone says "Adventure games stories have always been shit" Hey that's fine nothing wrong with that.

      Someone says "Sonic X was all terrible" Hey no big deal.

      Say something about Archie. "Gasp that's illegal"

      Literally every single day there's at least 1 of these comments on something without a hitch. Hell it's why I avoided putting this in a thread because of how I knew this is exactly the shit that would happen. My original comment was more of a sarcastic poke of opinion which I thought had no business being in a thread for real discussion, and it somehow turned into one anyways. Even then I meant in comparison to DC and Marvel. 

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  22. I liked Johnny's Team Sonic Racing review, but thought the whole addressing the light vs dark tone thing a little disingenuous. I feel it's a bit cherry picking to say people don't want government terrorist or killing Sonic. I mean yeah of course not...no duh. But that's not really what the people who clamor for a more darker side isn't about. They just want things to actually matter again and have a point. It'd be like if I said TSR and Colors are why we shouldn't have light hearted stories. It'd be cherry picking that light side isn't great.

    I also wanted to add the whole example of Eggman and Shadow...I don't see how it works for newer fans but rather older ones...and even then a vocal amount of Shadow fans hate Shadgeta/Meme Shadow. I like dancing Eggman and got a chuckle of dick Shadow in TSRO as a veteran fan, but I'm not sure how that is going to make new people want to buy into Sonic. Sonic has always been the edgier alternative to Mario. I don't mean dark dark but supposed to be the cooler more awesome choice. But when I show this to my younger brothers who aren't older than 6 they tell me Mario does it to and I like Mario. I gotta tell em who this character is and that character is in Sonic...but they lose interest fast. 

    1. Kuzu


      "Cooler and edgier" are extremely broad terms.

      Sonic's original purpose is no longer even relevant, so why does he need to play off something that literally makes him a product of the 90's?

    2. Diogenes



      They just want things to actually matter again and have a point.

      but what does that actually mean?

      e: and does it even have anything to do with light vs dark anyway? infinite is dark but he's also completely meaningless.

    3. dbzfan7


      I merely use that as an easy to understand terms. What I mean is by basically becoming Mario....why bother with Sonic? It's like why play third rate Mario when you can just play...Mario. It opens my eyes when my brothers say those things cause they're right. The kids know why should they bother. I've had them enjoy some Sonic games here and there but they just see "Lesser Mario"

      In accordance to mean anything I mean to have a story that takes itself seriously enough that it functions with proper story beats than immediately fall apart. Especially when they boil down to overpowered MC basically steam rolls through everything, not really being phased, challenged, questioned, having to think about really anything. It's dull. An overpower MC can work, but not the way they write Sonic. Another word I can use is forgettable. The plots are so forgettable you might as well not have one. As much as we can tear apart the more plot heavy games, forgettable isn't something I would label them as. 

    4. Diogenes


      are we really still doing this "sonic beats everything and never has a problem ever" thing

    5. dbzfan7



      If that's what you want to take out of that. I consider not being completely forgettable the main point but sure........

    6. Kuzu


      The only people who care about the plot of Sonic games, are hardcore fans dude.

      People just wanna play games dude. If Sega actually bothered to build off the series' strengths instead of just throwing in gimmicks and half-assing everything, people would be more inclined.


      It doesn't have anything to do with the story, the games are just fucking bad dude. Nobody wants to play mediocre to bad games when there's a better alternative in Mario.

    7. dbzfan7


      I know it doesn't have to do with story. But my point was marketing it like third rate Mario is really not going to suddenly grab more people's attention.

      Mario plays off his same strength's from the 80's, so I don't see why playing off the 90's is bad. Especially when movies today from time to time still do that.

  23. 6 most commonly sometimes 7. I don't usually feel like my time is wasted, but I don't usually feel it's well rewarded either. But it's more rewarded than wasted so it's around the average comic.
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