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  1. Isn't Cheese like an established badass? I mean Cream points and Cheese destroys everything.
  2. For those who haven't seen it, I present the best Dragon Ball Fan Manga Ever! Ala Rereboy compiled. https://imgur.com/a/48sol https://imgur.com/a/6URtD Dragon Ball - Who wants to be a superhero? - by Michsi - Up to date Pages 01 - 35 Pages 36 - 70 Pages 71 - 95 Also, so that the pages are never lost again, I've compiled them all in a zip file and in a cbz file (for those who enjoy reading comics with CDisplay or similar programs): Zip: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8U9vOnSj5TmNk9LaUwzbkFGWjQ/view?usp=sharing Cbz: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8U9vOnSj5TmOV92amwzaWMwMzA/view?usp=sharing[/quote]
  3. Sure there is...........because they're not Sonic.....the criteria is Sonic. I hear Sonic Team may drop the team part of their name for just Sonic.....created by the Sonic for the Sonic.
  4. Never happened clearly according to them. I mean Sonic X literally skipped over his biggest SA1 moment...so maybe they are giving those games the same treatment.....except for Big the Cat.....cause memes.
  5. It's working....just not in the right way. My sorry feeling is for shit treatment, and not the terrible characterization parody.
  6. I was just making a joke from what you wrote ala my belief they do not give two shits about Tails. They try to make him unlikable and useless. He deserves so much better than the crap material they've shit into a bag and handed him....after setting said bag of shit on fire......and a note attached that says nerd on it.
  7. Nah that displeases Sonic Team. Tails is smart, therefore law of character stereotype/archetype says he must be weak to compensate. Flip it in reverse for Knuckles (Well he ain't dumb in this game, but has been treated as such for a while). There's a reason I say Tails has pretty much become Jimmy Neutron. No really it's surprising how he is now more like him.
  8. True but while I vastly prefer a competent Eggman, he still needs his style, flair, and antics to make it memorable his rule.
  9. His ego shoulda been all over the place once he achieved victory. With a goofy lookin Eggman world and rules. But instead we got a dull military bland Eggman rule.
  10. Nah he's got an ego and would buy into himself. If anything he was too reserved in this game.
  11. Tails has to live with Charmy now being more competent than him. I don't think he could get a worse punishment.
  12. Just saying what they could do, not should do.
  13. Burned my hand, hurts like hell.

    1. RedFox99


      Are you okay now?

    2. dbzfan7


      Nope. Not at all  ^^;

    3. RedFox99


      Sorry to hear that.

  14. Could go the Tails/Knux route, or Xenoverse route.
  15. Could be taken as not falling for the common FC pit trap (Despite falling into so many), or Super is a Sonic's only club.
  16. "I'm not owned, YOU'RE OWNED." "I didn't lose, I just let you win!"
  17. And people thought Boom Knuckles lifted bro.... But not to worry. He'll grow up on a different path.
  18. Don't forget when he was the chosen one where he became the most powerful/ugliest thing in existence
  19. Hey he beat....some....human guy....who touched his tails........yeah...... Well early on it was SATAM like but later on yes.
  20. He was also pretty much as capable as current Tails too, as in not at all XP
  21. Could be excuse to not have them playable?
  22. I dunno....there is the "Friends are for loooosers" crowd.
  23. He was though as he didn't even try to do anything. He just like in the present got scared, cried for help, and hid. It was the first moment in the series where Tails flees and hides. It woulda been fine if he had another moment to counter suit that (Not necessarily against the same opponent) to show despite being scared of the Dark Gaia creatures he could at least help Sonic out still....but he never does. If he was shown trying to fight them but they kept reforming so he couldn't do anything it wouda been fine. If he at least tried and failed it wouldn't be so bad. But he didn't do anything. It'd be the same if Knuckles or Amy or whoever had the same scenario and reacted the same. For this to work you have to have a character make up for their weak moment in some later time, or else they just look bad if they can't redeem themselves even in a small way. It's booking 101. So that scene basically kickstarted the whole Tails is weak and useless thing as after that, that's what he became. The the trend continued to Colours and so on. Well to address both points in the comics he could be BOTH. He could use strategy as well as things like spin dash, tail swipe, etc. I mean in his own stand alone he used strategy to take out the big robot. True but they were included and hardly did anything. Even Sonic coulda flew the plane himself. Fair enough. I still think it at least set the seeds for the others then. Generations basically more or less showed it, and Lost World nailed the coffin.
  24. You got dis Sanic. I fear the IDW comics might change the status quo to the modern games. I really hope they just stick to how Archie was doing things by. But they very well could try to be as accurate to the current games as possible....which honestly could be very bad. I know Flynn is to be trusted, but corporate rules could maybe change the story and characters. I'd say it started with Sonic Unleashed honestly. Knuckles is nowhere to be seen, Tails' new weak cowardly persona formed, Amy does nothing, etc. If that's the case then they need better agents bad...especially Tails. Knowing his character he sticks around as he's loyal to Sonic and the series but has the attitude of "Things will get better right. I'll get better scripts right?" And that's why Lost World had bitchy Tails.
  25. I have felt betrayed as a Tails fan since like 2008. Though we'll see why in the DLC Shadow didn't save the world perhaps. Though to be fair Sonic lost to Infinite twice, so Shadow probably without understanding his powers would fall into the same boat. If Sonic lol stomped Infinite in every fight and Eggman took over the world, then I would be pissed as it makes the supporting cast feel like they can't do crap....which honestly....they mostly can't lately except for Shadow...Knuckles sometimes....Blaze but she knew better than to be in this game....and that's about it I think...
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