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  1. Yeah the big tough stupid one. There's always the pretty one, the freaky one with the weird power, and the big tough stupid one. He fits with Tails and Amy as misfit minions of Sonic XP You take that back. Flying and bending levels to your whim is way better than just gliding and being another Sonic XP
  2. I mean I love Mania and wouldn't mind any of this honestly, but I know plenty who still really want a good 3D title. But I have a hard time feeling we will get one that makes everyone happy. If it were it probably smells bad. Well his future goal is way bigger than that is more closure than anything else. It's Knuckles stupidity that Sega believes everyone likes. So really if he tried to fight he'd trip over his own feet or believe everything anyone tells him ever.
  3. So let's just have Mania styled games with more characters and short cartoons like they have done. More characters. Simple story. Good gameplay. We all win. Well we do if we just ditch 3D Sonic entirely.
  4. Being his own hero. Obtaining Sonic's bravery. Helping people not just like how he does with Sonic, but his own way. Using his own technological know how to create a better future, etc. Just a few off the top of my head without living deep to other canons. That's pretending Sega would care to let him do anything but explain something, and act stupid. So basically just like Tails. Explain something and not much else.
  5. Agree to disagree really. But it's more I don't care for Phoenix nor think he is needed, but I know plenty who do want him so. It's a case of good luck to who you want in.
  6. They can swap Tails with Knuckles, and his job will be to explain ancient ruins to Sonic, then do nothing else.
  7. Exactly don't hog all the crossover spotlight dammit 😜
  8. If they can't come up with something, then yes actually. To this day many even argue his arc was done and should have died in SA2. He continued anyways to mixed results. You can continue indefinitely, but if you go nowhere you basically tread water. You become eye candy more than anything else. It could be argued Tails character arc was done in like Adventure 2 or Heroes. Though he pulled a Gohan and 180'd any sort of development he did have, just to be put in a sub par role. Or to in the future go through the same arc again, and then 180 again. Who knows. Comparing the two Shadow has had his story told. A lot of his dilemmas have been cased closed. All addressed or dealt with. While Tails big goal really hasn't been reached, or the closest he got led to a regression. It's easy to tell a newer Tails story because a lot hasn't been covered, things addressed, etc. Shadow's really only got trying to find a new purpose....which he's treaded on since 06 and that's about it. Of course more can be done there on said discovery, but I feel that's a lot less to do when compared to an incomplete character like Tails.
  9. He's not allowed to be anything else, not that he isn't anything else. Not to mention Shadow basically played out his whole story in a 3/4 game arc no less, which makes it difficult to see where to even go at this point. But he does have independence which is a much stronger characteristic that makes it easier to do something...if there was much left to do. The difference is so much can be done with Tails still if they do it. While Shadow has had so much done with him he has less places to go. He's independent which makes a good starting point, but not much middle or end to speak of since they kinda happened already.
  10. It's honestly not as hard people make it out to be. Well except for balancing a large cast cause that is hard. But even with a small cast they tend to not even be able to handle that either. It also doesn't help Tails case that the screen time he's given shows he's not really going anywhere but treading waters. Everyone else has either grown or is more independent. Because of the role of plot bitch he's just one of his own tools rather than his own character. Completely serving the plot they want to tell rather than himself. Depending on who you ask Tails is a character with as much potential or nearing Sonic in where you can go with him, or his story is done and can't go anywhere like Shadows.
  11. Meh Phoenix already got MvC3. He got his crossover title. I just need Tails to be complete. Blech Shadow. But as more likely candidates at this point I side with Ryu Hayabusa and Lloyd Irving.
  12. Still don't see him as one. Hyper competent sidekick is Penny from Inspector Gadget, though done on purpose. Couldn't say. I didn't watch all of Boom, I stopped because I thought it was shit, and later season 2 clips I did see were also shit. So I have not bothered to dive in. I'll take late Archie or IDW over what I have seen of him in Boom anyday. But from what I have seen I do think is at least better than Unleashed to Forces.
  13. I don't think it's close at all. Shadow and Blaze are far more competent. They are characters who can work on their own easily. Compared to Tails who really can't work on his own. I did watch early episodes of Boom before quiting, and last I checked when he went on his own to Eggman, he was captured and basically useless. Episode...3...I think it was....I don't know.
  14. The only reason Tails is given these "I'm always right" kind of story beats, is because he'd be absolutely inconsequential otherwise. He's basically made useless in pretty much everything outside of machines, so if he was wrong about other things people would ask "Why the fuck is he even here?" I mean I still ask that at times with how the stories are handled, but that's just how poorly they handle him. For the whole Colors thing, I think it makes sense what the characters did, but it on the other hand it kinda pushes away the whole partners thing. Especially when he never helped at any point before, so this is just another point of never helping. It's just covered up and handled a better way than other times. He should be right up there with Luigi. He should be synonymous with Sonic as Luigi is to Mario. Yet because of being so badly mishandled he's not. It's kind of infuriating considering this was our player 2. The one who helped plenty of kids like me and my younger brothers of this generation get to play these games. That's an extremely important gameplay role, as well as role in gaming itself for those who were Sega kids. But then player 2 became NPC but still was around which lessened the appeal. I've ranted a bunch on this topic in the past but the things I see kinda odd are the hyper competent label which is absurd considering he can't really affect much of anything on his own. Hyper competent would fit Shadow far more than Tails. Tails needs Sonic to basically accomplish anything at all in the newer stuff years after where he should feel more independent and grown (Look no further than later Archie to see some of how he's grown). Shadow though really just like Sonic doesn't need help. They're far more hyper competent because really they don't need anybody. Tails as a sidekick is kinda pointless when the hero is far too good for him, as well as not grooming him for greater things. So he comes off as utterly pointless because of eternal stand still status quo stuff. It's a lot why people gravitate to other Sonic characters like Shadow, Blaze, and sometimes Knuckles. They have some independence. Tails doesn't. He's had a few moments, but mostly isn't really contributing on his own. Mostly cause well he's a partner character and contributes with the hero. But even then as a partner he feels pretty pointless. A lot of what he can do could basically be radio'd over to fix after Sonic pretty much does everything. He doesn't even have to be next to Sonic, and as of lately, it'd probably be better since he's made into a weak coward who is useless. So he might as well sit in that plane until Sonic says it's safe for him to use magic techno skills to pretend to be competent when he's not.
  15. So apparently OPM season 2 is now over? I mean...it really feels odd to end it here as this isn't really a good ending point. At least with Boros we felt an ending but here...not really. It basically ended in like the middle of the story.

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      A lot of people said that this was the best point to end, because the arc is so long that it would take Season 3 to cover.

      I get that, but it sure as hell makes Season 2 just feel like a set up season more than anything.

    2. dbzfan7


      Probably would have been better at an earlier point honestly, as this is a terrible conclusion. Perhaps even ending at the tournament would have been better. Here nothing is really resolved. There's no real resolution, etc. But yes this arc is a long one til it ends. Heck the Manga isn't even finished it, but the Web comic did quite a while ago.

    3. Wraith


      Season 2 shouldn't have been made at this point in time

    4. Vertical Snoop [D.K.]

      Vertical Snoop [D.K.]

      I didn't even know a season 2 was a thing until you said it was over but looking through some footage (and going off the fact that a new season by another studio is never a good sign) I don't think I missed much.

    5. Wraith


      It was bad

    6. dbzfan7


      Story was still good, but the storyboarding of the anime....not so much.

    7. Vertical Snoop [D.K.]
    8. Lord-Dreamerz


      They rushed the stories badly in S2 and even cut out some side stories too. They should had made it 24 episodes if they wanted to cover that amount of the original story-lines instead of trying to poorly super condense it into only 12. OPM is among the most popular anime out there... I don't why the commissioned anime studios don't pour more money and time into it. A real shame.

    9. Dejimon11


      Man I completely forgot about this show. 

  16. I probably am a rare breed that just can't understand nor like Gon from Hunter X Hunter. He's a walking paradox conundrum that confuses me to no end.

    His goals and desires are so against each other that it just feels like the world bends towards him so they can somehow work, rather than some sort of inner logic.

  17. Wow this is pretty detailed

    *upon close inspection*


  18. Thanks Teamfourstar, we got some new forum weapons from that Kai abridged episode XP

  19. Yeah glad with the one we got compared to the others.


    1. SupahBerry



      We finally found him... It's been so many years...


      On the other hand, I had no clue what I was looking at on that first frame

    2. tailsBOOM!


      THat looks like a Smash victory animation

  22. Had some ribs and a pepperoni pizza. That should do it toni- *Harvey's Double Bacon Cheese Burger and Poutine brought into the house for me* Welp looks like dinner isn't over yet.

    If I was on a diet this would be the worst cheat day ever XD

  23. Everybody talkin bout Crash and Toy Story, and I'm just sitting here playing Bayonetta 2 again....

    1. TCB


      That game is so good. 

  24. *Someone still says Bills instead of Beerus/Beers as if it's 2013 again*
    "I thought we killed your kind."


  25. I'm surprised at some of the extreme hate I'm seeing from Moro. I don't think he's that bad. He's at least got some Janemba like saving graces at least going for him. I don't praise him much either. Though maybe I'm wrong, and it's just that Jiren was so awful and such a black hole of charisma that anything not that terrible is immediately not that bad...

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