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  1. This ban hero stuff is silly. From all the tournaments I looked up he's not won any big ones I can find, and doesn't tend to place all that high either. If he was dominating tournaments I think there would be an argument to ban. Otherwise it just seems like getting mad if you fall for his tricks.
  2. Everytime on Kanzenshuu the canon debate comes up


    It makes me feel blessed that the Shadow and Amy conversations while done to death are at least about the characters, and not just arguing essentially for a cartoon bible they follow. Nothing like muh canon is true yours is not, which really means my opinion is better than yours hidden behind the dreaded C word.

  3. Especially when it comes to the point I have to have the ignore feature just so I don't have to see the same post over and over again.
  4. FINALLY!!!! That little shit Awakening Link spirit appeared so I can get the FINAL spirit. At long laaaaast!!!

  5. I enjoyed this issue. Apparently Shadow isn't that fast without his rocket shoes hah! Seeing my son Tails is also nice, but Silver is the MVP right now. Like he is your best weapon for this crisis. He can fly and avoid most attacks in the air at a safe distance, and he can fight without having to touch them with his psychic powers. Dude is the most valuable front line combatant right now outside of Sonic. Omega is great too and he has some fun chemistry with Tails. I wanna talk about someone else but I'm afraid to add yet another repeated conversation on top of the Shadow one so I don't really want to say it.
  6. The Links awakening spirit never appears for me, it's frustrating. It's the last spirit I need and despite outlets saying it's now part of the main game, it still never appears.

  7. You don't need to re-read it, it's shit. Outside of a like a X and Mega Man having a moment, none of it was any good. A massive fuckstercluck. You'd be better off just playing Project X Zone or whatever to get that Sega Capcom crossover alongside namco bandai stuff.
  8. Whisper just keeps ascending to best girl spot...it gets tougher and tougher to pick between her and Blaze.
  9. So to keep these apparent Star Wars thing in spoilers just in case.


    So apparently we're getting Dark Side Rey with a light saber staff ala Darth Maul. Eh I bet on them coping out and it being a vision or mere temptation rather than a big plot point. Maybe even just some sort of vision like battle like in Empire Strikes Back. Sequel Trilogy has burned me too much to try and feel any hype. I do hope they do something with this idea though in a good way and not make it a gimmick. Though really if they were pulling the trigger on this, they should have done it at the end of the last movie to have an awesome cliff hanger instead of...that other shit.


  10. Didn't expect the Dragon Quest 11 demo to bore me so much. 2 hours or so in and I just don't care about anything. I'm usually down for some turn based stuff but man the early game isn't kind.

    I don't really like anyone or anything from the story either, though it's harder to sell me on a messiah angle. Your name might as well be Jesus Christ. Throw in a beard and stache, change the hair brown and we got animoo sword Jesus. The Moses baby stuff really sealed that imagery.

    In 2 hours no one is interesting or engaging, very vanilla hero stuff, and your tool kit is too small to start. And apparently it's 10 hours this demo...jeez. I mean props for content but damn.

    Moves do get flashier later but mostly early on it's not gripping me. Which it needs to more as this is old school, so interactivity is low. I also laughed at running sections....like yeah I play JRPGs for running away from things in action game like scenarios....woo.

    I'm hard pressed to even want to continue it. 

  11. Well I gave it a try for the spirits...don't get the appeal so far after like near 2 hours.
  12. And now the smash community is the worst ever as far as I'm concerned. It was bad already...but bullying a teenage girl to commit suicide because they apparently wanted Ashley and Waluigi...not cool. 

    1. Menace2Society


      Uhhhhhhh, source?

      Cuz what the fuck?

    2. dbzfan7


      https://twitter.com/search?q=ashley smash&src=typed_query

      Queenashleychan was bullied to death. Almost makes me want Sakurai and nintendo to never make another one just so assholes like these don't get rewarded. Almost because it's not fair to say every smasher is bad...but seriously fuck the smash online community.

    3. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      These people don't deserve to play video games. They should be taken away from them.

    4. Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      I've never been one to judge an entire community and have them all suffer for the bad faction of their ranks.

    5. Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      Those specific folk are certainly terrible, but wishing a game never to be made again is a mentality that you might as well have for every game series considering how every fanbase has its terrible folk.

    6. tailsBOOM!


      I was a part  of the same  community as them.  We didn't really talk that much, but they are definitely missed 

    7. Menace2Society


      Okay, pretty late reply but apparently, the girl never actually killed herself. She was just faking it the whole time.


    8. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Geez... it's stuff like this that tells me not to trust anyone, but she kinda brought this on herself.


      Under NO circustances you should ever share your Twitter account.

  13. Wow I always see people pick the DQ3 Hero all the time despite DQ11 being the default. Usually I always see the default color/costumes but with Hero it's always DQ3. Was it the most famous one? I haven't played any of them. Is it because they are voiced by Ocarina of Time Link? I go with Solo personally since I think he has the coolest get up, dragon sword/shield, and is voiced by Trunks from Dragon Ball/Super. 

    1. pppp


      Because DQ3 is a fan favorite game among fans.

    2. Soniman


      He looks like Goku 

    3. pppp


      @Soniman Well, considering who drew him that's not very surprising.

    4. tailsBOOM!


      Erdrick (DQ III hero) is the human face of the franchise 

    5. Soniman


      You'd think it'd be DQ1's hero 

    6. pppp


      @Soniman DQ1's hero is devoid of any iconic traits that would make him a good mascot.

    7. tailsBOOM!


      @Soniman even in DQ I Erdrick is heavily mentioned.  The townsfolk mention how much of a Hero your ancestor Erdrick was.  He's also heavily mentioned in a similar way in II.  

  14. So what is with all the common delays? I understand having them but there's been quite a few.
  15. It really depends honestly on the conflict. It also depends on how much impact said characters have. Of course Sonic has to save the day, he's the main character. He has to in some form save the day. Whether he does it on his own, or has help doing it. He must be present. When it comes to everyone else you either give them some importance or relevancy or don't have them at all. Who likes just seeing a character stand there honestly. Standing and talking is boring. If the best you can give a character is stand and talk...don't bother having them.
  16. Man South Park can't come back sooner just to show how asinine the world is. There needs to be an episode where Garrison thinks of addressing the real issue with all these shootings (Which they did a bunch of last season in bringing up) but is flashed tons of money by the NRA and instead outlaws video games. So there is like a whole secret service or authoritarians group who just come to South Park to take all the video games away to piss off all the kids. The adults won't care and think hey this is probably a good thing for their kids. Then this happens again and again when nothing is solved, Garrison is about to try to address the real issue, but the NRA waves more money at him so he finds something else to blame. So then something else like social media is banned for kids is taken away and the people of South Park eat this up. It's not until nothing is solved and Garrison takes away drinking like the ol days of prohibition where the adults finally start to give a crap about what he's doing. The whole episode would end where it finally looks like Garrison will address the problem, he tells the NRA to fuck off, but he has no damned idea what he is doing or how to help anyone....he just manages to somehow blame something everyone hates and people just attack that instead. I haven't figured out what that punchline would be, but it would have be universally hated that it works as another distraction.

  17. And even then it's a lot of the time something you find in the room....which Sonic Boom did a bunch of.
  18. Stupid Links Awakening Spirit. I just need one more to complete my collection but the game won't show it because it's exclusive. Dammit.

    1. tailsBOOM!


      It should appear in the store.  The event spirits reappear in the store

  19. Well yeah. He gets one chapter then disappears til several chapters later and so on. Honestly no one can really shine much outside of like Sonic, Tangle, and Whisper as they're the only ones who are being given more. Because of the rotating cast it's difficult to really do much as the next issue will switch up things and basically throw in someone else to just be there and then left behind.
  20. It's not too bad, but noticeable. He has nicer moments to help balance it out. I mean he may be somewhat punchable, but not totally punchable like the main games have done lately.
  21. Hey don't get me wrong I'm overall satisfied too. My complaints were merely gripes. Nothing that ruined anything. It was fun and cute stuff. I still standby what I said of Sonic, but this is a show that's also focused on comedy, so I understand the route they went with him. None of it were deal breakers in any way and it was a true love letter that we don't really get often anymore. I think the overall layout and way it played out was solid. I really wouldn't change that much of what was there other than maybe a few little tweaks. That really shows how pretty satisfied I am. I went in worried and came out feeling like this was a winner.
  22. Oh no don't get me wrong. You can like that if you want to. That's ok. Hell there's so many Sonic's to chose from. I just feel he shouldn't be as blow hardy as Eggman honestly. With how he is as of late I get the feeling he'd build Sonic Land himself haha. Yeah Eggman's a villain...he's supposed to be full of himself and only think of how great he is and proving it. Sonic though...well pick your poison he's either a blowhard, a shonen hero, an action hero, a cutesy type, a jerk, or probably a lot more depending on which Sonic ya pick.
  23. I still think they took Sonic a bit too much into a blowhard. Feels too much like Eggman to me. As well as making me question too much why people would like him if he's in love with himself. I liked it sometimes when it was funny, like him being a bad teacher and just lounging til KO gets it, as well as falling asleep bored. But other times it comes off as too much like when his pal is getting recognition for once and not him so he gets fed up. I'd think he'd be proud, or if we wanted to throw in some attitude just take some credit with Tails skills as his teacher. Like how he did with KO despite not teaching him jack shit which was funny.
  24. Ah well fair enough. I don't mind it as it gives him a character flaw as well as shows he may be smart but immature. I see where you're getting at though.
  25. I suppose, but honestly it's for the better. I think it not being the main point and how he tackles it to be better for him than what Lost World did and I wouldn't say Lost World had a story to tell with him...more like an idea that was barely cooked that was just thrown in onto the main side dish cause why not. But I get what you mean. For all of 10 minutes they had, I think they did it well. How would you have handled this in a way that works, but also doesn't just end up pissing everyone off like in Lost World?
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