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  1. Riddle me this: Game Boy Players are common and can be had for like 40-50 bucks, yet the discs that go with them are rare and add $100 to the cost. Even though logic dictates that due to the disc being necessary for the thing to work every GBP shipped with a disc, meaning there should be as many discs out there as there are players. As they say:


    1. Speederino


      I regret selling my Game Boy Player so, so fucking much. Tbf though, I guess I'd have no interest in using it on anything other than a CRTV.

    2. Diogenes


      disks are fragile

  2. "Did you do it?" 



    "What did it take?"


    No really, those Squidward faced bastards took all of my carrots, iron, gold, flint, books, dyes, glass, and stones. And I'm willing to bet the next update is going to add like 10 more achievements anyways, so this means basically nothing. If anything I'm like most of the way there to having enough emeralds to fully power a beacon, and if that isn't a sign of insanity I don't know what is.

  3. I've been trying to get all pf the achevements (something I VERY rarely  do) in MInecraft (Xbox One Bedrock version). I'm sitting at 99/103, two of the stragglers are just things I haven't gotten around to yet (taming 20 cats and making a Conduit) but the other two... just what were they thinking?

       The first is Master Trader, which is simply trading with Villagers for a meager 1000 emeralds. It's as bad a grind as it sounds, and with the artificial village I have in my base I get around 30-40 emeralds each trading run.

      And then there is the other achievement. Take this out of context if you must, but FUCK SUPER SONIC. To get it, you have to use your Elytra to glide through a 1x1 hole... at 40 m/s. Miss the hole and you die on impact with the ground. Believe it or not, flying through the hole isn't the issue, its getting the speed. 40 m/s by Minecraft standards is really fucking fast, so much so that nosediving 250 blocks isn't enough to get the achievement (a feat that I've managed TWICE, both times fuming when the achievement didn't pop). So again I ask:


    1. Mad Convoy

      Mad Convoy

      Times like these really make a person wish that dedicated gaming consoles were as mod-friendly as PCs.

      Conflicting achievement intentions can be really annoying. Sometimes the achievements are meant to be attempted like challenges, as a way of adding replay value and encouraging players to explore all aspects of the game. Others are just there to appease corporate executives who mandate achievements of some sort, even if it’s just ones as pathetic as “Press start”. And others aren’t meant to be attempted so much as they’re meant as a pleasant surprise or reward when the stars align and players pull off something absolutely ridiculous and awesome.

      And some games, like Minecraft, have all three types together. An effort to compromise between fans of different types that ultimately satisfies nobody.

  4. So what's your preference for Sonic CD's Soundtrack? Mines a bit mixed, goes as follows:

    PP: US hands down. JP just sounds a bit to... vanilla if that makes sense.

    CC: JP hands down. US is just absolute garbage in comparison

    TT: Really either or. I used to be JP all the way but I've warmed up to US over the years.

    QQ: US wins, but the JP track is still good

    WW: Again, US wins but JP is still catchy.

    SS: In a reverse of the last two, JP wins but I still like US, especially Bad Future

    MM: JP wins hands down. like CC US just doesn't compare, although this remix from OC Remix has made me warm up to it some. Again, my opinions on CD's soundtrack are very mixed to the point to where it's technically a tie. Sell at least for the level themes, JP kicks the crap out of US for the Boss and SS themes (heck the US OST doesn't even have an equivalent to Final Fever). Honestly, although they go for completely different tones overall both tracks are worthy of the game in my opinion. Except for CC US, that song is just garbage.

  5. So I'm sitting there playing Spyro, going through Lofty Castle with my cat sitting in my lap just like doo doo-doo doo-doo when out of nowhere she decides to jump down onto the floor and rather violently vomit for a good 30 seconds. She's alright, but man am I not built for cleaning up vomit. At least she had the kindness to jump onto the floor first, if she had vomited in my lap I would have probably puked myself.

  6. https://www.gameinformer.com/e3-2019/2019/06/10/microsoft-reveals-final-wave-of-xbox-one-backwards-compatibility-titles

    So that's the final wave of Xbox 360/OG Xbox games for Xbox One then... the only thing on there that piques my interest is Sphinx... but the copy I own that on is for the PS2.

  7. inb4 Microsoft announces the remake of everybody's favorite game, Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts.

    in all seriousness, I'm probably like one of two people on the planet who likes NnB. It's the game that got me into the series in the first place.

    1. Diogenes


      i'm not sure if it needs a remake but n&b was legit good and it's unfortunate that it got shit on so much for not being banjo-threeie

    2. Corviknight


      Hilariously there is an easter egg where there's a question printed on a disc in the LOGBox I believe asking if you remember Nuts and Bolts in 2018.

      So congrats! You remembered!

    3. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      Nuts and Bolts is a fucking fantastic game and people who talk about it like it's Sonic 06 tier are downright shameful

    4. PublicEnemy1


      I think Nuts and Bolts is a great game. I just don't think it's a very good B&K game. At least, I don't think it's Threeie, but more of a spin-off. If I have that mindset, I'll enjoy it more.

    5. SupahBerry


      I wouldn't mind if they packed it with the potential first two remakes. The doesn't seem like any real need to "remake" the game so much as "remaster," since that one was only one gen ago rather than three.

  8. https://www.gameinformer.com/2019/06/04/smell-like-video-games-with-new-xbox-branded-body-wash

    Does it smell like the burning plastic smell my Xbox One produces when it's choking on another session of Fallout 4 (seriously, what a horribly optimized game)?

    1. Marcello


      Finally, a reason to shower.

  9. Tilapia is the Fake Namek of fish. In that it's nothing more than tasteless filler that leaves you begging for it to end.

    1. CleverSonicUsername


      This'll probably sound dumb but, what's a Fake Namek?

    2. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      Well, sure, if you're absolutely awful at preparing it and dressing it up.

  10. I don't know about PS3/PS4, but transferring saves in BL2 on Xbox works like this: Step 1. Sign in on your 360 and pick the character you want to transfer (you can only do one at a time, unfortunately). Step 2. Go down to Cloud Saves and hit Upload Character. Step 3. Go on your PS4 and collect said character, rinse and repeat for any characters you want to transfer. Yes it's a pain but it works.
  11. It's almost become a tradition to me to trap Preston Garvey in a Poke Ball whenever I start a new game of Fallout 4 (always modded of course).


  13. I decided to try doing Saints Row 4 gunless. And immediately hit a roadblock in the intro (you have to use a big ol turret to shoot down alien ships). So I decided to ignore that to try and see how far I could get in the game proper and... it's not that far. The first Warden fight (basically the first boss fight) can't be punched or batted to death because no matter how hard you try he clubs you with one of his arms before you can hit him, taking a huge chunk of your health and sending you flying back twenty feet. Now, you could probably get a car and try to run him over, but I called it quits here.

  14. You know, when I watch this I can only imagine Sonic uttering "Long time no see!" for the first time ever.

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