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  1. @MetalSkulkBane We already have WoW and Overwatch skins for the Norms and Liz respectively. As for characters... yeah we really are starting to run out. I hope they at least add Emperor Velo before it's all said and done, but they'll probably butcher his voice anyways.
  2. You know, I was watching BSC's commentary on Sonic and the Secret Rings and I couldn't help but notice this banger. I myself haven't gotten far enough into the game to hear it (because I care about my well being) but yeah. This goes on my favorites list.

  3. Today I finally got around to getting all of the achievements  in Sonic Mania. Had to do an entire playthrough with Tails just to get Collect Them All because I didn't have a save file on hand for him.

  4. Screenshot_20191208-235903_Chrome.thumb.jpg.62bde95a06b754cdc0b0cf40904d5524.jpg

    This would be a fun alternative to My Emmerdoods.

  5. I got a new, bigger TV for Christmas this year. This thing is weird... most HDTVs either accept 240p input or don't. This thing takes any 240p signal it gets and upscales it to 480i. It's weird, but at least I can play PS1 and N64 games on the thing.

    1. Tornado


      It's (or at least was) actually more common for TVs to just force signals to 480i than it is to just not accept them. That's actually what the shitter HDMI scalars you see on Amazon and Ebay do too.



      It's AV equipment (like HT systems or receivers) that have serious trouble with 240p not being accepted.

  6. Was racing in CTR:NR for weekend coins and beat some guy in N Gin Labs because he lost his fire (not naming names). He then got super salty and threatened to report me for cheating. People sometimes, can't just have a good time. I get screwed in races all the time but you don't see me throwing a fit and taking it out on the guy who passed me.

  7. See, even the Joker does his taxes like a good boy. Unlike a certain green dinosaur...

  8. What the actual hell is going on at Bethesda? Are they trying to commit suicide?

  9. The funny thing is that when I did it the first time I tried Oxide. Now thanks to the power of U-turning I've gotten good enough to beat it first try. After doing a lot of grinding yesterday and with the coins I amassed in preparation, I'm sitting just over 17000 nitro with the Circus Ami bundle being the last thing I want to get. From then I'll be able.to start stockpiling coins for next time. I also want to give my thoughts on the new track, which I have love-hate feelings for. I love it because it's simple and fast, being a oval speedway type course with a blue fire pad and some jumps here and there, taking about as long as Papu's Pyramid while giving a slightly higher coin amount. I hate it because due to it being an oval speedway Speed types.have a disproportionate advantage over everyone else, more so than any other track. I main Drift but I have to switch to Speed whenever this track comes up online last I get left in the dust. Seriously, I had a race where I was in second and literally could not catch up to first because of this (getting nothing but TNT really didn't help either).
  10. Mmmm, that's that good shit there.

  11. @Sonictrainer I got it. I do go out of my way to get to 5% in both leaderboards though, never know when the game is gonna pull a stunt like that. Anyways, two of the pro challenges are winning five races as N. Tropy and using the Champion kart. Might as well be called "Make Yourself A Target Part 1 & 2". For extra fun throw on the digital skin and platinum paint and watch as seven strangers unite against you with a greater passion and desire to kill than the Avengers against Thanos. What were they thinking? Also, the Champion kart doesn't give a nitro bonus and that bothers me.
  12. I messed around with Ring Rally and I like it. Rings appear on the course and you have to get as many points as you can within the time limit. For each ring you get you a boost with some reserves and extra time. The rings get smaller with each lap but give more points and a stronger boost, eventually giving full blown USF(blue fire). And, the more points you get the more coins you earn, with the weekend multiplier on I got over 300 coins from getting 400000 points on Hot Air Skyway. Be prepared to git gud if you wanna get 700000 for the Nitro Challenge though. Also, since Pit Stop skins give 25%, stickers 5%, and wheels 10%(for 70% total), I've already hit gold tier (17000 nitro).
  13. You are stuck wherever in an unknown location for the rest of your life with one and only one game. However, that game comes with every conceivable feature it ever has or will have (online play if available, mods etc.) on every system it will ever be available for. What game will you choose? My answer is Minecraft, for the simple reason of there being so many mods and servers available that it will almost never become dull. 

    1. Sean


      (misread the question)

      Might go with Diablo 2

  14. I've gone and done a dumb today. I downloaded Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars thinking it was Complete Saga. Only when it finished did I realize my mistake. At least I didn't throw money away (Game Pass), but the six and a half gigs of fast hotspot data just went down the toilet. So here is Hark's lesson for today: READ.

    EDIT: I also just realized I've been here for two years. So yay.

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      The fact that Luke Skywalker, Leia and the Death Star aren't on the cover didn't clue you in?

    2. Harkofthewaa


      No, I didn't play Clone Wars, I just downloaded it thinking that Complete Saga went by Lego Star Wars III. Next time maybe I won't be so illiterate and actually read the title.

    3. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Next time, I'll try not to be illiterate myself so I don't read it as "When finished"

    4. Failinhearts


      LEGO Star Wars III is a better game tho, just saying.

  15. And people are so foolish as to say that Infinite is edgier than Shadow. Compared to this Infinite is... weak.

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