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  1. As you all know, Pokemon games tend to have the current Nintendo console sitting in the player's room as an easter egg. So here's a thought: when Pokemon Switch gets here in 2019, will the console be a Switch? Maybe the player will go play Pokemon Switch on it, and inside the game make his player play Pokemon on the Switch...


    1. Celestia


      I think it'd be cute if Let's Go had both a 3DS and a Switch in the player's room. Like as a symbol for how it can be seen as a bridge between those eras of Pokemon, or something like that.

    2. JezMM


      Since Switch can be a handheld console, technically to include their most recent home console, it'd have to be a SNES Mini

    3. A person, that exists

      A person, that exists

      Actually, a SNES mini would make more sense.

      I mean, the upcoming games are remakes of Gen 1, and in that game the player had a SNES in his room.

    4. Celestia


      It also make sense that in the relative utopia that is the Pokemon world, SNES minis are actually in stock.

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