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  1. This seriously isn't a glitch? Iwas about to come here and ask because I've been getting these things out the wazoo today. What the hell are they thinking? The Super Engine was NEVER meant to be used in races, and for good reason. The thing gives you USF for a few seconds when juiced up, because that's super fair on tracks like Android Alley and Crash Cove. I used one on the last lap on Papu's Pyramid and it was basically an instant "fuck you I win" button. GG Beenox.
  2. Honestly the Nitro grind isn't a huge issue with me. Even after getting to 42000 and using who I want I've still managed to get to 50000 just by playing the game. Yesterday I finally managed to get all the karts, all I have to do is get Gladiator Tiny and I'll have gotten my fill of this GP's items (Stone Age Tropy is nice, but at this point of I'm gonna use him I'm gonna go max flex with the Digital+Platinum+Champion setup). Believe it or not, I found a setup with Electron Coco, the Team Bandicoot Kart with it's basic stripes, and the Pastel paint that looks rather nice. Also been using Hot Rod Oxide with the flames, gold paint and Six-Pipes. Also, inb4 there's a 20000 coin bundle in the Spyro GP. You know Activisions gonna be pushing the MTX's as far as they can then, what with the anticipated crossover and all.
  3. I got the hovercar yesterday when I was wrapping up the GP. Then I went to do an Oxide Trial for giggles and... it wasn't so bad. So I did the rest in one marathon session, then turned my gaze to the platinum relics...
  4. https://www.gameinformer.com/2019/08/16/australian-smash-bros-tournament-bans-hero-from-competitive-play Well that didn't take long, now did it? I wonder if this is going to be an isolated case or if Hero ends up getting banned everywhere. Guess Australians don't like some randomness in their competitive Smash, eh? Oh who am I kidding, no competitive Smash player likes randomness. If they did items would be turned on.
  5. Would you rather try to squeeze six stories into what would be at most a two hour movie (and that's being generous, in real talk it would probably be only an hour and a half)?
  6. You know, I was thinking. A movie adaption of Sonic Adventure would work artistically since the game already was going for a "Sonic in the real world approach", so a live action version if done right wouldn't look too horrendous. Obviously they would have to focus mostly on Sonic's story in order to fit it into a movie, maybe with the occasional cutaway to what other characters are doing at the time. If it did well they would have material for a sequel in SA2. And more importantly, it would give SEGA a valid excuse to remake SA1, to do it as a movie tie in.
  7. @Jango Well Crash N.Sane got a patch on PS4 when it went multi-plat, so I don't see any reason why Spyro won't get a patch as well. Unless of course they made no fixes to the new ports that is.
  8. All this talk of the GP being broken and guess what? I go to check for updates before heading off to bed and there's a new patch out. What it does, I guess we'll have to wait and see. Probably nothing, but here's hoping.
  9. You know, Crash N.Sane got released on PC when it went multi-plat, and Spyro Reignited is getting a PC release. This game on the other hand is noticeably missing one. It's almost as if Activation avoided releasing this game on the one platform where fan patches and mods could fix all the game's issues and subvert the MTX. But no, that would be silly, right?
  10. Yeah, I waited till I could get to a 50% boost (through Wooden Doll N.Trance) before doing even the weekly challenges. And I'm on Xbox One, btw. Also, I'm not getting the weekend bonus either. This game in a nutshell.
  11. At this point I've done most of the challenges available at the moment (I don't really have any friends online to race with so I've been missing out on those, and I still need to buy the over priced Probulot for another challenge) and am sitting pretty at 36000 nitro. Considering how much time is left, I think I'm at a pretty comfortable point to where I can just coast and I'll still end up way over the mark. Even with the last GP I wound up with 50000+ nitro even though I only started halfway through the month. Point is, if you put a bit of time into it, getting to gold tier isn't that hard (I'm probably gonna be eating my words next month when Activision triples the amount of nitro needed or something stupid like that). I've got all the CNK characters now and have a decent selection of tires and skins to choose from. probably gonna end up taking the Oxide trials on one at a time over time, and in order to go for the platinum skin I need to do adventure mode again because for no reason my 100% save rolled back to 0%.
  12. You know, one of the things that keeps me personally coming back to Pokemon games is the fact that, in a given game, I can have a different party every time, mixing up how I play and helping to keep repeat playthroughs fresh. Speaking from the games I've personally played, while I haven't messed with the first three gens outside of randomizers (and really need to track down gen 4 and 5 games, but holy crap are they still expensive), X and Alpha Sapphire both had big, varied Regional Dexes so even now I can go back to them. Sun, on the other hand, had peanuts in comparison, which eventually made me resort to softmodding my 3DS just so I could run a randomizer on it and have more Pokemon to play through the game with. With the sheer number of Pokemon in the game (as in actually programmed in the game) I shouldn't have had to do that, but I did. And no, I have no interest at this point in buying US or UM at this point. I don't have a Switch right now, but I will eventually get one, and while I'm not gonna rage at Sword and Shield's limited Pokedex, I'm not gonna buy into a Pokemon game I can only play three or four times before running out of new Pokemon to play around with.
  13. @TheOcelot From what I've heard it lasts for one hour, which ticks down when you're on the track. It definitely doesn't tick down in the lobby or else I would have only gotten a couple races in today. With how long the game makes you wait you might as well plan on having 2-3 hour sessions if you want to take full advantage of Wumpa Time. Now for a couple ideas for fun: 1. This one is obvious, but have the ability to race in cups online, with a good pot of Nitro and Trophies (like maybe 500 N and 75 T) for the winner, scaling down accordingly. 2. A mode that brings back some of the mechanics from CNK, which I will dub "Nitro-Fueled Mode". This mode would bring back the CNK exclusive items and shield behavior, and separating the 8 drivers into four teams and bringing back the boost mode from CNK (where a meter charges up when you and your teammate stick together, once full you can activate it to unleash a barrage of items in quick succession). 3. Offline Wumpa Time. In order to incentive playing online it wouldn't be as effective (say, a 3X boost for only half an hour), but come on. Give something to the people who can't afford a monthly online sub fee (and before you say it, if one can't afford to play online then they certainly can't afford MTX either).
  14. So why is it that the only two Accel characters with a Nitro Boost are N-Trance and... uggh, Baby Coco? Could they seriously not think of another skin for any of the others? For that matter, if you want to use a "balanced" character your stuck with one of the adult Crashes. It's great that they tweaked the system to make some of the older characters more viable instead of just the new GP characters like last time, but maybe get in a little more variety next time guys. Having like five or six speed characters get the boost while everyone else gets the shaft wasn't the best idea.
  15. So I was racing online and just came across a new glitch. My kart died. No really, I was humming along in first and the game just stopped reading inputs (except for looking behind you). My controller is just fine, the game simply acted like I ran out of gas. I have no idea what happened, and like I said I was winning too. EDIT: Just did another race, and nothing of the sort happened. Playing this game online is like experiencing an episode of the Todd Howard Power Hour.
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