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  1. I've been trying to get all pf the achevements (something I VERY rarely  do) in MInecraft (Xbox One Bedrock version). I'm sitting at 99/103, two of the stragglers are just things I haven't gotten around to yet (taming 20 cats and making a Conduit) but the other two... just what were they thinking?

       The first is Master Trader, which is simply trading with Villagers for a meager 1000 emeralds. It's as bad a grind as it sounds, and with the artificial village I have in my base I get around 30-40 emeralds each trading run.

      And then there is the other achievement. Take this out of context if you must, but FUCK SUPER SONIC. To get it, you have to use your Elytra to glide through a 1x1 hole... at 40 m/s. Miss the hole and you die on impact with the ground. Believe it or not, flying through the hole isn't the issue, its getting the speed. 40 m/s by Minecraft standards is really fucking fast, so much so that nosediving 250 blocks isn't enough to get the achievement (a feat that I've managed TWICE, both times fuming when the achievement didn't pop). So again I ask:


    1. Mad Convoy

      Mad Convoy

      Times like these really make a person wish that dedicated gaming consoles were as mod-friendly as PCs.

      Conflicting achievement intentions can be really annoying. Sometimes the achievements are meant to be attempted like challenges, as a way of adding replay value and encouraging players to explore all aspects of the game. Others are just there to appease corporate executives who mandate achievements of some sort, even if it’s just ones as pathetic as “Press start”. And others aren’t meant to be attempted so much as they’re meant as a pleasant surprise or reward when the stars align and players pull off something absolutely ridiculous and awesome.

      And some games, like Minecraft, have all three types together. An effort to compromise between fans of different types that ultimately satisfies nobody.

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