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  1. I dunno why but I've been in a S3K mood lately. Did a Sonic run yesterday and Tails the day before, about to do a Knuckles run. Off topic, but is it just me or was the Insta-Shield nerfed in Mania? The timing feels off, like it doesn't last as long as it does in S3K. I dunno, maybe I just suck.

    1. Milo


      IIRC, the main/proven difference with the insta-shield in Mania is that the attack hitbox is smaller than in 3&K

      (sonic 1/2/3&K also have a "locked" rolling jump; e.g. if you spindash/roll and then jump, sonic's movement is fixed, you can't move sonic left or right during this jump. in 3&K you can use the insta-shield to break out of the lock in order to move sonic during a rolling jump; but in sonic cd and mania, this "lock" for the rolling jump lock is removed, allowing you to move sonic freely during these rolling jumps. so naturally the insta-shield doesn't have that lock-removal ability in mania.)

      EDIT: I think it's also been said that the Mania insta-shield doesn't have invincibility like in 3&K. can't really confirm/not sure.

    2. Sean


      Insta-shield hasn't been useful since S3K. I don't remember it doing much of anything in Advance either aside from the occasional out of reach boss.

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