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  1. You know, I can't help but wonder if the reason were seeing such deafening radio silence from SEGA right now is because they're waiting for Crash 4 to come and go. TSR got absolutely buried under CTR:NF and maybe they don't want to get overshadowed by the bandicoot again.

    1. Strickerx5


      If that's really the case then we probably won't hear anything till Ratchet is out too.

      Those two games represent where Sonic should be atm. After Forces, something tells me we won't be seeing anywhere near that with the next title. If I was Sega I'd be embarrassed too tbh.

    2. Dejimon11


      I joke about CTR killing TSR but the problem was TSR was that game as a whole was solely dependent on the team gimmick which was the main selling point instead of an optional mode in the team races in Mario Kart. Which also lead to a safe level design and a limited roster since they wanted to have dialogue in the game. Also the online match making system was pretty bad.

    3. Milo


      @Dejimon11 Gotta also love how Iizuka said TSR was reportedly delayed out of 2018 to fix the online...

      Really, the biggest problem concerning TSR that it's just a mediocre concepts put together that few were sold on and nobody was asking for. Nothing about "ASR, but only Sonic characters and with team mechanics" sounds exciting, and both the tight budget scope and limited creative freedom only reinforced that, with the execution being functional but nothing special.

      The fact it was delayed to go up against a classic kart racer people actually wanted to be brought back, that was faithfully remade with extra bells and whistles on top of it; just made TSR look that much worse as a dueling product.

    4. Dejimon11


      Honestly ASR with Sonic characters is a good idea. It was just extremely bare bones. For a franchise that has nearly 30 years worth of games why is the stage selection so limited? Why is the character roster so bare bones? It just seemed like the only reason why the game existed was because they wanted to sell a soundtrack

    5. Milo


      @Dejimon11 I'll give you that a Sonic-centric ASR isn't inherently a terrible idea; it's just that from the responses I've read, a lot of people wanted an actual ASR3, and people asking for Sonic racer was looking for something more unique like Riders (hoverboards) or Sonic R (on-foot racing) instead of a kart racer. (On that note, I still think the Boost gameplay in particular would make for a great racing spinoff series.)

      Definitely agree with you on it being bare bones, which I think goes back to the execution being lacking--if they gave the game a sizable budget and went loose with creativity, they made a higher quality game that appealed to larger audience and actually held on its own against Crash (if only by so much, considering how weak the marketing was).

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