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  1. I decided to play the original Crash Bandicoot tonight for the heck of it. Don't. I can forgive the graphics since it was the first game in the series (I grew up with 2 and 3, only got an original PS1 copy of 1 recently) but the control is (Sonic's) ass. The lack of analog stick support is again, something I can forgive since those controllers didn't exist at the time and the level design was clearly designed for a dead (heck, Crash 2 didn't launch with analog control either, you need to track down a Greatest Hits release if you want it). Where it falls apart is that Crash's jumping feels heavy and he carries too much momentum moving around, it feels like you've constantly on ice. He also dosen't stop moving when spinning so trying to do that in tight spaces is a nightmare. I do have some problems with the N.Sane trilogy but if you're ever going to play Crash 1, do yourself a favor and play that version. It's superior from all a control standpoint alone, let alone ironing out C1's other issues.

    1. Polkadi~☆


      Huh. Crash 2 in comparison fairs much better, in my opinion. Then again, the physics were changed from Crash 2 onwards, making Crash 1 the odd duck. You can especially tell in the N.Sane Trilogy, which ports back the newer physics, and some of Crash 1's levels do not play well with it (bridge levels are the obvious examples).

    2. Harkofthewaa


      The real issue with Crash 1 on N.Sane is less the updated physics and more the changes made to hitboxes (most noticeable in the bridge levels). There are some minor changes here and there, for instance the big tnt in Ripper Roos fight behaves like normal tnt in N.Sane but blows up much faster in the original, making it way easier to time. Yeah, Crash 2 and onward play just fine on PS1, Crash 1 just has a horrible case of Sonic 1 Syndrome (again, the remake fixes most of it).

    3. Jovahexeon Explosive Witch

      Jovahexeon Explosive Witch

      Honestly, between the pill-shaped hit box and more iffy physics in the remale version, I'd say the original still controls better, especially since it doesn't have a gimped Crash 3 jump.

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