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  1. So I, for no particular reason,  have taken it upon myself to see how many homing attacks/jump dashes it takes to beat Sonic 4 Ep 1. So far I'm at 8: 6 to activate the two mandatory card rides in Casino Street 2 (that take 3 hits each) and 2 more at the start of Mad Gear 2, a bubble and sheld you need to bounce and progress. Seven of the levels are beatable on their own (Splash Hill 1 and 2, Casino Street 1, all of Lost Labyrinth and Mad Gear 3),  enough to get the emeralds so you can get across otherwise impassable bubble chain gaps in the other levels. Haven't beaten Mad Gear Boss or Final Boss yet, will update tomorrow when I do. So unless there are some clipping shenanigans possible in CS2 count stands at 8.

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