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  1. I was messing with the Crash 2 prototype and found out you have just enough wiggle room to slide between the platforms in Taz, er, Tiny's fight. As long as you slide from about the middle, making sure the platform isn't tilted down you'll make it. So you can beat him without jumping. This works in the early proto... the later ones... the retail release... and the remake. The remake even makes it easier because the platforms are bigger.

    1. TheOcelot


      Are there any major differences compared to the final build?

    2. Harkofthewaa


         In the Tiny fight, not really. There's no health bar and missing sounds but otherwise the fight is complete. Now the other levels in the build have some minor differences (Hang Eight with the most), the title screen is basic, and a lot of functions are disabled as this build was a showcase build(namely saving and the warp room platform). The funny thing is it's only about 40 MB, guess ND didn't want much to get out if the build leaked (later builds for Crash PS1 games would employ dongle protection via special memory card data).

         A lot of the music is missing instruments, except for Rock It which has a different song entirely (you can hear traces of what that song would become though). The build also has a lot of Crash 1 leftovers, such as the HUD, the title cards (seeing the ND house with Crash 2 music is just weird) and pause screen (which amusingly was updated to say "Press Start to go to Warp" rather than Map). Crash as a whole isn't completely fine tuned yet, while Analog functionality is present you only have eight way movement (can still slow walk though so they've done some work on that front), and high jumps have landing lag, which is something I'm glad they didn't keep.

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