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  1. Bowser's gonna destroy your sorry ass... in a board game.

  2. A few months ago my PS3 started to get wonky, shutting off at random. I put it up because I thought that the issue was that the power socket was loose and was waiting for the tools to try and fix it. Yesterday however I tried to run it to see how it was doing and it now refuses to turn on at all, which indicates that I was wrong and something in the thing blew. So my PS3 is kil.

       Now used consoles are always a crapshoot so I figured that I'd strike out sometime, so I'm not horribly upset. Now that I know that PS3's have mandatory installs I now know and I'll pass this advice along for anyone looking to get one: don't get the 12GB model like I did, or else you'll only be able to play like two or three games at a time.

    1. Sean


      That sucks. It's gonna suck if/when my PS3 dies since I have a bunch of PS1 games on it I still need to play and it's the only way I can play Scott Pilgrim.

    2. NegaMetallix


      Oof, sucks to hear that. I've had a couple issues with one of my old PS3s (the disc drive just refuses to recognise any game discs lately) and it seems like we may have to put it away for good. Shame really, since it'd been used by the whole family for the past decade or so.

      I've got a newer, 500GB model now though. It was either that or a 12GB, but like you've said, the latter barely holds anything on it.

    3. Harkofthewaa


       @SeanYeah, that really would suck. Incidentally I bought my PS3 with the purpose of playing PS1 games in HD, of course I bought games for it still. Thankfully all I had on the thing were save files (When it comes to PS1 games I have them all on disc. For as nice as playing them in HD is, playing them on a CRT with the PS2's component is just as good.).

  3. OOT speedruns in the 2010's "we need to do all these precise maneuvers to trick the game into helping us go fast".

    OOT speedruns in the 2020's:


  4. Well I'm done with this GP. Not in the "waah this sucks I hate it" manner, but in that I got to 42000 Nitro. Now I just gotta play on weekend hours for the 20000 coins per weekend quota I've set for myself to prepare for the next GP. Or I could technically just grind offline because I still have the increased coin rewards, but I've hit an unfortunate place where I've gotten good enough at the game to where the AI simply can't compete, even on hard. So grinding offline is boring AF, ah well.
  5. From today onwards, Starway City is now SSMB.

  6. Click on this, don't look at the title and see what it is, give it a minute to see if you recognize it. I found this on complete accident and had a pretty good laugh when I realized what it was:


    EDIT: How about now?

    1. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      I recognise it as a Video Not Available error screen. 

    2. NikoS


      The best thing is that it really feels as one of their authorial songs


      Sounds like the Titanic had a battle with an ice giant Battleship-style


  7. Look at that. Bethesda decided to start 2020 by actually doing a good, patching the recent DOOM 1 & 2 ports and making them good now.


  8. Sorry for double posting but after today's grinding I have all of the paint jobs now. Took all of todays Wimpa Time plus 24 runs of Android Alley ( which I was only willing to do since I'm one of the lucky ones getting more coins than I should). Funny thing is that after adding up all the wheels and skins I don't have the total cost it's going to take to clear out one or the other is the same, at 90000 apiece.
  9. I have a couple. First of all, THIS: There was nothing worse than trying to play a game only to be greeted by a blaring jump scare from the console itself, and to add insult to injury if you want to play the game you have to chance it again. Another one that got me good was the Woody's Nightmare level in the Genesis version of Toy Story. It's petty now looking back on it, but as a four year old being put in a dark room with a boss fight with Buzz out of nowhere can be scary. It also doesn't help that this is where the game decides to stop pulling its punches, meaning that as a four year old this is effectively where the game ended. What really cemented it though is that one night I had a nightmare where I was playing Toy Story and a deformed, glitchy Sid took over the Genesis and killed it. Not a week later my Genesis actually died while playing Lion King (funny thing is that it turned out just to be a bad power supply, after replacing that I got my childhood Genesis back, although unfortunately the Sega CD did permanently die while in storage).
  10. @Jango Yeah, it's definitely working for me, which is massively convenient because I tot it I'm my head that I'm gonna get all the paint jobs, and 2with the new coin rates it makes grinding races online a feasible option for the first time. I'm almost there now, just have one gem paint and a few spectral paints left.
  11. Ladies and gentlemen, we have something big here. The coin payouts for offline races has been massively buffed! I've been testing and while the game is still showing the old values for me, doing some quick math tells me I am in fact getting the buffed amounts right now.
  12. Don't forget that yesterday we got the brutal challenge of winning on Slide Coliseum without turbo pads. That one was rough. Not as rough as racing Megamix Mania online though. The item spam is real on that track, and there's only one blue fire pad so if you get hit you're basically boned. It's a fun track, don't get me wrong, just don't expect to win much. At least I managed to get the obligatory "win three times online" challenge, sitting pretty at 25000 nitro on day 2.
  13. Well at least Nintendo will never have need to make a Fire Emblem fighting game.

    1. Strickerx5


      Tbf, Nintendo rarely makes any other fighting games in general.

      Off the top of my head, the only two I can actually remember coming out in the past decade and a half (not including smash of course) were Pokken and Arms (lol).

  14. I like the new track, it's tricky but fun, with lots of tight twists in it. Probably gonna main Megamix, after the GP though, since everyone and their mother is using him right now. After the initial nitro grind I'm sitting pretty at 18435 nitro, enough to put me at 13th on the leaderboards for like five minutes. Also bought everything, started with 80000 coins and had about 20000 left over, used them to get all the decals I was missing (meaning once I fill the nitro bar all the way I'll have them all for now). With the exception of today I only play during weekend Wumpa Time, getting at least 5000 coins before calling it a day. With four weekend periods I can make 20000 in a weekend. Also, the golden bumps are like the ghosts but they spawn less often, and you can only get one per race. Because they give 200 coins if you manage to grab them.
  15. I beat Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order today. While I'm not into Soulslike games I liked it enough. It is one of those games where you spend the first few hours getting your butt handed to you, then when you get good moves and thing start getting good the game's suddenly over. I got it for Christmas, but if I had to reccomend it I would. Just not for $60, wait for a price drop. Then buy it used because EA doesn't need any of your money, no matter what they want you to think.

  16. I'm doing some fishing in Minecraft right now on a pier I built, with a roof and fencing on the sides to keep the Phantoms out, when a Pilligar raiding party strolls up. Keep in mind this is a pier that's basically a tunnel, and they can only go around the ocean side to shoot me since I walked off the beach to keep Drowned from sneaking up. Point is, watching a bunch of gray, big nosed armored men toting crossbows all swimming in a conga line to try to kill me is the funniest thing I've seen all year.

  17. Sonic Forces: The Light of Hope

    Sonic Forces: The Eggman Empire Strikes Back 

    Sonic Forces: Revenge of the Hedgehog 

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Sonic Forces Episode Shadow: The Phantom Ruby 

    2. Tails spin

      Tails spin

      Sonic Forces: the hero awakens.

      Sonic Forces: The Last Hero

      Sonic Forces: The rise of Hedgehog 

      Big the Cat: A Sonic Forces story 

    3. Ryannumber1gamer


      I don't like illusions.

      They're fake, rough, and everywhere.

  18. Disney should just buy Dragon Ball so that Trunks can become the Disney princess he always wanted to be.

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      Technically, they have the distribution rights internationally for the movies - 20th Century distributed BoG, RF and Broly. 

    2. Strickerx5


      Isn't Funi also mostly owned by Sony? Hell, if this Spider-Man shit does ever go too far south, dubbed DB might be collateral damage if/ when Disney just buys out Sony.

  19. Been playing Slay the Spire, which is really good and you should check it out (Especially if you have Game Pass). On my last run I decided to build a hyper offensive glass cannon style deck with the Ironclad and got to the Act III boss. Took him down to 1 hp with his next attack dealing 22, and I had 22 hp. I think "well dammit, so close and yet so far". Then to twist the knife further, the boss kills himself and then resurrects to full hp, finishing me off next turn. Just... really game?

  20. Some of the Ratchet and Clank games (Going Commando, Up Your Arsenal and A Crack in Time are the ones that come to mind) have the Insomniac Museum as the 100% reward, essentially an interactive showcase of concepts and things that never made it into the game (from drivable vehicles to otherwise unused engines and minigames among other things). They also throw in some irrelevant but really neat stuff in like a station in UYA's museum that let's you make your own particle effects. Overall it's a really neat reward that lets you interact with things yourself rather than just unlocking a five minute videos showing them to you (looking at YOU, Sly Cooper).
  21. I got SW Jedi: Fallen Order for Christmas and I've been liking it so far, but I noticed something. EA, did you really have to incorporate your logo into the game's own? Normally I'd be amazed, but that's just such an EA move that it crosses over from pretentious into being pathetic.

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      It's not that surprising, they did it for Battlefront 1/2 as well. The technical title to both IIRC is EA's Star Wars Battlefront(2)

    2. Spin Attaxx

      Spin Attaxx

      It could always be worse.


  22. Looks like a bit of Sonic Movie footage leaked. 

  23. You know what really annoys me about Shadow the Hedgehog(the game)? The gun he uses in the cover is nowhere to be found in game. 

    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      That's what bothers you? What bothers me more is the fact Shadow cocks an assault rifle like a shotgun [in the opening]. That doesn't make any sense!

    2. Harkofthewaa


      Ah ah ah, that's no assault rifle, that's a SMG. With his back to the Moons good side. And then he drives a chopper into a Black Oak, with the bike exploding like an atomic bomb and Shadow flying 100 feet into the air. That game makes no sense at all.

  24. So I started playing Jedi Fallen Order and well... 

    I got to the point where you fight the Sith Lady for the first time, and my first instinct was to grab my phone and start blasting Through the Fire. Truly the Sonic series has infected my soul down to its core.


  25. Alright, two things: Screw Pokemon. Seriously, I was trying to catch a Smeargle while in a Nuzlocke and Sleep Powder missed 8 times in a row! It copied my Vine Whip so it was doing scratch damage but still, come on man. Also, pen playing Sonic 2 lately and got reminded that the Special Stages are absolute bullshit if you play as Sonic and Tails. They raise the ring quotas, probably because they expect you to have a friend helping, but on your own you can barely scrape enough rings by while dummy AI Tails has such a bad delay on his movements that he keeps bumping into crap, distracting you and throwing your ring counter off. Anyways, Merry Christmas guys.


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