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  1. I’m gonna write a very long summary of what a sonic game should be you can agree or disagree with the idea but I think this idea will save the franchise. The idea is called Project legecey a idea I thought of after recently playing mania and forces. Let’s start off I’m not talking about story this is not about sonics story telling more so on gameplay and mechanics let’s start off with this one. Playable characters: out of all things this franchise has never done right was their characters they treated sonics friends as cheerleaders and it’s been so in every game since 06. If there would be a new sonic game that has sonics friends I want them too be playable. Of course I’m gonna make a list of characters that would be playable playable 1. Sonic abilities: boost, parkour, spindash, roll, kick, and homing attack 2. Tails abilities: fly for a period of time, tails swing from sa1, dummy rings, and grapple homing attack 3. Knuckles abilities: glide, punch, climb, and homing attack 4. Amy abilities: use hammer, boost, and homing attack. non playable 1. Robotnic/Eggman gameplay: this is very simple let the game be a open world sandbox sonic game and let it have 15 zones per world. What do I mean by this? Well it’s very simple the game would be open and endless until you hit the end of the map or a death pit it’s very simple and has a lot of potential. You can explore the world by the sandbox it has a goal you need too do fight all the bosses too progress too the next zone too go on the next world you need too collect the choas emeralds by completeing certain task in the main journey. There are side quest you can do too get rings rings are currency so if you have rings you can buy clothes and accessories for sonic and his friends something like what Mario did in Odyssey. You can go too unpopulated areas or populated areas that have the mobians and the humans.let the world b alive in the game. Too beat a stage you have too go on the end goal by chooseing what path you want to go too too unlock a new part of the zone something like shadow the hedgehog expect going too a new part of the world. Control. Sonic and his friends should control like they did in sonic adventure one but with the flow and the momentum in sonic mania. Let the game control well and be decent. graphics. So far how games look today they look great I would not change a thing with the graphics and look of the game but how ever sonic looks like he is made out of plastic I mean look at mario Odyssey mario has hair not like plastic but actual hair movement and look I say give sonic and his friends fur make them look animal give sonic a realistic fur but keep the cartoony look and model in the game. So so far that’s the best I got what do you guys think about this do you like it?
  2. Wait for the mods. generations was low for sales on pc until the mods happen if we see mods for the game it helps
  3. Do you guys think this game should’ve had 3D hub worlds similar to xenoverse or no?
  4. I bet you infinite is gonna return In the next game or be a secret boss or dlc I feel like it’s episodic so far I really want too see more of this story ?
  5. This game should’ve had hub worlds like xenoverse were you see avatars and explore buy stuff and Roleplay that’s what this game needed also better level design
  6. Visually unleashed looks better then forces I have too say that
  7. You have to unlock them by doing missions and stages
  8. Ok maybe I’m getting too dramatic let me see what forces is about I’m hoping it’s a good game so far looks positive also sonic looks like he controls very well I don’t know I’m gonna see for my self
  9. I think sega needs to make a open world sonic game or a remaster of sa1 and sa2 it needs to happen please sega for the love of god
  10. Spoiler aleart shadow kicks infinite’s ass in forces
  11. I do hope the custom avatar return to future games
  12. I personally think rainbow dash it’s been proven
  13. I know this is a ambitious mod but I do plan to get a team right now I'm just saying this becuase im working on it it will take a long time too make so far just wait and see
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