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  1. Glad the marketing stage is planet wisp and not green hill, but I still think that green hill will be on stage list. Also, "Super Sonic Racing" would be a very mario-ish title (like Super Mario Racing), I'm very fine with Team Sonic Racing (still, that's not the best title for this game). Hmm, there's no motocycles on this game? Hope this mean the transformed feature is on this game.
  2. Yeah, also there are some paths that gave me a feeling of incomplete like on Eggman Fortress when Sonic needed to do a long jump to get on it, or maybe it's just the physics that gave me this feeling.
  3. Hey guys, I don't know if anyone noticed this video, but I think it's worth to check it anyway I confess, I'm shocked.
  4. I think they just isolated Sonic on a prison cell, maybe feed him with bad food and... that's it. This can be classify as torture. And I really doubt Sonic Team was thinking in something really bad when they selected this term.
  5. I like this theorie... but I doubt the current Sonic Team even remember who Tikal is.
  6. I always thought that if SEGA want to put Sonic friends playable once again, they need to have, at least, his own ways to play and designed stages. I mean, Sonic can play like adventure/boost, Tails like the Adventure (or classic days, but make something special to him), Knuckles like werehog? I don't want a werechidna, but I always look forward to a fight gameplay with Knuckles, Amy and Shadow can play just like adventure days too, I mean, Shadow looks more like a Sonic clone in Sonic Forces, I'm a little bit dissapointed cuz this feel like a model replace.
  7. I wish Sonic was popular in Japan like he is on rest of the world. Why Japan don't like Sonic as much they like Mario?
  8. It's just... I look at Sonic Forces and don't believe it was 4 years of dev. But I get your point and agreen.
  9. I really want to see someone playing with this patch on Forces. Any video up to see this?
  10. I remember this delay, but I think the reason for this is those spoilers of season 2 of Sonic Boom by the time. I see no changes in the game after release. It's better than the first boom of 3DS, for sure, but not something that made me want to play.
  11. Ew, I don't think Super Sonic and some changes at the stages/boss battle gonna save the game.
  12. It's crazy, sometimes I think the franchise is going down but this give me such a hope. I'm glad to see the franchise is selling well. if every sonic game got the same reception of Sonic Mania, the sales gonna grew up so much more.
  13. When he said isn't ready to release it? Also, yeah, screams cut content out loud. I always asked myself why SEGA won't change his policies of "release date", EVERY. SONIC. GAME. Is developed fast. REALLY. They really need to take a look at Nintendo, they delayed Zelda like 3 times? Look how beautiful is this game now. I really don't mind wait for a Sonic game 5 years or 7, we know it's hard to do and even developers need a break time from this stress. I just want to play a good Sonic game, not a rushed one.
  14. I'm such a fan of Eggman, I always thought that he have a real potential to be "the" villain, Sonic Adventure's, Unleashed and even Forces proof it. Sadly, Sonic Team just lost his personality by the time, they do that even with Tails. Tails saying "sorry I'm not smart enough to fix you", wtf? Is this the same Tails who once said "I've build a TV out of paperclips and reprogrammed a super computer using dishwashing detergent and a toothpick."? Damn, this was in 2013, how the fuck they just made Tails say he is not smart enough to fix a robot? They really need to go back and see how Tails and Eggman is. Sonic Adventure's do this well and they should study it.
  15. I always asked myself the same, then realized this is a standardized ability for everyone
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