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  1. Given Sega records of things they tried and failed, its better to play safe with a kart game since ASR and ASRT are both well received.
  2. Understandable, since most of people are demanding a bunch of Sonic characters. Interesting? Debatable. Could create more problems than what they're keep doing for years.
  3. Thats the question I usually go when I ask whats the problem with Sonic in a car.
  4. Nope, because not all characters run(which handcaps the roster) and some dont even run fast enought to justify a foot game. And frankly, I dont see "some people want Sonic racing on foot" as a possible reason. Is like me saying that I want Omega playable because some people like Omega. Sonic races on foot in every game if thats the case.
  5. Using a Large Cast of Characters

    Estabilsh a few main characters(Boom treatment). Depending on the plot, one or another may appear but not playable. The rest can show up on Party, Racing and Fighting games.
  6. I'm still wondering that part. Maybe people wants Sonic and Shadow to clash speeds just like Adventure 2 lol Either that or we're back to "Sonic shouldnt be a car" thing back when ASR was announced.
  7. Sonic Heroes HD?? Pfff haha And as the fellow member cited, the game ends with "Racing". This guy didnt even tried.
  8. Yeah, with his best friend brother-like character he knows for ages. I'm gonna guess you missed the point...entirelly.
  9. Mania/Classic series and the lack of characters

    Amy sure is a hit spot for fans and pretty much a reasonable choice, but I have no idea why the heck you came with Tangles and Sticks. Seriously, theres a reason for Mighty and Ray to be there instead of...characters like Shadow and Silver, which people loves to cry about their popularity.
  10. Cant say it looks cool if Mighty get all bulky like that, but it would be cool if they took inspiration out of this.
  11. Wish they could give details about Mighty and Ray abilities. But well, I guess this is a bit of info at least. The box art is pretty nice, but Im dying for the Mega Drive cover. Whatodo...
  12. Mania/Classic series and the lack of characters

    Lets see if I get it. Sonic Mania, who got like 3 playable characters and gonna add 2 more to the list, with a total of 5 playable characters...is not enought? Not to mention that you're talking about non playable characters too, which further increases the roster. And you want to Freedom Fighters and Sticks, characters that has nothing to do with classics, to be there as well? Just to be clear here, is your problem really the lack of characters, lack of female characters or the game? This thread doesnt sound like...good thoughs on Mania.
  13. I don't even think they look into the core mechanics of the game when tried to incorporate her gameplay.
  14. Thats one heck of ugly logo. Looks pretty fake to me. Judging that they would like push bad things into people troats and repeat some stuff, I'm guessing something from Mania(because of the reception), Forces(ugly, but they gonna do it anyway) and again...Green Hill(or any other Green Hill wannabe).
  15. Well since it's not a sequel to ASR games I'm guessing there won't be any all-star moves. The invincibilty box might be a choice for a power-up(either that or wisps).

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