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  1. Chronicles suggests that it is given that Tails' Lab is there and that GUN's HQ is there.
  2. It should be if there are two nearly identical cities in two different worlds.
  3. Couldn't SEGA be consistent about the Two Worlds then? Shouldn't they be telling Flynn that Central City is a human world location?
  4. But appears in Chronicles and is populated by GUN soldiers. Also GUN and the President play a small role in Battle's story. I don't think SEGA likes crossing the streams, so it has gotta be the human world.
  5. So the latest issue takes place in Central City. Where are all the humans? Does Flynn just hate them?
  6. Then the human world must be really poor given how a pair of shoes costs 100 rings and most food items cost far less than that.
  7. Since money doesn't exist in Sonic's world can we just move the comic to the human world?
  8. No more major OCs please. The main cast isn't well utilized as it is.
  9. Season 2 is still a war setting, just the characters are fighting zombots instead of robots.
  10. The entire comic, at least so far and for the forseeable future, is married to the idea of depicting the characters as a resistance force in a war setting. The characters are going to continue to behave this way until the comic decides to drop the war setting.
  11. Moreso giving an example of the fact that I don't think there is anyway I can enjoy this arc anymore.
  12. You treat the comedic elements of Sonic X as an intentional style for that particular comic/cartoon where as I view it as a faithful attempt to stay true to what the series is all about. The lack of comedy or upbeat moments in this story is one of a few reasons I find it nearly as bad as 06's story. It is clear this arc draws inspiration from the Walking Dead and I feel that a Sonic zombie story should have something like Zombieland as its inspiration.
  13. I did say 2-6. Flynn did a great job with Sonic X, and most of those stories were only two issues long (granted they did have a higher page count). If they were actual sub-arcs that resolve themselves (i.e. not what IDW considers sub-arcs) that would be fine too. These stories are not really built for 12 issues, and both arcs seem to suffer trying to reach that goal.
  14. I think abandoning year long arcs and having every arc be 2-6 issues would go a long way in fixing this comic's problems. It would allow stories to be built more around the characters rather than the other way around. Also not basing itself so heavily on Forces would help as well. I think the resistance has run its course and so have the plethora of dull looking cities/villages.
  15. If it really is just burning off the other infections then why can't Sonic just cure himself by running for an extended period of time?
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