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  1. Let's be real all SEGA needs to do is add more characters to get people to buy this. If they make it all the way to Cream it will be day one purchase for all of the hardcore Sonic fans.
  2. I can't see games/X Eggman wanting the whole world to be mindless zombies. He would probably use the virus as a threat and at the very least be concerned when the zombots stopped responding to commands.
  3. I would rather IDW have a clear identity that isn't thematically or stylistically like Archie/SATAM. It is why the Resistance and heavy use of a Forces-esque setting annoy me.
  4. That sounds passive aggressive, I am not surprised if SEGA doesn't trust him to write for the games with behavior like that.
  5. I am aware and normally I would say "just use GUN and set your military stories in the human world" if SEGA didn't actively restrict the comics from it. Unless GUN gets totally retconned I don't really want Freedom Fighters, Restoration, Resistance to be in the games. Eggman should be more major nuisance that is regularly stopped than someone who needs organizations to undo his victories.
  6. Despite him being a recurring threat, I don't like Eggman being such a huge threat that organizations need to exist to undermine his control over the world. GUN should be it.
  7. I think the problem is that the comic never does a fully self-contained story. There is always a plot point a story starts off from and there is always a plot point left hanging for the next arc to deal with. Because there is no end goal, no overarching plot, no major changes to the status quo you are never left satisfied by anything. The comic basically takes what should be self-contained stories and makes them not self-contained, I guess because rather than trusting the audience to continue buying comics because of amazing storytelling, the comic relies on carrots on sticks.
  8. Station Square is a human settlement in Sonic's World.
  9. That was Flynn misremembering that Battle is a human world game. GUN and the president appeared in it. I legit believe SEGA forgot about it because the same location (with Tails' house) appears in Chronicles loaded with humans.
  10. But after the Neo-Metal story there were plenty of ways to set up a plot in the human world. Also why can't Sonic's world be built? We see new locations and locations with names even locations that should be from the human world like Central City.
  11. Well we'll see if Evan's run fixes . Also how is following up on Forces the problem?
  12. It shouldn't have been a problem in the first place.
  13. They are doing a bad job at it. If it is mandates stopping them then just cut your losses and set it in the human world.
  14. Why not just set the comic in the human world which is better defined then?
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