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  1. What has you excited is what has me apprehensive. I want this storyline to end with Starline discovering something new and interesting about Belle's capabilities that makes her interesting beyond being wooden Omochao and there aren't any big hints from what I can tell that say there is something more there.
  2. I have softened my stance on Starline's stance on her. I get why he is interested, but again I wanted her to have done something cool beyond just her existence of being Tinker's wooden robot. I wanted something facinating about her teased that that I could be further explored with Starline. Something really cool or really unique. I don't have that so the character is far more facinated about something that I am not so I am less excited about his plans.
  3. Not a great justification. Omochao is capable of all of those things except facial expressions and probably easier to get ahold of.
  4. Starline barely interacted with her. Her entire interactions with him were her kicking him in the face. I don't exactly know what from that interaction made Starline fully convinced he needed this robot for his plans. I know she was made by Tinker. I need more than just that. I want an understanding on how Belle is different than other robots besides she is made of wood
  5. I know but it is a bad sign when part of his motivation for wanting Belle is "Tails helped her kick me in the face."
  6. Yeah but he was impressed by her at White Park. How? Nothing she did was impressive
  7. It certainly seems like it is. She has been really overused
  8. GUN is present in Rush. It is human world. Also I wanted a new major villain besides Eggman. Maybe not someone as big as him, but certainly way bigger than low threat crooks like what you mentioned.
  9. Maybe because they are low stakes antagonists or for the brap bros mostly threatening due to their connection to Eggman.
  10. Did you read the latest issue? I am referring to that.
  11. Can someone please explain how Sonic's world being is good world building?
  12. I see people compare this to Skyward Sword HD a lot and while this is better I feel like people are cherry picking Nintendo's worst remaster to make Colors look better. It isn't even the only remaster to come out this year Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury came out this year as well and it is likely going to be considered a much better remaster than Sonic Colors Ultimate.
  13. Super Mario Kun easily squashes that record. And Pokemon Special just beat it.
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