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  1. I think the problem is that the comic never does a fully self-contained story. There is always a plot point a story starts off from and there is always a plot point left hanging for the next arc to deal with. Because there is no end goal, no overarching plot, no major changes to the status quo you are never left satisfied by anything. The comic basically takes what should be self-contained stories and makes them not self-contained, I guess because rather than trusting the audience to continue buying comics because of amazing storytelling, the comic relies on carrots on sticks.
  2. But after the Neo-Metal story there were plenty of ways to set up a plot in the human world. Also why can't Sonic's world be built? We see new locations and locations with names even locations that should be from the human world like Central City.
  3. Well we'll see if Evan's run fixes . Also how is following up on Forces the problem?
  4. It shouldn't have been a problem in the first place.
  5. They are doing a bad job at it. If it is mandates stopping them then just cut your losses and set it in the human world.
  6. Why not just set the comic in the human world which is better defined then?
  7. Why not just bring back GUN? At least Sonic and friends had no interest in ever being a part of it.
  8. Because it is not important for the audience to see. It can make a fun continuity nod and background element, but otherwise you are limiting what the characters can do.
  9. Why do we need to see the world being rebuilt? Just jump ahead when the world is fixed or have it be a background element.
  10. That doesn't explain why either of them could not take on the paperwork.
  11. Good point Why does Amy have to do it and not say Vanilla or Gemerl?
  12. But there's no money in Sonic's world
  13. We never see anyone help her for one. We never see her bubly at the start aside from brief flirting with Sonic and some tender moments that have to be brought out by Cream.
  14. Why should Amy suppress those traits when people need that from her?
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