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  1. Again with harassment over an opinion. No free speech is allowed here I guess

    1. Tornado


      This is a private message board hosted in France. Your concept of "freedom of speech" does not apply here, even if I had considered what you were saying to be sincere.

    2. Sega of Japan

      Sega of Japan

      Its the internet.



      And you did nothing but shut down a thread I put 20 minutes of thought into

    3. Tornado


      No, I did something else.

    4. HardcoreFurry


      I try to make my case. And im unrightfully banned.  I tried to say WHY my thread shouldnt have been shut down. You NEVER explained why you shut it down. You unfairly ban me with 0 explanation

      Not to mention ONE WARNING

    5. Tornado


      Actually, no, between the multiple accounts you've just admitted to making, you've had several warnings about the topics you've created and why staff did not feel they were actually sincere.



      Feel free to let us know about any other alternate accounts you may have squirreled away so I can ban those too.

    6. Sean



    7. Kiah


      I can’t believe what I’m seeing here. Wish catching alts and banning was usually this easy!

  2. Both adventure games have aged horribly. I played Adventure 1 recently and the amount of times I fell off the map due to a bug was insane
  3. Knuckles was never dumb in the main series. He was just gullible.
  4. And no im not counting 06 as a reboot since it erased itself. But honestly its time. Its time to reboot the entire series and change how some of the characters are and how they meet. There is probably going to be a Sonic game in 2019. Name it Sonic The Hedgehog to allow people to know its a reboot. Introduce characters one by one ranging by importance to the series. They could change interactions. Loke instead of tais Sonic might say Miles. Knuckles may chuckle. Amy doesnt obsess over Sonic, etc. A reboot may be the only thing to save this series. They have to go back to what works. And the best thing they can do is reset the Story of Sonic the hedgehog and keeping Continuity along the way(Traveler's Tales kept better continuity than Sonic Team themselves)
  5. Id be harassed and insulted by mods if I posted this. Except even garbage Sonic games sell well. As long as the series doesnt add lootboxes they will be fine
  6. Im tired of your harassment.

    1. Sean


      We're pretty tired of you too.

    2. Sega of Japan

      Sega of Japan

      Another unprofessional insult. 

  7. Classic Sonic does nothing. He has like one interaction with Sonic. The whole entire time tails is talking to him
  8. The only recolor I care about is the Sonic Adventure 2 shoes as their appropiate color
  9. Just make it all one world. The two world's thing is nothing but an excuse just like "The part of the moon that was blown up in SA2 was the dark side, thats why you dont see it
  10. I still find Sa2 very playable. Definitely not Sa1 though
  11. Basicially one of the few things getting an ounce of praise from Sonic Forces is Shadow being playable. I think that many people would like to see him get another chance at a full game eventually. People are still invested in him and it is one of the few Sonic characters besides Sonic that would be able to sale a game on name value. They could do a plot with Omega, Rouge and Shadow.
  12. Too bad that they dont let us know when he travels between worlds ever. I dont remember him going through some portal to go to a different world at the end of unleashed
  13. The only thing that will fix the series is a proper reboot
  14. I feel bad for Sonic. He spent all those years with him fighting eggman. Then he suddenly decided to become a useless stick. Also in Adventure 2 where Sonic "dies" in front of him. He actually fights back. Instead of sitting there and doing nothing. Tails in Sonic Forces is scared of badniks. He is also scared of Chaos an Enemy he has beaten at a HIGHER power level. They need to do something about him by now. His character went down hill after Unleashed
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