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  1. Eh it's also to be able to take advantage of the terrain and avoid obstacles, as well as learning how to platform at high speeds (especially for high ranks.) Or it was anyway.
  2. How many areas in unleashed do you boost down whole paths without falling off the stage, hitting an enemy you can't boost, or a wall/object?
  3. I would say it's true for most of the game though. Lots of kind of empty or "boost through enemy" areas in this game than any before it by a large margin.
  4. According to the NHK world interview seen by TSSZ: Sonic Forces was deliberately designed to boost through stages without much of any other complexity. (lol hard mode) confirming that they have no idea why the Boost Formula was liked in Unleashed in the first place and explains its deterioration since colors. It seems now even more clear Sega/Sonic Team does not understand what the fanbase wants, or well most of the fanbase, as well as what would attract new comers, since those don't seem to be coming.
  5. 1. that's a backpedal from your previous statement where you implied it was a significant amount. 2. Which hs nothing do do what I said and Crytek paid for their own engine, so you seem to be doing a lot of zig zags here. 3. As i said before that news is coming and you'll likely vanish. not to mention segas own words about the game being expesnive because of the "boost" formula which since you like taking their words as not BS from other posts then shouldn't that mean that if Sonic Forces not likely reaching 100k so far yet, that the game would be a financial disaster taking Segas comment at face value? 4. WTF does Sonic Adventure 1&2 gamecube selling have to do with (excluding the fact they both together still sold less than both DC versions put together ) Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 getting bad reception from critics and consumers at the time and that was with the GC version of Sonic Adventure 2 coming in very shortly after the DC one that got high ratings. That's why they developed Heroes differently in the first place. You just seem to be just moving goalposts around. I would also like to mention that the "best selling third party titles" only really applies to Adventure 2 and Adventure 2 took 4 years after the gamecube launch to reach that over just "1 million" status. But remember it was 06 that killed Adventure not the literally 30 feet apart releases between the gamecube and DC releases of Adventure 2 that was poorly received and took forever to sell, on a system who's third party support sold like shit in general. I mean what are you even arguing, Forces has failed, we have two territories we have number ranges for, they are all horrifically poor compared to the last big game that was on the Wii U even, and those 2 regions are around half the franchises sales. In the mean time, the top 10 of NOV(which includes BF) has never had a Sonic game on NPD and unless you think Forces did 300k in NPD it's still not going to chart and it's be lucky to do half of that. Exactly, I mean I know segas done a bad job but I don't think that means passion projects by fans are automatically better. GFK the traker of all those Euro sales. You know the chart that has a top 40 every week, in a country like say the UK, where the top games sell nowhere near the U.S.'s because of a smaller market, therefore using the brain you can conclude, that if Sonic is number 37 on the chart, and it's top 40... er...... http://www.chart-track.co.uk/index.jsp?c=p%2Fsoftware%2Fuk%2Farchive%2Findex_test.jsp&ct=110015&arch=t&lyr=2017&year=2017&week=47 If Forza 7, at number 6 in the top 10, is 45k and Sonic Forces is number 37 I think using simple common sense one can conclude it's a flop. Maybe make angle island playable as well.
  6. You do realize that Unleashed had more open levels, more flexibility, and more complexity than the boost games after it right? The problem with many people here is you oddly believe Boost sonic isn't evolving becuase it cant, but the truth is that it's been devolving into cheaper efforts. Generations doesn't have more 3D than unleashed.
  7. Half of unleashed isn't 2D. That's why I keep only bringing up that boost game.
  8. Even the guide for Advance 2 says she's an alternate tails...
  9. ? Retconned what? In terms of the main games, the only retcon I can think of was maybe him dying but they didn't really show that. Otherwise I'm not seeing what you mean by confusion before post-shadow.
  10. I suspect when the news hits you'll magically vanish.
  11. Vast majority of critics that give Sonic the ratings on mc that make Jon Sonic fans consider if they want to buy the game or not? Sure I guess you could ignore them and have Sonic sell less each entry, oh wait,its already been doing that for years. Sometimes you have to think business wise when a company is involved.
  12. She hasn't been twelve for years unless youre saying only Sonic ages. Still doesn't stop them from giving her 17yo chest in some games. Then sometimes giving her none.
  13. Not sure where you're getting Sonic A3 being officially tied to anything. SA1-2-heroes-Shadow don't really have much cracks in the plot the biggest issues are things not explained. In game anyway. But generally you can summarize a timeline. Remember Shadow came out in 05 before most if the retconing.
  14. I mean of course Rouge is obvious. Now this may seem weird but considering they constantly zoom the camera on Amy's chest in many games it's hard not to notice. In Sonic Adventure she's has a small chest, in Heroes she doesn't, in Lost World she doesn't, in 06 I believe she does and they increased the size and I believe she does in forces. She doesn't in Lost world. I could go on with the other main games and the spinoffs but eh. But they always have strange shots, like in Heroes they zoom from the ground to her head and zoom in the middle during multiple cutscenes with her. It's weird. Maybe they are scared to have Rouge-like fan art with Amy who's supposed to be child friendly?
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