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  1. Exactly what I think, MetalSkilkBane, it should a game with the ''adventure'' feel; if SEGA have understood his past mistakes then they could have a good game already but since Lost World it has been the start of a disaster; I would say to add some role-play elements like on Sonic 06, but of course well polished elements and various places from different games (this dimensions idea came to me once I saw the Chronopolis of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2, a huge map with places from different worlds and comics but with a well storyline and excellent story missions). True, that name comes from Spider-Man, but what else word with ''dimensions'' is cool as ''Shattered Dimensions''? Not exactly, I came up with those themes because I know that is the true meaning of them, just think of Sonic Forces, Sonic Team said on an interview that the game was on the meaning of ''teamwork'' but I'm not so sure considering that the game doesn't find a true theme (probably because of the short and not detailed storyline). Strength of Sonic Unleashed comes from the Werehog, who granted new abilities that even the blue hedgehog doesn't have, while the Power of Sonic Colors comes from the different Color Powers, different but that grant one power for one color, and while the Werehog was playable during night times, the Color Powers works on for a limited time.
  2. Indeed, that's why SEGA should make Sonic Adventure 3; on every Sonic that received a good review we can find the theme behind the game: on Sonic Adventure is ''fun'', on Sonic Adventure 2 is ''rivalry'', on Sonic Unleashed is ''strength'', on Sonic Generations is ''time'' and on Sonic Colors is ''power'' so I think that the right theme of a possible Sonic Adventure 3 should be ''dimension'', so I would like to call it Sonic Adventure 3: Shattered Dimension.....actually, the name and the game idea seems kinda cool, don't you think?
  3. There might be a chance for a Sonic Adventure 3 (that I like to nickname Shattered Dimensions), considering that Sonic Forces is a goodbye to Classic Sonic, and I approve the Avatar customization, perhaps even a more deep one, like background profiles and personalities, and, for heaven's sake SEGA, make him\her talk, because a silent character on Sonic games never works....
  4. True, perhaps you are right but it is possible that my game idea could be perfect for another game of Sonic franchise.......for example a well deserved Sonic Adventure 3.......it's clear to us that Sonic must rely on the shoulder of the fans (Sonic Mania was a success made by fans for the fans and SEGA took advantage of the success by fooling themselfes to create a cool game that it ended like Sonic 06) if we want to see the franchise to live True, from Lost World it has been the first disaster for SEGA (the only character worthy of praise on that game is Zavok). Sonic Adventure was truly the most well received game of the series and I think that the fans should think about a Sonic Adventure 3, but also this game should take some elements from other games: -The return of an old enemy and memories: We don't know the fate of one bad guy, who made quite a scene to us fans and who was also the cause of the creation of Shadow; that's right, I'm talking about Black Doom and his Black Arms, probably seeking revenge against Shadow and the rest of his allies. He is a despicable being and I would love to see him again and this time, defeated once and for all, not to mention Mecha Sonic, a true character from Sonic Adventure (I assume, like the rest of the fans, that he is the unnamed Sonic robot) who I like to return; Omega never heard of the terrible fate of Gamma, his predecessor, and I like the idea to see what the Ultimate Robot will understand from the sacrifice of Gamma; and what about Silver? it will be complicated to add him inside the storyline of Sonic Adventure but he is a strong character like Shadow and Sonic. -Sonic Generations: it was a great success that showed worlds from different games, including from Sonic Adventure 2; worlds......that's key word for a possible Sonic Adventure 3; on Generations it was ''time'', while on Sonic Adventure 3 should be ''space''; take it for example LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2's Chronopolis, a large city with ''parts'' coming from different dimensions, so I think that this possible Sonic game should be called Sonic Adventure 3: Shattered Dimensions. -Sonic 06: it's true that this game wasn't well received because of its low-polished aspects, glitches and bad camera angles but there was an element that caught my interest: role-play elements; it was quite a surprise back then and perhaps the only thing worthy of praise on that game. -Sonic Adventure: of course, it shouldn't be a Sonic Adventure 3 without elements from his first predecessor and the most important of all is the large choice of characters, as well a great storyline and, like you said, to see their actions and their behavior. Mute Avatar? Yep this was a lot frustrating for us to see our character mute on Forces, but I would love to see the chance to create our own Avatar with deeper customization, like background profile and personality, who comes from the original world of Sonic Adventure and, for heaven's sake SEGA, make him\her talk...... 10 years? Aren't you going a little too far? XD A thing that made the Sonic community so popular is our own OCs and the chance to see them fight alongside our dear heroes is too great to be ignored.....sure but with much more effort of SEGA, considering that the role of our Avatar on Forces is....kinda out of place....
  5. Sonic Forces, a game that was not like we expected when it was first announced with Sonic Mania and SEGA didn't put much effort on that game although, if with much more effort and with the perspective of any possibility, it has the potential for a possible and better sequel that will deserve the name of Sonic Forces 2; but what we need for a possible and most successful sequel of Sonic Forces? Here are some features I would like to see on Sonic Forces 2: -A new, bad and truly evil main antagonist: Infinite surely confirmed to be a true adversary for Sonic and one of the few who has a grudge against Sonic and Shadow and I would like to see him again (we don't exactly know what happened to him after the defeat of Dr. Eggman), but we know that the mad scientist, besides all his evil schemes, he is not truly hated by Sonic and becomes a little bit embarassing to see him defeated time and time again. I would like to see a new adversary for Sonic and company, a guy that even the blue hedgehog will despise (the only ones who Sonic truly hates are the Deadly Six); I would imagine an invader commander of an alien army who doesn't want to conquer Earth like Eggman, but destroy our planet and annihilate its inhabitans and I'm sure that Infinite will show up and join his side (after this is the rule of the mercenary: to work for the highest bidder). -A grown-up Avatar: Perhaps the only feature that saved the game from being a complete failure, the Avatar is the first chance to make our own OCs to join the action of Sonic and his friends, but on Sonic Forces we were see to the others like a young child, a true rookie on all aspects, but on Sonic Forces 2 some years have passed since the first chapter and our Avatar has grown up and much stronger, allowing a much more deeper customization of our character and a look that would make him\her cool like Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Blaze and Amy. -New Wispons and Abilities: the Wispons were quite an interesting feature of SF but there were very few of them considering that there are lot more Color Powers waiting to earn a Wispon and I'm sure that our Avatar has learned some new abilites since the last time we controlled it like the White Boost (on the Final Boss fight we notice that even our hero shows the same power of the two Sonics) and us being able to keep up with Sonic is already no small thing, so who knows.......we might even have the chance to see our Avatar go Super. -Open World: Sonic Adventures were probably one of the best series of Sonic and on the second chapter we saw elements of exploration so why the heck not? I would love to see a massive world to explore and to choose our own operations without being forced to follow a straight line (f.e. if the resistance give us two missions, we will decide what to do first) -A more deeper and dark storyline: one thing that the game lacked was an awesome storyline; sure, Eggman have defeated Sonic but his victory lasted only for 3 days and....virtual reality? Come on, there must have been something better than that, SEGA! I would like to see a more epic and dark storyline, XCOM-like, where a new enemy, coming from space, started annihilating both the Resistance and the Eggman forces and began the control of Earth, while in reality the alien commander is planning to destroy our planet from the very beginning and his lieutenants (f.e. Zavok, Evil Chaos, Mephiles and Infinite) control the main regions of the world). With all the hope left, Sonic and our Avatar must rebuild the Resistance, forge new alliances and defeat the new alien menace. -Return of old faces: it was a shame to don't see Blaze the Cat and Cream the Rabbit to see action on SF, so it would be awesome to see them again on a possible sequel (Blaze would fit perfectly on a apocalyptic war) -Going with Tactics and Strategies: thanks to a much liberty with the levels, on this game would be cool to have the chance to choose which one of the lieutenants you want to start with; make weak his strongholds, sabotage or raid missions, story missions and in the end, drive the lieutenants off from their regions with cool boss fights and at the end with a true epic final boss battle with the alien commander. Do you like this possible SF sequel game idea? Feel free to leave a comment!
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