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  1. it's a real frame from Gravity Falls. In right side somebody sold knuckle sandwiches. Season 2, episode 12.
  2. Hello. For doing this glitch you must have the debug mode. Then go a zone (for example-Angel Island) and print more hyper monitors until edge, like here. Brick all monitors and go to edge. Then the game begins glitch, and you need to reset game (press start). When you do it, Sonic 3 & knuckles becomes to Sonic & knuckles. Works here-http://sega.do.am/load/sega/s/sonic_and_knuckles_sonic_3_igrat_onlajn_sega/23-1-0-889
  3. 0:16 404 error pun not found 2:15 Chaos Control on batteries AA 1.5V!
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